Emmaville Primary School

Northern Ireland Yr 2

Welcome to the Northern Ireland Year 2 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Monday 13th July
Here we are Year 2, in the final week of this academic year and it really saddens me that this is how we have ended the year; however, I can't wait until we come back from the Summer holidays and get to spend the nicest week together, finishing off our time as Northern Ireland class. Throughout this term, you have continued to make me so proud to be your teacher and it will certainly be a year we will all remember forever!
This week, we are going to finish our work on The Twits which I hope you have continued to enjoy. We also have a couple of PSHE activities. One recognises the fact that you may be feeling a little anxious as the world starts to return a little more back to normal, and that it is okay to feel like this, but it always helps to talk these feelings through. There is also a fun science experiment all about bubbles which I know you will love. 
Keep me up to date on Seesaw, and if you haven't already, please let me know that you received your report last week. 
Miss Kenyon x
Monday 6th July
Good morning Northern Ireland :) 
You should have all received a letter last week telling you about the arrangements for next year. I am thrilled that we will be able to spend the first week of term together, and finish off our time in Year 2. After this, you will move up to Mrs Hamilton's class and begin your journey with her as Year 3. I have told her how lucky she is to get such a lovely class, you will all have a lovely time together. 
Thank you for all of your hard work again last week. I really loved reading your work on The Twits, although some of those recipes sounded pretty revolting! We will continue reading The Twits this week in English. There are also other notable events this week such as the NHS's birthday and National Chocolate Day! I look forward to seeing what you all get up to this week. 
Missing you all
Miss Kenyon x
Monday 29th June
I can't believe that we are nearly in July! You have continued to impress me with your work ethic and achievements this week; we only have three weeks of home learning left, so keep this up for the final push Year 2. 
This week, we are starting a unit of English work focusing on the story of The Twits by Roald Dahl, which I know you will all enjoy, and will hopefully give you a chuckle! We have also signed up to a new online library called Get Epic, which is full of books, comics, videos and quizzes for you to enjoy so be sure to check this out too :)
As always, keep us up to date with what you are up to via Seesaw. However, remember that this doesn't just have to be updates about school work; we also love to see you getting up to other great things from baking, to bike riding. 
Keep smiling, 
Miss Kenyon x
Monday 22nd June

Hello Northern Ireland class,

I wanted to start by saying thank you for all of your Seesaw posts and messages last week, I really enjoyed looking at your superhero work and reading about your own superhero characters. I’m so proud of how hard you continue to work at home and I really do enjoy looking through your Seesaw posts. I also wanted to say thank you to parents for your continued support with the home learning; it is greatly appreciated and you are doing a wonderful job!

I have attached the time table for this week; I hope there are areas that appeal to you all! Can I also ask that if you haven’t already completed your pupil report comment that you complete it by the end of this week so that I can add it into your end of year report.

I am so proud of you all – remember the timetable and lessons are to guide you; you do not have to complete everything I have suggested! Adapt or change any lessons that you need to. Have a lovely week, and I look forward to receiving your work, messages and pictures.

Missing you all,

Miss Kenyon x

Monday 15th June
Good morning Northern Ireland. Monday again, and here we are, heading into the third week of this half term. It is hard to believe you only have five weeks left in Year 2; you have made me proud all year, and I know you will continue to work hard as we near the end of this school year. I really loved seeing your wellbeing jars last week, and reading about all of the lovely things you are looking forward to. Hopefully it won't be too long until you can start completing some of the activities out of your jar. 
This week, there's a range of activities for you to have a go at. One of the activities which I would really like you to take the time to complete is your end of year report statement. Take some time to have a look at the class page on the website, and think about some of the things you have enjoyed this year. 
I can't wait to see what you get up to this week. Keep smiling, Miss Kenyon x

Monday 8th June

Good morning Northern Ireland class,

Thank you for your posts on Seesaw last week, it is wonderful to see you completing the suggested activities with such enthusiasm! I also love seeing photographs of you completing different activities that I had not suggested on the time table. Next week there are a few events that I thought would be of interest to you; Bike Week and World Oceans Day. I have incorporated both of these events with a bit more detail on the suggested time table; I can’t wait to see how you embrace these events.

I really miss teaching you lovely lot and can’t wait to see you all again soon! Keep working hard, you are doing brilliantly and I am incredibly proud of you all.

