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Northern Europe Yr 3

Welcome to the Northern Europe Year 3 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.

Friday 17th January

In History this week, we have been learning about The Stone Age. The Stone Age lasted a very, very long time! It was split into three periods: The Paeleolithic period (which is the oldest), which was approximately 2.5 million years ago! The Mesolithic period. Then finally the Neolithic period which is seen as the ‘New Stone Age’, which was approximately 8 - 10,000 years ago. The Stone Age ended when humans began to use metal to make tools and weapons. In early Stone Age times, humans lived in small groups, using stone tools as they hunted for large mammals and gathered plants, fruits and berries. Skara Brae is a well preserved Stone Age village in the Orkney Islands in Scotland which you can still visit now. It is made up of several one-room dwellings with a communal room for cooking and working. These small houses were notable for their stone furniture, drainage system and even indoor toilets! As part of our history lesson, we drew a Stone Age dwelling just like the ones at Skara Brae and labelled the main features. 

Our football sessions with Mr Elliott have sadly come to an end. We have thoroughly enjoyed these lessons and have loved learning more about the sport. Thank you Mr Elliott!

What is more, our rugby sessions have finished and we would like to thank our All Stars Rugby trainer Joe for coming and teaching us the rules and play of rugby. We have loved our afternoon sessions with you, being outdoors and playing on our school field- no matter what the weather! 

Friday 10th January

It’s been so lovely having everyone back together this week, hearing all about each other’s Christmas celebrations and what special gifts Santa brought us. It was great to hear from George.Ju that some of Santa’s favourite stories were some from our 50 book challenge!

We’ve had a brilliant start to 2020 this week. We are immersed in our new story in English - Perseus and Medusa - and we are really looking forward to innovating this story and creating our own defeating a monster tale.

In Geography, we have been learning about international trade. We’ve found it very interesting researching where certain products are actually made and exported from.


One again, congratulations on winning the battle on TTRS. Both yourselves and Australasia worked extremely hard to stay at the top of the leader board – very good team work!

Friday 20th December

What a fantastic end to 2019. This week has been filled with Christmas crafts, cards and Christingle making. We also ended the term with a FULL button jar, so we celebrated our hard work by having a ‘cosy Christmas movie morning’.


I would just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you so much for all that you’ve done this year. Enjoy your well deserved rest and time with family.

Friday 13th December

As the countdown to Christmas gets closer, we’ve been enjoying all thing festive this week. On Wednesday, we kick started the festivities with our Christmas party! We wore our best party clothes and brought our dancing shoes. We had so much fun playing games, winning prizes, dancing with our friends and eating party food!

On Thursday, it was Christmas jumper day! Some of us in class actually said this was our favourite day of the year! But, not only did we get to wear our Christmas jumper, we also got to eat a delicious Christmas dinner cooked by Lisa and the cooks in the kitchen! Take a look at some of the photos of us during Christmas dinner below.


Friday 6th December

What a fun-filled week we have had in Northern Europe! To kick start our week, we had a Christmas themed ‘Prayer Space’ where we learnt about Christian traditions. We took part in a number of different activities which developed our knowledge around Christian beliefs. Take a look at some of the activities we did below.

On Tuesday, all of Key Stage 2 were very lucky to visit the Northern Stage theatre in Newcastle to watch a performance of The Snow Queen. We really enjoyed this! 

On Thursday morning, we took part in a bauble making workshop. We thought this workshop was great fun and enjoyed designing our own unique bauble to take home. We showed fantastic concentration during this session and thought of some creative Christmas designs.

To end our week, we had a fantastic day at Woodhorn Museum. Local mining is a topic which we will be learning about in our upcoming history lessons and what better way to launch this topic than to visit a local colliery and experience it for ourselves, hearing the true stories and experiences of the pitmen. During our day we took part in three workshops. We explored the original colliery buildings and watched the machinery come alive to illustrate how the shaft was sunk, how the mine was ventilated and how the cage lowered men into the ground safely. We experienced an exhibition all about what it was like to work down the pit. During this exhibition we got dressed for dirty work down the coal mine and experienced the darkness as we crawled through the tunnels.  We held tools that helped keep the miners safe underground and found out what it was like to bend your back digging for coal. Finally, we were inspired by the paintings of the Ashington Group, also known as the Pitmen Painters, and we had a go at recreating some of their best loved work in a workshop which introduced us to some of the techniques used to create the paintings. We thoroughly enjoyed this day and our brains are now bursting with facts and knowledge on mining. 

(more photos to follow!)


Friday 29th November

Another week of working our socks off in Northern Europe! This week, we took part in a Voices of Africa workshop. During this workshop, we learnt about the djembe drum and how to play it. Some of us even had the chance to play this drum as part of the band! We learnt how to sing some songs in African (including head, shoulders, knees and toes) and performed these songs as a whole school, accompanied with some tricky dance moves! We loved this workshop so much that we extended this learning into our P.E lesson, where we learnt an African style dance.

