Emmaville Primary School

Northern Ireland Yr 2

Welcome to the Northern Ireland Year 2 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Friday 16th July
Have you ever wondered who grants your wishes?
Well this week, in our English lessons we watched a short video about a character called "Winston" who lives under a wishing well and works diligently to grant people's wishes.
     On Monday, we shared some of our wishes and shared when we make wishes. In Northern Ireland class, the children make wishes when they find an eyelash, when they blow out their birthday candles and when they blow the seeds off a dandelion.
    On Tuesday, we imagined that we were Winston working under the wishing well and wrote a diary entry from his perspective when an error occurs in his wish maker!
    Then, in Wednesday's English lesson we received a letter from Winston asking us to help him grant people's wishes whilst he went on holiday. We were all very keen to support Winston and we designed our own wish makers. We had great fun designing and building our own wish makers in Art and Design using junk modelling.
     Finally, in today's lesson we wrote letters back to Winston, informing him that we were willing to help him and that we had built our own wish makers so that we could grant the wishes whilst he goes on holiday.
It has been a lovely week and the children have loved sharing their wishes and designing their wish makers.
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Friday 9th July 

Wow – what a week we have had!

The children in Northern Ireland class have absolutely loved our enrichment week learning all about the Olympic Games. Every morning, the children have entered school, eager to find out what aspect of the Olympics they would be learning about. Some children have even done research at home and found some interesting facts about different Olympic Games and certain athletes.

In school, we’ve baked healthy biscuits, learned about the 1908 London Olympics, taken part in inter house sport competitions, designed mascots, researched mascots, created Henri Matisse inspired artwork and much more!

I know the children have thoroughly enjoyed this week’s activities and LOVED having the opportunity to hold a real Olympic torch from the London 2012 Olympics. We are all excited to watch this year’s Olympics in Tokyo later on this month.

Friday 2nd July
We love being set a challenge in Northern Ireland class and this week we took on the "Summer Speech Competition". We spent our English lessons revising what is meant by the term "oracy" and then started writing our own speeches based on the theme "If I had an hour I would...". The children only had one lesson to write and edit their speeches and what a remarkable job they did! The children ensured that they used interesting and technical vocabulary, rhetorical questions and super sentence starters.

Today, the children presented their speeches and I can honestly say I was blown away; not only by their speeches, but also their presentational skills and the courage and confidence they each showed when presenting to their peers. Some of the pupils were incredibly nervous about presenting, but I am so proud that they all managed to present their speeches. 
Once all of the children had finished presenting, I was had the unenviable task of selecting a class winner... After thoughtful consideration, I selected Owen for his lovely speech titled "If I had an hour I would spend time with my family." I loved the content of Owen's speech but I also impressed with his presenting skills, remembering to; project his voice, face his audience, give his audience eye contact occasionally and read his speech clearly and slowly.
Well done to all the children in Northern Ireland class and a special well done to our worthy winner, Owen.

Friday 11th June
It has been so lovely to see the children back to school after what sounds like a fantastic half term holiday. We have had a great first week back and learnt all sorts of new things! One of the highlights of our week was our first football coaching session from Andrew Cartwright. We turned into superheroes as we practised our speed with Flash, our strength with Hulk and skill with Captain America. We can't wait until next week!
Wednesday 26th May
Today we were lucky enough to work with the brilliant Adam Bushnell. Adam is a children's author; also visiting schools to work with classes and inspire children to write creatively. We had an amazing morning completing different activities all about dragons! We drew dragons, used adverbs to describe the dragons, built our own dragon traps outside and then wrote some brief instructions on the steps you need to take to catch a dragon.
The children were inspired and loved having the opportunity to work with Adam!

Thursday 20th May

We’ve had a very creative week in class; making origami butterflies, sketching animals and creating our own dragons.

The children created their dragons online during Wednesday’s English lesson as part of our work on non – chronological reports.  Once the children had designed their dragons, they then completed their own “dragon passport” identifying their dragons distinguishing marks, abilities and where their dragon can be located. The children in Northern Ireland class blew me away with their creative ideas and wonderful imaginations!

Tomorrow, the children will begin writing their non – chronological report about their dragon, I can’t wait to read their reports.

Friday 14th May

This week in History we learned about the one and only, David Attenborough. The children absolutely loved learning about his career and watching a few highlights from his documentary series “Frozen Planet”.

