Emmaville Primary School

Northern Ireland Yr 2

Welcome to the Northern Ireland Year 2 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.

 Friday 1st of April 2022

It has been diversity week and we have been learning about how we can celebrate our differences. We have designed an incredible diversity tree on our door where all the children were able to draw their interests on a portrait of themselves and they were able to discuss their interests with their friends.

We have also been learning how to sing ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ in French and we all worked really hard to remember the words! Interestingly, we have had a brilliant discussion about how some people are born with autism and may react differently but it is important to take care of those children. In PE, we have been learning how to do Irish dance! The children really impressed us, they listened very carefully to the instructions and worked brilliantly as a team!


Well done Northern Ireland!


Miss Wilson.

Friday 25th of March 2022

In Northern Ireland, we have been learning many facts about Titanic and listening very carefully to all of the interest facts. After this, we were able to write our own diary entry to imagine we were Polar from the book that we read ‘Polar the Titanic Bear’ and we were able to think about ideas linking to our senses whilst on the Titanic.

We discussed the passengers and the three divisions onboard the Titanic and what happened to cause the sinking of the Titanic. The children were able to discuss how the passengers would feel and how they would have felt if the passengers were considered as third class.

Keep up the good discussions Northern Ireland!


Miss Wilson.

Friday the 18th of March.

In Northern Ireland, we've had a very productive week, and we've all worked incredibly hard!!  We have completed three SATs papers, and we've all wowed Miss Wilson with our remarkable resilience and engagement! In History, we have been learning about the Titanic, and Miss Wilson was blown away by how much the children already knew about the titanic! All of the children were able to predict how the passengers on the Titanic felt during the tragic event. All children were very eager to learn everything there was to know about the Titanic, and we had some excellent group discussions.

Northern Ireland, keep up the good work!! 

Next week, am looking forward to another AMAZING week!!
Miss Wilson x

Friday the 11th of March 2022.

In Northern Ireland, we had a fantastic week! We have been using story maps to plan our English and have looked at how to produce a past tense setting description using our own story map. Miss Wilson was astounded by how hard all of the children worked in English this week!! We've had so much fun creating our own unique setting descriptions that all of the children have taken their time describing what happens in their setting. We had a terrific workshop to help us with our English ideas, and we took part in acting out the story of "Where the Wild Things Are," which all of the children thoroughly liked!! Miss Wilson was very impressed with all of the actions that the children could think of to help them remember the story's important points.

Over the last two weeks, we've been studying 2D and 3D shapes and learning everything about their properties and names. We've been practicing using a rule to draw lines of symmetry and determining how many horizontal and vertical lines of symmetry each object had.


Miss Wilson x

Friday the 4th of March 2022.

In Northern Ireland, we had a terrific week! We began the week by reading 'Where the Wild Things Are,' our new book. We were able to create a story map to identify the story’s essential concepts as a result of this. By acting out our story map, we were able to find alternative methods to recall our story and explain how the characters would act when listening to a story. In addition, because one of the key characters tames the wild things, we were able to play the part of a magician. The children were able to do this and consider what would happen to the wild things if they cast their spell on them.

Later in the week, this inspired us to come up with new ideas for our own fantasy story! Miss Wilson was blown away with the amount of effort and enthusiasm that all of the children put into this piece of work! When creating our story map, we expanded our vocabulary by including adverbs, adjectives, and verbs to intrigue the interest of our readers.

We also started learning how to perform gymnastics in PE this week, and we all did an outstanding job of listening and demonstrating our skills by working as a team to encourage one another. We all put in a lot of effort to recognise different 2D and 3D shapes, and we had a great time going on a shape hunt throughout the school grounds.

Most importantly, we decorated our classroom door as a team and did an AMAZING job! To create our ALICE AND WONDERLAND themed door, we used each table to create clocks, hats, cards, cups, and signs. Miss Wilson was amazed by everyone's efforts, and she really enjoyed seeing all of the children dressed up for World Book Day!

Well done Northern Ireland!


Miss Wilson x

18th of February 2022.

We have had a lovely productive week in Northern Ireland! Firstly, we have been looking at Non-Chronological reports about the Manchester Ridgeback Dragon. From this, we created a Non-Chronological report about OUR OWN DRAGON! Miss Wilson has been blown away by every child’s design and description, everyone has really thought about every detail before publishing at the end of the week! I could not choose a winner; all of our work was INCREDIBLE!


At the beginning of the week, we discussed in science about how we develop from babies to children and even to adults. We looked at the average height for a 6 and 7 year old and decided to measure ourselves to discover if we were over or under the average height for our age. Also, we even created and designed our own clock, and we discussed the basics of time. Miss Wilson was amazed at how many children already knew the times we were discussing!