In Science this week, we had great fun! Continuing with our learning on forces, we set up an experiment to measure pull force. We predicted what would happen and measured how long the elastic band had become each time. We recorded our findings on a chart. Then we discussed what we noticed using the vocabulary ‘pull’ and ‘force’.

Friday 22nd November

In Computing this week, we looked at how ‘blogging’ works and how to blog safely. We read a variety of blogs and after lots of discussion, we decided to become bloggers ourselves. We considered lots of interesting topics we could blog about. However, we came to a decision that we would like to blog about our love for reading, as it is something we are all passionate about. Here are two of our blogs:

Finn: “Hello it’s Finn again. Today I’m talking about reading because I love it. When I read it takes me to another dimension. It’s calming and feels safe. That’s my thoughts on reading, over and out!

P.S. I’m also reading this book called The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – this is a recommendation!”

Amelia: “Hey guys it’s Amelia here! Today I’m going to share how much I LOVE reading. I think books are worlds waiting to be opened. When you start a book you just can’t put it down. I think when you read it transports you to another dimension. Whenever you’re reading you’re learning new things. When I’m reading it allows me to go wild!

I want to recommend a book that is great and that I have recently been reading it is called Amelia Fang. This is all for now! Bye!”

This week was National Beep Beep week and during a PSHE lesson we discussed and identified the key points to keeping safe on the roads. Using all this information, we created road safety posters to share with our family and friends.

In History, we have been learning about the Stone Age. We discussed key events which occurred during this time and plotted these events on a timeline. At first, we found this task a bit of a challenge but using our growth mind-set we succeeded. We really enjoyed creating these timelines and think they look amazing. Take a look at some of them below.

Friday 15th November

Wow, what an exciting week in Northern Europe! On Monday, we received a special letter and parcel from Hogglestock, the head chef at Cair Paravel, Narnia. The letter told us how the White Witch was being cruel to the servants at the castle and they needed our help to play a trick on her – in the hope to get their own back! Of course we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to be a bit naughty and think of a way we could get revenge. Hogglestock had asked that we write some instructions on how to make a sandwich to help the servants (in preparation for the White Witch’s royal ball). However, instead of thinking of tasty ingredients for our sandwiches we decided to write instructions on how to make the most disgusting sandwich in the world! Our ingredients for the sandwiches ranged from ‘a table spoon of baby sick’ to a ‘sprinkle of toenails’ – yuk! We look forward to sharing some of our gruesome instructions with you. On a tastier note, in our parcel was some rose flavoured Turkish delight which the servants had made at the castle and we all got to try a piece, for some of us it was our first time trying Turkish delight.


Congratulations for your victory in the Battle of the Bands on TimesTables Rock Stars. As a class, you were so enthusiastic throughout the tournament and all worked very hard to maintain the most points. A big well done!

Friday 8th November

This week in English, we have been learning about instructional writing. We have looked closely at different texts and when unpicking these texts we discovered a range of measurement vocabulary such as: slice, sprinkle, dollop and handful. We then created our own poems using this specific vocabulary. Our poems are all about what we think makes a ‘good working partner’, and what the perfect ingredients are. Below are two examples of our poems:

How to Make a Good Learning Partner

By Lydia  

A dollop of kindness,

A tea spoon of friendship,

A drop of happiness,

A handful of cleverness,

A pour of patience,

A slice of courage,

And a dollop of fun.


How to Make a Good Learning Partner

By George

A drop of kindness,

Two dollops of growth mindset,

A handful of courage,

Half a tea spoon of patience,

And three slices of happiness.

Friday 1st November

What a great first week back after half term! This week we have been working incredibly hard on improving our mental maths skills. We are showing amazing progress and love doing times tables! We are so enthusiastic about the Times Tables Rock Star tournament and with only twelve more days to go, it is safe to say that Northern Europe have set the bar high for Southern Europe.

The top five rockers are:

1. JOSH DALY – 15,526

2. ROBERT N' ROSES - 11,479

3. ROBIN SOTO - 8,127


5. EROL EGG - 5,629

We have really enjoyed taking part in the tournament and looking at all the other class’s scores each week.

Thank you and well done to all the children in Northern Europe for their fantastic efforts, one last push before the tournament ends! I have challenged the children to see if we can get our points into the six figures by the end of this week – can they do it?

Friday 18th October

What a brilliant end to our first half term in Year 3, another busy and fun-filled week. This week was an Enrichment Week based around the continents and we were able to explore our continent Europe, but more specifically, Northern Europe (our new class name). Throughout the week we looked into the countries which can be found in Northern Europe, their flags and capital cities. We created fact files on specific Northern European counties and discovered some interesting (and funny) facts. Some of our favourite facts were:

United Kingdom – The first postage stamp was created in United Kingdom.