Inspired by Attenborough, the children worked in groups and used the internet to research facts about an animal of their choice. The children then all presented what they had discovered about their chosen animal to the class. Every group did a fantastic job, they worked cooperatively in groups and researched some interesting facts.

I was so proud of how well the children presented back to their peers; with some children stepping outside of their comfort zone and addressing an audience.

Well done Northern Ireland class, I know that David Attenborough would be proud of you all!


Wednesday 5th May
Today we had a brilliant geography lesson learning about "Antarctica". I was so impressed with how much information and knowledge the children retained about the continent... Here are just a few facts they told me after the lesson:
1) Antarctica is the 5th biggest continent - Drew
2) It is twice the size of Australia - Delilah 
3) Penguins live in Antarctica - Louis
4) Polar bears are not found in Antarctica, only in the Arctic - Noah
5) Seals and killer whales live in the Antarctic - Lilyann
6) It is the coldest continent - Georgia
7) The coldest temperature was recorded in Antarctica, it was -89 - Millie
Amazing facts, I am sure you agree!
The children loved listening to the continents song below, it is very catchy...
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Friday 30th April
We have had a fun week in Northern Ireland class and the children have continued to work hard across the curriculum. A highlight of the week was after P.E on Thursday afternoon, we had ten minutes before home time and every child chose a book of their choice to read. The children sat quietly and read their book for the full ten minutes. It was lovely to see the children so engaged in their books and relishing the opportunity to have some independent, quiet reading time. Whilst getting ready for home time, many of the children expressed how much they enjoyed having time to read a story of their choice, independently... 
Friday 23rd April
We've had a wonderful start to the summer term in Northern Ireland class this week. We had great fun learning the "rags to riches" tale "Dick Whittington" using a story map in English; by the end of the lesson, the children could recite the entire story, using actions to help them.
On Tuesday afternoon, we began learning about Oracy and discussing why it's important to develop our oral skills and the importance of being able to communicate effectively. I was so impressed with the maturity that the children showed. We had some interesting discussions and the children have continued to use "The ABC" strategy in lessons throughout the week.
I'm extremely proud of the children in Northern Ireland class this week and look forward to the weeks ahead with them.
Thursday 1st April
We’ve had a cracking last week of term in Northern Ireland class! We spent some time reflecting on our week just before home time and the children agreed that the Easter Egg Treasure Hunt and the Easter Disco were the highlights of the week. Have a lovely, relaxing Easter holiday!
Thursday 25th March 
We have had another jam-packed week in Northern Ireland class! In our English lessons we've discussed and written about where dragons might choose to hide in our classroom. In maths we've continued learning about multiplication and in history the children loved learning more about the Titanic. However, I think the highlight of our week so far has been participating in an online workshop with the team at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.
On Tuesday morning, all the children in Year 2 participated in a workshop all about sculpture. We began by learning what sculpture is and we then looked at sculptures made from clay, lipstick, fridges and even sugar! After that, we played some fun games to develop our art vocabulary; the children came up with some great actions to help them remember the subject specific vocab such as weave, model, fasted and balance. We then looked at a variety of sculptures, the children in Northern Ireland class especially loved the sculpture of the pickle and the metal balloon dog. We were then lucky enough to have a VIP tour of an exhibition of sculpture, at the Baltic by Huma Bhabha. The children loved seeing the exhibition and I know many of the children are very keen to visit the Baltic and explore exhibition (once the restrictions have been eased). Finally, we ended our workshop by creating our own paper sculptures; the children loved this activity and it was very evident that they had been inspired by what they had seen and learned about with the team from the Baltic. 
A wonderfully inspiring morning, for the children and the teachers! 
Wednesday 17th March
Happy St Patrick's Day! What a great afternoon we have had celebrating St Patrick's Day; Irish dancing, Leprechaun board games and pasta shamrock necklaces are just some of the fun things we have been up to today. The children in Northern Ireland class loved learning about why St Patrick's Day is celebrated and how it is celebrated in different countries. 
Friday 12th March 
First week of 2021 back at school completed, and what a wonderful week we have had! It has been an absolute delight welcoming the children back to school and having a classroom full of chatter and laughter has been so lovely. The children have once again amazed me with their resilience and adaptability as they came back to school after almost 3 months at home, slotting right back into the school routine.
We have have had lots discussions, many stories and plenty of Golden Time this week. Additionally, the children of Northern Ireland have loved the different creative activities that we have completed this week; the dream catchers were a real hit! However, for us all seeing one another and catching up has been the real highlight.
We are all very much looking forward to continuing our Year 2 journey together, at school. 
Friday 18th December 

What a wonderfully Christmassy week we have had, it really is "the most wonderful time of the year".