Keep up the good work Northern Ireland!


Miss Wilson x

11th of February 2022
We have had a lovely week in Northern Ireland! Since it was Mental Health week, we have found ways to keep calm and express ourselves by designed our windchime hot air balloon, listening to calming music, talking with our friends and mindful colouring. 
We read a wonderful story called Digiduck and the Magic Castle. The purpose of this story was to understand why it is important not to share our personal information online and with our friends. We discussed the SMART rules and why they were important to keep safe online and we beautifully designed our own posters using our SMART rules. 
Miss Wilson x

Friday 4th February


We had a wonderful start to our week celebrating Chinese New Year!


Then, on Wednesday afternoon we had lots of fun learning about Paris with the lovely Miss Crydiac. We began our lesson by listening to Miss Crydiac read “Un Lion a Paris” the children and I were transfixed listening to the story in French! All of the actions Miss Crydiac added in made it a very exciting story!


After the story, Miss Crydiac taught us about the beautiful landmarks in Paris including; the Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre – Coeur and the Palace of Versailles. The children then put their new knowledge to the test in a game of “Parisian landmarks corners” which they loved!


Next, the children of Northern Ireland were lucky enough to experience some typical French food, we put some Parisian café music on in the background and the children enjoyed trying French baguette, brie and homemade crepes!


Finally, we ended our afternoon by doing the can- can! We couldn’t believe how quickly we were expected to move our legs, the children on the video made it look so easy. Merci beaucoup Miss Crydiac for a perfect Parisian afternoon; we all had a fabulous time!

Friday 28th January
Today we became DRAGON RESEARCHERS!! In our English lesson this morning, we found a clipping from the Newcastle Chronicle which stated that there had been sightings of an incredibly rare species of dragon in the North East, including residents in Ryton claiming to have seen the Newcastle Ridge- Back! 
We decided to go in search of the dragons! We read that the dragons were frequently spotted in grasslands and trees so we carefully and quietly went in search of the non- threatening dragons.
We had multiple sightings from children in Northern Ireland class and we also saw dragon claw marks, a dragons nest and some dragon footprints! 
What an exciting morning!
Monday 17th January
Today we celebrated World Religion Day! World Religion Day is held on the third Sunday of January, every year. It is celebrated to promote interfaith understanding, which means involving many different religions and uniting them together. It is important that there is harmony and that people feel comfortable to unite together, whatever their faith!
We spent some time this afternoon recapping over the 6 main religions in the world, then we focused on Buddhism. We then learned a little bit about Buddha and we meditated for 5 minutes using a meditation tutorial as this is one way that Buddhists try to reach 'Nirvana' or enlightenment. We discussed how we felt after meditating and agreed that we felt calm, peaceful, focused, relaxed and happy. 
After that, we looked at some imaged of mandalas. In Buddhism, mandalas represent the ideal form of the universe. The act of creating a mandala represents the transformation of the universe from a reality of suffering to one of enlightenment. Often, mandalas are used as tools to focus the mind during meditation. Inspired by the mandalas in Buddhism, the children had a go at drawing their own. I was blown away by the work the children produced and the calm working environment the children produced. We've had a wonderful afternoon and learned a lot about Buddhism!
Friday 10th January 
This week we've LOVED our computing lessons! The children have been creating algorithms for BeeBots and working out the most efficient algorithms; impressive work for 6 and 7 year olds! 
We began by writing algorithms for the route that the BeeBot needed to take to get to the finish line and then we used our computational thinking skills on the IPads to help the BeeBot on his adventures.
The children loved the lesson and I was so impressed with their programming and computational skills!
Friday 7th January
Happy New Year!
We have had a wonderful start to 2022 and I'm thrilled to say that the children of Northern Ireland class are working as conscientiously as they did last year and are being as kind, caring and thoughtful too!
We had a great geography lesson this week learning all about the Scottish Highlands; what an amazing place! We learned about Ben Nevis and the children were intrigued to learn that it is the remains of ancient volcano! We also learned about the array of wildlife that can be found in the Highlands including; pine martins, Scottish wildcats, orcas and red squirrels! Finally, we found about some of the tourist attractions in the Highlands including the Highland Games.
The children were full of enthusiasm and produced wonderful work using their new knowledge of the Scottish Highlands.
Well done to all the children in Northern Ireland class; you are such a wonderful bunch and I'm looking forward to learning more with you all in 2022...
Friday 17th December 
We've made it to the last week of the autumn term and what a FABULOUS week we have had! We had a great lesson on Monday making salt dough decorations for our Christmas cards and a brilliant afternoon watching a hilarious performance of "The Cheekiest Elf". On Tuesday, we worked in teams to complete a challenging "Christmas Quiz" which consisted of 5 rounds! Then, on Wednesday we had Christmas dinner in our classrooms; what a delicious treat! Thursday afternoon was party afternoon! We danced the afternoon away, played games, laughed together and really got into the festive spirit. We ended the week with a celebration assembly and a Christmas movie in the afternoon.
We've had a wonderful first term together in Year 2 and I look forward to 2022 with Northern Ireland class! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year,
Miss Kenyon. x
Tuesday 7th December
We have had a wonderful start to our "STEM" (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Enrichment Week! The children have been working conscientiously over the past two afternoons on the STEM challenge "Rescuing Rapunzel".
The children began by considering what kind of mindset they would need to complete the challenge; we all knew that we would need our GROWTH mindsets!
Then, the children brainstormed some ideas to rescue Rapunzel. Working in pairs, the children then selected one of their ideas and sketched and labelled their chosen idea. 
After that, the children in Northern Ireland class use the limited resources they were given to engineer their ways of rescuing Rapunzel. The children were only given 20 minutes to do so, so there was no time to waste! 
Once the 20 minutes was up, we tested each groups designs. Some of the designs worked which was great, but then these children needed to consider how they could improve their design further. Some of the designs didn't work, so these children used their growth mindset and started thinking about how they could improve their ideas. 
The children ended today's STEM lesson by completing a reflection based on what they have done so far. The children carefully considered what went well, when they had had to use their growth mindset and how they could improve their model.
In Friday's lesson, the children will adapt and improve their models using their engineering skills! Well done Northern Ireland class, what a super start to the week.
Friday 3rd December
This half term in our DT lessons, the children have been learning how to do a running stich. For many of the children, this was the first time that they had ever done any sewing or needle work, so initially, the children found it extremely challenging and really had to use their growth mindsets! However, with more practice and amazing stickability, the children in Northern Ireland class have all made amazing progress and every child in class managed to do a few running stitches in our lesson on Thursday. Now that the children feel more confident doing a running stich, they will start making Christmas pouches in DT, ready to take home before the Christmas holidays!