Iceland- Iceland is home to around 200 volcanoes and more than 20 active volcanos.

Germany- There are over 1,000 kind of sausages in Germany.

Sweden- There are about 300,000 – 400,000 moose roaming freely in the woods.

Norway- The paper clip is a Norwegian invention.

We had a very exciting lesson when we tasted traditional food from the Northern European countries: Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. Our favourite sample was the Belgium chocolate – yum!

As our week progressed, we were very lucky to have a visit from the author and storyteller Adam Bushnell. During his creative writing workshop, we learnt about the Vikings and how they originated from Northern Europe. We wrote our own Viking tales, telling a story from a many years ago.

Finally, we researched a very famous German artist, Paul Klee. We looked closely at his art and created our own versions taking inspiration from the shapes and colours used in his work 'Once Emerged from the Gray of Night'. After that, we used word art, to include the countries which are located in Northern Europe. Take a look at some of our art below…

We have thoroughly enjoyed this week and have gained lots of knowledge about Northern Europe.

On a personal note, I would just like to thank all of the boys and girls in Northern Europe for a FANTASTIC first half term, and making the start of my career in teaching so enjoyable. I hope you all have a lovely half term and a well deserved break - you have all worked your socks off!

Friday 11th October

We love our time in class when we discuss what’s on our information station. Each week there is new information displayed. There is a quote of the week; our favourite quote from this half term is...

“If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours!”

There is a new genre of music each week, our favourite genre has been acapella. Acapella is music that uses no instruments besides vocal ones, just voices harmonising to create music.

There is a song of the week too, and our favourite song has been:

Marina Lambert – Bluebird

There are 5 words of the week, which helps us learn new vocabulary to use in our writing. Our top 5 favourite words are:






Each week we share the poem of the week. Our favourite poem from this half term is called ‘Gran Can You Rap?' By Jack Ousby. Check out our performance below. 

Friday 4th October

Another week has flown by… and this week we have been learning all things rainforest! We are thoroughly enjoying our topic and learning lots along the way. Throughout the week we have learnt about the culture and traditions of three indigenous rainforest tribes: the Pygmy tribe, the Huli tribe and the Yanomami tribe. We explored the different layers of a rainforest (ask us and see how much we know) and what animals would live in each of the layers. We also looked at the work of a famous artist called Henri Rousseau, who took inspiration from rainforests and jungles. After researching Henri Rousseau, we then took to our own sketch books and got creative! We became botanical artists for the afternoon, using different media and closely observing a variety of leaves.

In English, we are completely immersed in our portal stories and we can’t wait to share some of our finished pieces with you next week! We have worked so hard and we are very proud of them. A fantastic week, well done!

Friday 27th September

Wow, what a week! In Northern Europe, we are engrossed in our topic this half term – rainforests. During an art lesson this week, we took inspiration from some exotic rainforest animals. We looked at images of toucans, parrots and red-eyed tree frogs. We all started with a black piece of card and drew the outline of our chosen animal. We then used chalk pastels to add in all the bright colours. Take a look at our fantastic art below.

Friday 20th September 
Another fantastic week in Northern Europe! We have settled in well to the routines of year 3 and we are working so hard across the curriculum.

During a computing lesson this week we discussed how we can keep safe when we are online by following the SMART rules. The SMART rules are:

S- Safe                         

M- Meeting

A- Accepting

R- Reliable

T- Tell

We created posters to share with our friends and illustrate what we had learnt. (Posters to follow...)

As a class, we have also discussed the importance reading can have on our learning, and the enjoyment you can get from it, and as our class quote says, ‘books are just worlds waiting to be opened’. This year we are challenging ourselves to read as many books as we can from our 50 book challenge. The chosen books are quality texts that vary in difficulty, some of the books can be read independently and others may need to be read together. Once we have read a book we will be asked to share our thoughts and review whether we enjoyed it (or not) and why. We are very excited and enthusiastic about this challenge and we are looking forward to seeing what we achieve! 

Friday 13th September 
At Emmaville we strive to have growth mindsets and when we find something hard we use our safety nets and think positively. In a PSHE lesson we discussed what somebody with a fixed mindset may say in comparison to somebody with a growth mindset.  

We then used photo editing software to add a black and white ‘mono’ effect to our fixed mindset photos and enhanced the colour on our growth mindset photos.


Friday 6th September 

… and so our journey begins. Hello and welcome to our class blog. Here you can see what we’ve been doing in class and hear about our week.

We are so excited for our year ahead together and celebrating the achievements we all make along the way.

To start our year we created a class charter, we’ve made a promise to each other to follow it. Here it is…