We began our final week of term by writing about our dream Christmases. The children described the most magical and enchanting Christmases; from riding reindeer to eating a full gingerbread house for breakfast!

On Tuesday morning, we spent some time developing our sketching skills. The children each sketched a Christmassy animal. We spent some time discussing how it can be easy to draw things that aren’t on the image, such as a big sunshine and the children realised the importance of looking carefully at the image and sketching what they could see. The boys and girls absolutely loved using the sketching pencils and practiced pressing lightly with them and then adding more depth to their drawings. Tuesday afternoon was a real Christmas treat! We watched a personalised pantomime of “Cinderella” right from our classroom; the children loved watching the pantomime and getting up to dance at the end.

Thursday afternoon was party time! The children of Northern Ireland class tucked into their party lunches and then enjoyed playing some party games. Musical statues, pass the parcel and corners were just some of the games the children enjoyed.

Finally, we ended our week by watching the Northern Stages’ fantastic performance of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. The children were totally engrossed by the performance.

It really has been a wonderful week to end a lovely first term. I am so proud of all the pupils in Northern Ireland class for their hard work and positive attitudes towards learning. I very much look forward to 2021 with them all.

Friday 11th December

… and so the festivities continue!

What a lovely week we have had in Northern Ireland class. As a school, we celebrated Christmas Jumper day on Thursday and I have to say, I have never seen such a beautiful range of festive jumpers!

On Thursday afternoon, the children pulled their crackers, giggled at their jokes and tucked into their delicious Christmas dinners. The children thoroughly enjoyed eating their Christmas dinners whilst listening to some festive carols.

Take a look at some of the photographs of the children enjoying their Christmas dinners!

Friday 4th December 

…and so the Christmas festivities begin!

This week the children were delighted to see the return of the “Jingle the Elf” who spends the month of December in Northern Ireland class, ensuring that the children are working hard and being kind to one another.

Jingle reports back to Santa Claus every evening and informs him on what the children have been learning in school and what they have achieved during the day. I know that so far, Jingle has been highly impressed with Northern Ireland classes manners, kindness, compassion and effort they have all been putting into their school work.

Whilst Jingle is in class, he does sometimes cause a little bit of mischief! Each morning, before the children arrive at school Jingle has usually done something a little bit cheeky. The boys and girls love coming into school each morning to see what he has been up to!


Wednesday 25th November
The children of Northern Ireland class started their week in English by writing a set of instructions for a little girl on how to keep her excitable dragon, Edgar calm. The children included "what you need" as well as "what you do" subheadings. I sent the children's instructions on "how to keep Edgar calm" to the little girl, and the children where thrilled to see that they got a reply from her as well as some chocolate coins to say thank you. 
Next week, we are going to start looking at diary entries and the children are going to write diary entries from Edgar's perspective. 
Friday 20th November
Another week completed! The children have worked their socks off this week and have really impressed me with their continuous effort and growth mindsets. 
I have been particularly impressed with the way in which they have been working with their work partners in maths. The children have been supporting one another brilliantly as we have been doing some quite tricky work; adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers with exchange! The children have shown one another kindness, patience and support whilst doing maths, which has been lovely to see.
Well done to you all, keep up the super work and conscientious attitude!
Wednesday 11th November

Yesterday afternoon we spent our geography lesson learning about Ypres, Belgium. The children enjoyed listening to "The Last Post" and discovering that the Menin Gate bears the names of 54,000 officers and men whose graves are not known. We wanted to pay tribute to our brave service men and women, past and present. Therefore, every pupil in Northern Ireland class made their own poppy for our class “Wreath of Remembrance” as a way of showing our respect and gratitude.

Lest we forget. 