 Well done Northern Ireland class, it’s lovely to see you learning new skills!

(Photos to follow)
Friday 26th November 

Over the past two weeks we have been working on a unit of writing about “Edgar the Excitable Dragon”. It’s fair to say that the children in both Northern Ireland class and Wales class are LOVING the unit! So far we have done drama, written some short burst writing, learned a model text, identified the features of a diary entry and planned a diary entry from Edgar’s perspective. This week, the children have been writing their diary entries imagining that they are Excitable Edgar. I have been absolutely blown away by the quality of their extended writing. I have been especially impressed with the vocabulary the children have been using; it’s wonderful to see the children using the new vocabulary that they are taught each week in their writing. I can’t wait to read the finished diary entries and share them with the school as the quality of their writing is wonderful!


Well done to all of the children in Northern Ireland class, you are becoming such wonderful writers!

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Friday 19th November 
Today we celebrated Inter Faith Day and what a wonderful day we have had!

We began by each writing a hope or a wish on a luggage tag, that will be placed on our school "Tree of Hope". The children came up with some wonderful hopes and wishes; some children hoped to raise lots of money for Children in Need, others hoped for a happy life and others wished that for everyone around the world to be happy and healthy.
After that, we spent time learning about the 6 main religions of the world. However, the children were amazed (as I was) to learn that there are over 4,200 different faiths and religions around the world! We watched a few short clips on Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism which outlined each religions beliefs, their place of worship, their holy scripture and the symbol used to represent the religion. The children were highly engaged and recognised that some of the beliefs were different to their own. We spent time talking about how we should be respectful of different beliefs and opinions people may have. We then created some art work to celebrate different faiths and their different beliefs. 
We had a wonderful day celebrating Inter Faith Day and the pupils respect and maturity shone through.
Friday 12th November
This week we have focused on Remembrance Day.  In Geography, we looked at a map of Europe and we found Belgium and identified the town of Ypres.  We learnt about the part the town played in World War 1 and we all listened to a video of the last post being played in the Menin Gate Memorial. It was very moving indeed. The children made paper poppies and learnt about the significance of the poppy in World War 1 and how they are now a symbol of remembrance for all conflicts since. By combining all our poppies together, we made a wreath for the door to show that Northern Ireland class remembers all the armed forces and their sacrifice.

Wednesday 3rd November

We’ve had a cracking start to the half term so far! The children had a fantastic history lesson with Mrs Priestly today learning about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot; Mrs Priestly was so impressed with the enthusiasm the children showed throughout the lesson.

