Emmaville Primary School

Northern Ireland Year 2

Welcome to the Northern Ireland Year 2 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Week beginning 18th December 2023
Wow everyone - that's it!  Our first term in year 2 over.  We are unbelievably proud of how hard the children have worked this term, they have show great determination and perseverance throughout the term and have represented our school brilliantly on a few occasions.  
This week has been all about Christmas - learning the Christmas story, some lovely diary entries about Edgar the Christmas dragon, a trip to the cinema, Christmas jumper day, our party and lots more!  
I can't end our weekly review without mentioning our AMAZING Nativity play!  The children were absolutely brilliant - it was so heartwarming to watch their confidence on stage as they performed.  I bet you were all super proud of your fantastic children.
We wish you all a fabulous Christmas and we'll see you in the new year!
Love Mrs Johnson and Miss Freeman xx
Week beginning 11th December 2023
This week was our termly Enrichment Week.  Our focus for this week was reading, drama and oracy.  We took part in many activities, such as, book sharing with year 5 buddies, drama using a wordless book, some games to develop our oracy skills, a book blanket session where we reviewed a range of books and matching the front cover of a book to the blurb.
I love to see the love of books which the children have - it makes me beam with pride!  Well done Northern Ireland class - a great week!
Week beginning 4th December 2023
This week marked the end of our first computing unit and what a lot of fun we have had! On Tuesday, were introduced to Doc the floor robot and discussed the important rules to remember when using him.  Then we identified what each of his commands does and used that knowledge to direct him to a specific target.  If we didn't quite manage to reach our target we worked as a group to debug him and input further commands.  The children loved using Doc and have become real experts this term at using algorithms.  Well done you computing maestros! 
Week beginning 27th November 2023
This week has been very busy with our class assembly preparations, a marble jar treat, a sports festival at Thorp Academy and lots of learning.  The children have absolutely worked their socks off and were amazing representatives for our school during our trip - all of the staff who attended felt extremely proud. 
We finished off our super week with a play in the snow on Friday.  The children were so excited to see our field covered in snow and had so much fun at playtime!  We also said goodbye to Miss Rooney on Friday - she has been a great addition to our class and we can't wait for her return in the spring term.
Have a brilliant weekend in the snow everyone!
Week beginning 20th November 2023
Another brilliant week in Northern Ireland class - our marble jar is almost full which shows just how hard we have been working!  This week we had a super geography lesson naming and locating the world’s seven continents.  The children loved singing this song to learn the names of the continents; Seven Continents Song - YouTube
They then used their atlas to find each continent.  We then enjoyed exploring each continent using Google Earth.  I wonder if the children can tell you all 7 continents?
Well done for a great week Northern Ireland - I am sure we will be having our first marble treat very soon!
Week beginning 13th November 2023
We have had a really busy week in class this week.  We have been working really hard in maths - looking at addition and subtraction, continuing with our wishing tale in English and exploring how absorbent different materials are in science.  On Friday we had a very busy morning in our DT lesson.  Using our previous knowledge of instructions, we planned a recipe for Irish flapjack in our books.  We then used our plans to make our own delicious flapjacks.  The children were amazing at listening to instructions, taking turns to stir or add ingredients and did a fabulous job of tidying up at the end!  In the afternoon we enjoyed tasting our treats (the children gave them 9 out of 10) and taking part in some Pudsey Bear and Children in Need activities - a lovely end to our week.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
Week beginning 6th November 2023
Welcome back to the second part of our autumn term.  The children have settled straight back into school life and have had another superb week! This week we have welcomed Miss Rooney into our class.  She will be completing the next four weeks with us then returning in the spring term to complete her final teacher training placement.  The children have been superstars at helping Miss Rooney settle into Northern Ireland class.
This week we have had such a busy week - we loved learning about Ypres in geography, discussing Remembrance Day and making our own class poppy wreath.  On Friday morning we had a lovely visit to Crawcrook library where Kyle read us the story 'Bathroom Boogie'.  We loved joining in with all of the dance moves, playing a true and false fact game and, of course, choosing our own books to read.  
I am so proud of the children on their first week back - they really are amazing representatives for our school. 
Well done Northern Ireland class - have a wonderful weekend.
Week beginning 23rd October 2023
It's hard to believe that our first half term is over.  The children have had an amazing first half term in year 2.  I am so impressed with their teamwork skills, passion for learning and growth mindset when facing new challenges.  You all deserve to have a wonderful half term so have fun, relax and enjoy your break.   We look forward to welcoming you back on 6th November.
Love Mrs Johnson & Miss Freeman
Week beginning 16th October 2023
Wow - the weeks are flying by so quickly!  We have had another great and very busy week in class.  This week we finished our first French topic which the children have loved.  For this half term we have been looking at and learning the vocabulary for basic greetings.  Please enjoy looking at a few of our videos demonstrating our fantastic French speaking skills!  Très bien everyone!
Week beginning 9th October 2023
This week I would like to share some beautiful poetry we have been working on in English.  We took inspiration from the poetry book 'The Lost Words' to write our own poems about leaves.  First, we went on an autumn walk to find our own leaf.  Then we made a plan for our poem looking at adjectives to describe our leaf.  After that we looked at acrostic poems and how they are structured.  Finally we created our own acrostic poem titled 'Leaves'.  The children did a super job of creating their own poetry so please enjoy reading a small selection of them below.  Great work Northern Ireland!
Week beginning 2nd October 2023
We've had another fantastic week in Northern Ireland class and this week I would like to share the children's wonderful artwork! We studied the artist Brian Pollard and looked at some of his very busy seascape portraits. The children discussed key features in his work, such as, people, lighthouses and birds. The children then drew their own seascapes inspired by Brian Pollard and carefully coloured their pictures in. Here is a small selection of some of the wonderful seascapes we produced. I think that the children did a wonderful job!
Week beginning 25th September 2023
The children have all worked their socks off this week and enjoyed so many learning opportunities.  This week I would particularly like to celebrate our superb teamwork skills.  Our PE focus for the first part of this half term has been 'Teamwork Skills' and Team Northern Ireland have definitely rose to the occasion.  We have used a range of collaborative working techniques including listening, communication, turn taking and encouragement of one other to complete a range of challenges and games.  I am so proud of how well the children worked together and showed what a brilliant team they are. Fantastic!
Week beginning 18th September 2023