Miss Kenyon x

Monday 1st June

Good morning Northern Ireland, and welcome to your final half term in Year 2. First of all, I hope you have had a lovely half term holiday and have enjoyed the glorious sunny weather we have been fortunate enough to have. I am sure you have done lots of lovely activities and have been making the most of time outdoors. You are now beginning your eighth week of home learning, and you should all be so proud of the progress you have continued to make and the new things you have learnt, because I am certainly proud of each and everyone of you. I also want to say a big thank you to your parents for the way in which they have supported you, as well as juggling everything else that is going on in the world at the moment; it is much appreciated. Below are this week's activities, and always, this timetable is provided as a guide to support. Please don't feel you have to complete all of the suggestions. I am missing you all so much, and would have loved to be in our classroom with you, starting our final half term together. Keep smiling, Miss Kenyon x

Monday 18th May

Good morning Northern Ireland class,

I can’t believe we are already in the final week of Summer Term 1. It’s definitely not how we would have envisaged at the start of the year, but it hasn’t stopped you producing some super pieces of work. I absolutely loved seeing your Andy Warhol “Pop Art” last week and reading your Elves and the Shoemaker work too. As well as this, it is always wonderful to see the creative and imaginative activities that you get up to during the week. It’s especially lovely to hear about the acts of kindness you have been carrying out to make others smile during this challenging time; it really does make me proud to be your teacher.

Below is the suggested time table for this week… Remember, this is just a guide, feel free to adapt activities or complete different activities. I look forward to another week of seeing your achievements on Seesaw.

Take care, keep smiling and keep positive. Missing you all very much,

Miss Kenyon x

Monday 11th May
It looks like you all had a wonderful time celebrating VE Day this weekend! Thank you so much to those of you who participated in our VE Day competition; all of the entries would have been worthy winners! A huge well done to James, who was the winner in Northern Ireland class.
Miss Kenyon. x 
Monday 11th May
Good morning Northern Ireland. I feel I have had some real treats from you all this week; firstly with your incredible acrostic poems all about your gardens. The way that you carefully chose vocabulary and then edited your work throughout the week was very impressive, and when I was reading and listening to your poems, I could actually imagine I was there! Then came the treat of seeing your wonderful VE day celebrations. Friday marked 75 years since the end of WWII in Europe. VE day was a time to remember those who lost their lives during the war, but it was also a time to celebrate that war was over after such a long time. Although our celebrations were different to how we perhaps imaged they would be, it was still so lovely to see you all having such a nice time, and once again, adapting brilliantly to what life is like at the moment. However. these VE Day celebrations gave me a dilemma this weekend as I had the incredibly difficult job of choosing a winning competition entry. Thank you to all who took part in the competition, and I hope you had fun making your cake/hat/bunting. 
Now, onto this week. Below is the suggested timetable for the week (which has hyperlinks to activities), as well as any other resources you might need. The maths has changed slightly for this week, as the activities are no longer posted on the white rose website alongside the videos, but are available to view and download below. As ever, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via Seesaw. 
You continue to make me proud Northern Ireland class. Missing you all, Miss Kenyon. 
Monday 4th May
Good morning everyone, I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend? 
I was so impressed with the work and activities that you completed last week, you have all adapted to learning at home brilliantly. It really does brighten my day seeing your posts on Seesaw, so please keep them coming!
Here is the suggested time table for this week, I hope that it can be of some use to you. 
I can't wait to see what you get up to this week, take care,
Miss Kenyon  x
Monday 27th April
Hello Northern Ireland class, and welcome to the second week of the Summer term. I was so proud of the way that you embraced your home learning activities last week and managed to get back into a routine after the Easter holidays; thank you for working so hard. It is also lovely to hear about the different things you are enjoying doing as a family, and how you are managing to take different positives from the situation we find ourselves in. You are constantly making memories that you will be sharing for many years to come! Here is this week's home learning timetable which can be used as a guide to help structure your week. If you have any questions, or if you would like to share examples of your brilliant work, Seesaw is a great way to do this. Thank you to those of you who have shared pictures already - they are all so lovely to see! Keep smiling Year 2, missing you all so much. Miss Kenyon :)
P.S. A new TTRS battle has started! See how many points you can earn for your class.
Monday 20th April
Good morning Northern Ireland class! I hope that you have had a lovely time over the Easter holidays enjoying time with family and tucking into  Easter eggs of course!
Underneath is the suggested time table for this week. You do not have to follow this or complete all of what I have suggested, it is here as a guide. 
Take care and keep me posted on what you are up to on Seesaw!
Miss Kenyon x
Friday 3rd April
Good morning Northern Ireland, 
I just wanted to say how proud I am of you all. Not only am I extremely proud of the work and tasks you have completed but I have also been so impressed with the way you have all adapted to learning at home; you are all super stars!
But, it's now the Easter holidays, so please make sure you take time to relax and enjoy your family's company! However, if you're stuck for something to do, here are some ideas that might help keep you entertained. 
Take care, enjoy the holidays and I can't wait to hear from you after the break!
Miss Kenyon x
Wednesday 1st April
Good morning everyone! I have added a Rainbow Pack onto our class page for those who are interested. There are some really useful things in here, especially if anyone is feeling a little bit worried about all of the changes at the moment.  
Take care and keep smiling!
Miss Kenyon x 
Tuesday 31st March
Good morning Northern Ireland class, I hope that you are all happy and healthy! I know how much you all love reading and listening to stories, so I have put together a list of some useful apps and websites that have lots of different stories. 
It has been wonderful to see your updates on Seesaw! I've loved reading about what you have been getting up to and seeing your lovely photographs too. Please keep them coming! 
I am so proud of you all.
Take care, Miss Kenyon x 
P.S. I have added a list of English and SPaG activities too! 
Monday 23rd March 
Hello to all of you lovely children. I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend, and the school day has started well today! I have posted a suggested timetable below of the kinds of things you could be doing and useful links, but please don't feel you have to stick to this; a range of different activities is great. Do what works for you and your family. We will be posting regular updates here. Stay safe and keep smiling, can't wait to see you all soon. Miss Kenyon x