Friday 6th November
This week in Northern Ireland class, we have enjoyed celebrating "Bonfire Night" across the curriculum. In history we learned about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot; did you know that he hid 36 barrels of gunpowder in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament? In English we spent time generating powerful vocabulary to describe a photograph of a sky full of fireworks. The children came up with wonderful vocabulary and lovely similes to describe the image. I particularly loved Lexi's suggestion, "the dazzling fireworks look like sparkling spiders" and Owen's observation that "the sky is as blue as a humpback whale". We ended our week with some firework inspired art work. The children began by carefully observing the different variations of firework, then they experimented with oil pastels in their sketch books which they used to draw fireworks. After some time of experimentation, the children used the pastels on the black sugar paper to create their firework scenes. I'm sure you will agree that they have done a splendid job!
Well done Northern Ireland class, what a brilliant way to start this half term.
Friday 23rd October
What a lovely week to end our first half term! The children of Northern Ireland class have been working extremely hard on addition and subtraction in maths, continuing to improve their handwriting and perfecting their throwing and catching skills in P.E. 
In English we have celebrated the beautiful season that is autumn. On Monday, we began by generating interesting vocabulary to do with the season. In Tuesday's English lesson we learned about acrostic poems and planned our own "autumn" inspired poems. In Wednesday's lesson the children of Northern Ireland class carefully wrote up their acrostic poems ready to be published. They amended spelling mistakes and really focused on the presentation of their poems. The children finished by adding some autumn illustrations around their poems. I have attached a few examples of their acrostic poems.
Well done on completing another wonderful week and a super half term. Enjoy your well deserved rest and I look forward to more fun, learning and laughter in the next half term. 

Friday 16th October

We’ve had another wonderful week in Northern Ireland class! This week, the children particularly enjoyed our R.E lesson learning about the story of the Good Samaritan as our enquiry question this half term is “Is it possible to be kind to everyone all of the time?” We watched a short animation of the story, discussed the events in the parable and then spent time discussing what we felt was the most important part of the story. Most of the class agreed that the most important part of the story was when the Samaritan helped the injured man. Many of the children were outraged that the priest and the lawyer chose not to help the injured man! We finished our lesson by thinking about the Christian teaching “Love your neighbor as yourself” and discussing what we thought this meant and how we might show love and kindness to those around us.

Friday 9th October

In Northern Ireland we are working extremely hard on our handwriting! Each morning, we start with 20 minutes handwriting practice and I have been consistently blown away with the effort, concentration and focus each child shows in these sessions. They are all so keen to improve and I can already see a difference in each pupils handwriting in 5 weeks! Below are just a few examples of super handwriting practice from this week…

Well done Northern Ireland, you should all be extremely proud of yourselves.

Friday 2nd October
We have had yet another great week in Northern Ireland class! The children have worked extremely conscientiously across the curriculum, but I have been especially impressed with the work they have completed in English. This week, we started a new unit of work based on Mini Grey's "Traction Man" and the children have fired up their imaginations creating their own superhero characters!
In Wednesday's lesson we spent some time discussing what we would do if we were superheroes. The children generated some fabulous ideas orally and then wrote their ideas in their English books. I wanted to share a few of the sentences that they wrote:
"If I were a superhero I would save pets and care for them." Eva Liegh
"If I were a superhero I would have a snesor, so that I could help people and save the day!" Delilah
"If I was a superhero my power would be strength and I would save the world." Noah
"If I was a superhero I would have invisibility, shoot lava out of my hands and have pink hair." 
I'm sure you agree that the world would be even more exciting with superheroes like them!

Friday 25th September

I was impressed with the children of Northern Ireland class last week, but I have to say, I think that I am even more blown away by them this week!

The children have continued to show enthusiasm and put lots of effort into what they are asked to do. Additionally, they have been consistently polite and well-mannered to myself and one another, which is extremely important at Emmaville.

In Tuesday’s English lesson we worked as a class to write a poem about the wonderful world in which we live. We listened to Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World”, watched a snippet of David Attenborough’s “Planet Earth” and read Oliver Jeffer’s story “Here We Are” to inspire us. I am sure you will agree that they wrote a marvellous poem celebrating our wonderful world.

Friday 18th September

What a week! I have had such a lovely first week with Northern Ireland class and I have been so impressed with the effort and enthusiasm that has been shown by all the pupils.

We had a lovely morning learning a about Northern Ireland. The children especially enjoyed looking at famous landmarks in Northern Ireland on Google Earth and learning out about the Titanic, which was built in Belfast.  

The children have adapted brilliantly to the changes in school life and all seem to have a great aptitude to learning which is wonderful to see. I am sure that this is the first of many great weeks together in Northern Ireland class.

Well done to you all!