We have had another great week in Northern Ireland class.  The children are working so hard and really impressing us with their passion for learning.  In our computing lesson this week we looked at 'Coding' as it was National Coding Day.  The children explored coding with Rex the Robot Dog and learnt the basics of coding using unplugged resources. The children were able to follow Rex the Robot Dog's simple code which included movements and sounds. They then created their own code for a friend to follow.  I was delighted with how well the children could solve the coding problems independently.  

Well done everyone for a fab week!

Week beginning 11th September 2023
We have had a great week in Team Northern Ireland class and are adding so many marbles to our jar - I think we'll get it filled up in no time at all.  This week we have enjoyed learning our new model text in English, looking at weather and seasons in geography and exploring materials in science.  The children have really impressed me with all of their hard work but I have been particularly blown away with their marvellous maths work.  We have been looking closely at multiples of ten and representing them in both numerals and words.  We have also represented multiples of ten in an expression and used STEM sentences to explain our findings, for example, 30 is the equivalent to 3 tens.
Keep up the brilliant work everyone and have a fabulous weekend.
Week beginning 4th September 2023
A big welcome to our class page - it has been such a lovely week working with the lovely Northern Ireland class.  They have all been superstars - working hard, sharing their summer adventures and helping Miss Freeman settle into life at Emmaville.  
We have enjoyed a wide range of fun activities this week including planning our dream birthday party, learning all about Northern Ireland, creating some wonderful art work to display in our classroom and lots of very thoughtful PSHE work.
I am really excited for the year ahead - I'm sure we're going to have lots of fun!
Have a great weekend everyone.
Love Mrs J x