Friday 13th March

Wow – I could not be prouder of Northern Ireland class! Well done to all you all for your wonderful performance in our class assembly this afternoon. You all delivered your lines, dances and poems with confidence and a smile. There are lots of marbles to put in the jar on Monday morning.

Friday 6th March
What a busy week we have had! On Tuesday afternoon some of the children bravely auditioned for "Emmaville's Got Talent" and we were so impressed with all the auditions and talents! On Wednesday morning we were treated to a music workshop with Key Stage 1 and Early Years. The children in Northern Ireland class really got involved with the singing, dancing and even with playing some of the musical instruments. Thursday was a wonderful day celebrating "World Book Day", the children loved having the opportunity to dress as their favourite book characters and share their favourite story with their friends. Finally, on Friday the children of Northern Ireland class ended their week with a Judo taster session- they got stuck in and loved the different games and activities!  
Friday 28th February

After a week off the children of Northern Ireland class have been working extremely hard! We have started learning about shape and symmetry in maths. In today’s English lesson the children wrote some fantastic recipe poems. On Wednesday afternoon we had a super art lesson where the children drew lines of different sizes and thickness with different mediums. After the initial experimentation, the children then created different line patterns. Finally, the children loved their first football session with Mr Elliot- they came back into the classroom full of enthusiasm.

A lovely way to start the half term and an exciting, action packed week ahead!

Tuesday 11th February

Over the past few weeks the children have been working on some “Hawaiian” art work. They started the process by looking at the work of Coleen Wilcox, an artist who lives in Hawaii and whose art work is inspired by the ocean and nature! We discussed her use of vibrant colours, organic shapes and bold lines to create energy and movement.

The following week the children collaged an “ocean” using a range of different materials and textiles. They used purples, greens and different shades of blues in their oceans, like Wilcox has done.

After that, the children worked with their partner to sketch a sea creature of their choice which they then carefully painted using watercolours. The children used their knowledge of creating tones, tints and shades when mixing the colours for their sea creatures.

Finally, they cut their beautiful sea creatures out and layered pieces of cardboard, so that their creatures would stand out from the ocean background.

All of the children have worked incredibly hard on their art work and I am sure you will agree they have done a fantastic job! Well done Northern Ireland, I think Coleen Wilcox would be extremely impressed!

Wednesday 5th February 
Today we had a wonderful morning visiting Newcastle Reform synagogue as part of our Religious Education topic 'Judaism'. We were greeted by Mr Ross, Mrs Berg and Mrs Heyman who volunteered their time to show us around the synagogue and speak to us about the Jewish faith. We had the opportunity to look closely at the Torah scroll which was kept in the ark. The children were amazed at the size of the Torah scroll and that it is read from right to left! 
  After that, we learned more about Shabbat and the Jewish festival Passover. It was a fascinating morning and the children (and the teachers) all came away knowing a lot more about Judaism!
   All of the children represented Emmaville brilliantly and the volunteers at the synagogue commented on the children's brilliant behaviour and super listening skills. 
Friday 31st January

Dr Seuss famously said “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” And in Northern Ireland class we absolutely LOVE reading! We start our mornings by choosing a book to read whilst Miss Kenyon does the register and we often finish our day reading a book as a class. Since being in year 2 we have kept a record of all the books we have read.Can you guess how many books we have read so far? We have read 48 books! Take a look at some of the amazing books we have read so far and remember, “you can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!”

Thursday 22nd January


On Wednesday afternoon we had a delightful time learning about Hawaii in Geography. We began by locating the 8 islands that make up Hawaii on a world map. After that, the children tasted coconut, papaya, mango, avocado, banana and pineapple because these are all grown in Hawaii. Lots of the children in Northern Ireland discovered how much they love mango! Finally, we finished our afternoon by making paper “leis”. A wonderfully fun, yet informative afternoon!

Friday 17th January

This week in Northern Ireland class the children have been working diligently to learn their 2,5 and 10 times tables! They have absolutely LOVED having the opportunity to practice multiplication and division facts on Times Tables Rockstars! Throughout the week, we have frequently “checked the stats” to see how many coins they have each earned from practicing their tables… Keep playing on TTRS at home Northern Ireland, the more you practice the better you will get!

Friday 10th January
Happy New Year!
We have had a great start to 2020 and all of the children have come back after Christmas holidays with a fantastic attitude and growth mindset. We have started a new topic in science, learned about primary and secondary colours in art, listened to 'Carnival of the Animals' in music, played dodgeball in P.E, continued to learn our 2,5 and 10 times tables in maths and learned a new story called 'Fraction Man' in English. Wow! What a busy, but excellent way to start the new year.
Friday 20th December
We had a brilliant morning at Gibside yesterday completing the reindeer trail! We learned about 'girl' and 'boy' holly, how to say 'Christmas tree' in German and had the opportunity to smell different seasonal herbs in the walled garden. We ended the trail by sitting around the fire and roasting some yummy marshmallows! Once we got back to school it was Christmas party time- what a fantastic day! Merry Christmas from all of Northern Ireland class.

Friday 13th December 

We have had another action packed week in Northern Ireland. We started the week with 2 performances of our Christmas nativity "The Inn- Spectors", all of the children in Year 2 acted and sang brilliantly. Miss McPherson and I were incredibly proud!
     Then on Wednesday afternoon, we did a very important science investigation for Father Christmas! We tested the strength of different wrapping papers using weights. We began by writing a prediction, then we carried out the investigation. After that, we put our results into a block chart and finally we wrote about our results so that we could inform Father Christmas which was the most suitable wrapping paper.
     On Thursday afternoon we had a delicious Christmas dinner! The school hall was decorated beautifully with balloons and crackers and the children loved listening to the different Christmas songs as they ate their lunch.
      Finally today we have learned about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah we talked about the bravery shown by the Maccabees. A great week and lots to look forward to next week!

Monday 2nd December
We have had a lovely start to our week with a Christmas themed Prayer Space, learning all about the Christian festival Christmas. The children heard about the true meaning of Advent, John the Baptist, amazing angels, King Herod and why people give gifts at Christmas. The children loved participating in the different activities and learning about Christian beliefs. 
Friday 29th November
We've had a very musical week in school! On Wednesday morning, the children in Reception and Key Stage 1 participated in a Disney music workshop. It was fantastic, the children loved singing along, playing the different instruments and learning interesting facts about the Disney movies. As well as this, we have been doing lots of singing practice ahead of our Christmas performance 'The Inn- Spectors'.  
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Wednesday 20th November
In our English lesson today the children were developing their inference and prediction skills. We began by discussing the meaning of 'inference' and 'prediction'. After that, I showed the class the new John Lewis advert about 'Excitable Edgar' and paused the advert at different points. Then the children discussed how different characters might be feeling and also predicting what might happen next, based on what they have already seen. They then wrote their inferences and predictions up... I was so impressed with their writing!
Friday 15th November 
In maths this week we have been adding and subtracting two 2 digit numbers. The children started by using concrete apparatus such as Base 10 to help them find the answers. After a few days and lots of practice, they then moved onto using pictorial representations to answer the sums. All of the children in Northern Ireland class have used their Growth Mindsets this week, as it has been a tricky week of maths, especially when we had to exchange! I have been extremely impressed with the way the children have risen to the challenge and pushed themselves in our maths lessons this week. Well done to you all, you are all fantastic Mathemagicians! 
Thursday 7th November
This afternoon in Geography we learned about Ypres in Belgium. We began our lesson by using our atlases to locate Belgium on the world map- the children were surprised at how small Belgium is compared to other countries. We then learned about how Ypres was affected by World War One and looked at a few images which showed how the city was obliterated. After, the talked about why we wear paper poppies in November and the children were interested to learn that it is because poppies were the first flowers to grow on the battle field after the war. As a class we discussed why it is important to remember the brave soldiers who fought in World War One. As a way of remembering the soldiers who fought in the war, we each made a paper poppy and then put them all together to create a poppy wreath. 
Friday 1st November 
On Wednesday morning all of the Year 2 children walked up to Thorp Academy to take part in the Multi Skills event. The children were split into seven groups and they participated in a range of activities. In one activity the children had to dribble a football around the cones and then strike the football into the net! In another activity, the children had to complete a team relay using bean bags. They loved participating in the different games. It was lovely to see the Year 2 children being led by ex Emmaville pupils too. All in all, a wonderful, active morning!

Thursday 17th October
This afternoon the boys and girls in Northern Ireland learned some basic Irish Dancing skills from Miss Scanlon who is an amazing Irish dancer! The children all had a go independently and dancing with a partner too... Miss Scanlon made it look easy, but it was quite tricky. It was great fun, the children all had a good go and a good giggle too!
Wednesday 16th October 
This morning we spent time learning about Saint Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland. We watched a short video on how people around the world celebrate Saint Patrick's day. As leprechauns are a symbol of Saint Patrick's day, I asked the children how they would react if they found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. We then discussed who is more important to us than a pot of gold. All of the children came up with wonderful suggestions which they then wrote down on their own pots of gold. Well done Northern Ireland class!
Tuesday 15th October
We have had another packed day learning about Northern Ireland's history. This afternoon the children were fascinated by our lesson on the Titanic. They acquired a great deal of knowledge of the ship and also asked some excellent questions which we used the internet to find the answers to in class.
Monday 14th October
We had a lovely start to our Northern Ireland Enrichment Week by learning about natural and man made landmarks in Northern Ireland. We looked at the The Big Fish in Belfast, Giant's Causeway and many more. The children then carefully sketched one landmark of their choice and later used watercolours to paint their drawings. We talked about the importance of looking carefully at the image we were drawing and thinking carefully about the colours we could use. The children did a fantastic job and they were all proud of the artwork they had produced! A great start to our Enrichment Week and we've still got a lot more exciting things to do all about Northern Ireland. 
Thursday 10th October

We've had a wonderful week in Northern Ireland welcoming the arrival of autumn. The children discussed all the things they enjoy about autumn such as "the shiny, round, smooth conkers", "swirling, twirling leaves" and "flaming bonfires." We then went on a short autumn walk around school to gather more inspiration. Then in Tuesday's English lesson, we started to plan our autumnal shape poems. On Wednesday the children wrote their shape poems.... I was extremely impressed with their beautiful poetry! 
Colourful leaves falling off the trees
Hedgehogs and red squirrels getting ready to hibernate
Crackle, bang, boom! Loud fireworks going up, up, up and bright colours in the sky
Jumping in puddles, splash!
Thundery clouds and lightning flashing
Carving pumpkins at Hall Hill Farm with mam, dad and Isla
Leaves changing colors, red, brown, gold and orange
Dewey, muddy grass
Squirrels and hedgehogs hibernating and finding such as acorns and conkers
I love autumn!
Monday 30th September
We had a fantastic morning at Prudhoe Fire Station! All of the children got to look at the equipment on a fire engine, sit on a fire engine, try on the fire fighters gear, learn about the role of a fire fighter and finally each child got to spray the hose! A fantastic experience for us all. 
Friday 28th September
This week the children immersed themselves in our science topic 'materials.' As a class went on a materials hunt around school, searching for the different uses of everyday materials. After recording the different materials and objects they saw around school, I asked the children "What would happen if your desk was made out of cloth?" the children came up with wonderful responses! I was particularly impressed with Sarah's super answer!  
Friday 20th September
This week we had a special visitor in the class... Rambo the tortoise! Rambo was brought into class to 'hook' the children into their new story 'How the Tortoise Got His Shell' which they later learned using a story map and actions. After Rambo's visit, each child used clay to sculpt their own tortoise! 
Friday 13th September 
We have had a brilliant start to Year 2 in Cape Town class! The children have all been working extremely hard and they already have a great knowledge of our topic 'The Great Fire of London'. I'm excited for the year ahead, to see the progress the pupils will make....