On Tuesday morning, I shared something very special with Northern Ireland class... my magic paintbrush! Whatever is painted with my magic paintbrush comes to life. Once the children had a close inspection of my paintbrush, we had an interesting discussion on what we would paint with the paintbrush and whether we would use the brush to paint things to help others or just for ourselves. Fortunately, for the children in Northern Ireland class I had a magic paintbrush for each child to experiment with! We then went outside, and with water the children painted what they would wish for on the playground. We had a wonderful time painting their wishes outside; we then went back into the classroom and the children listened to our new text, “The Magic Paintbrush.”

Then in today’s English lesson we learned the story of “The Magic Paintbrush” and retold the story using a story map and actions. “The Magic Paintbrush” is quite a long text for Year 2 pupils to learn, but I was blown away by how well the children did. They came up with wonderful actions, and it was superb to hear the children retelling the story so confidently.

Well done Northern Ireland class, I do love your enthusiasm for learning!

Friday 22nd October
What a wonderful week we've had to end a superb first half term in Year 2!

This week in Geography we visited London and we imagined that we were taking a brilliant bus tour through London seeing the sights like; Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Conductor Kenyon led the bus tour and the passengers were very well behaved! They knew to keep their hands inside the bus at all times and not to stand up when the bus was moving. The passengers loved seeing the guards outside Buckingham Palace and couldn't believe that the guards weren't allowed to sit down whilst they were on guard. Some of the passengers knew that Guy Fawkes tried to blow up The Houses of Parliament and some passengers knew that the River Thames flows underneath Tower Bridge!
We had a great time visiting London in our Geography lesson and we all learned something about London in our lesson!

Friday 15th October


Autumn is such a beautiful season, frequently inspiring artists. And this week, it inspired the young artists in Northern Ireland class! We used leaves that had fallen from beech, oak, ash and silver birch trees as our medium in our art lesson. We began with leaf rubbings, which the children absolutely loved; with one child shouting “IT’S MAGIC!” when the rubbings started to show through the paper in their art sketchpad.

After the success of our leaf rubbings, we had a go at printing with leaves which the children enjoyed greatly. The activities were very much led by the children and they were given the freedom to experiment with the leaves which they thoroughly enjoyed. Following our lesson on Wednesday, a few children came into school on Thursday with leaf and coin rubbings they had done at home; this was wonderful to see that the children had enjoyed the lesson so much that they continued at home!

Friday 8th October
This week in music we have continued learning about "pitch" and the children have been using the percussion instruments to create a musical pattern using high pitch sounds and low pitch sounds. The children loved having the opportunity to experiment with the different instruments and identify the high pitch sounds and the low pitch sounds. 

Friday 1st October


On Wednesday afternoon Northern Ireland class and Wales class attended the Outdoor Sports Festival at Thorp Academy. We had an absolutely fantastic afternoon participating in the different events organised by the pupils at Thorp. The children loved the different games and skill based activities that they participated in and they were gutted when they were told that it was home time! The children at Thorp were absolute stars, they had so much enthusiasm and they had a lovely manner with the Year 2 pupils.

A brilliant afternoon and so lovely to be back at sporting events with other schools! Well done to all the children in Year 2, you represented Emmaville wonderfully.

Friday 24th September


We’ve had another action packed week in Northern Ireland class and the children are continuing to work hard and have fun whilst doing so. We had a wonderful PSHE lesson at the beginning of the week exploring the meaning of “belonging”. We read “We Are All Born Free” and then had an interesting discussion about the rights and responsibilities the children have at school and at home. By the end of the lesson, the children understood that the responsibilities they have at school mean that they can enjoy coming to school to learn safely and happily.

Well done Northern Ireland class, I’m extremely proud of you all.

Friday 17th September

This week in art we learned about Northern Irish artist John Kindness. Kindness enjoys working a range of media including sculpture and paint. He has created some incredibly unique pieces and this week we focused on a ceramic sculpture of his called the “Big Fish” which is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 


After the children spent some time carefully studying the Big Fish, they had a go at sketching the sculpture in their sketch books. Then, once the children were happy with their sketches, they used watercolours to paint their drawings. Through experimentation and practice, the children started to understand the importance of having enough water on your brush when using watercolours and they even started to mixing colours to create lighter and darker shades of blue.

Friday 10th September 

What a wonderful first week we have had in Northern Ireland class! The children have settled into Year 2 brilliantly and I have loved the enthusiasm and effort they have all shown this week. The children have blown me away with their creativity and imaginative ideas!

This week, we spent some time reading books from the collection “Little People, Big Dreams”, we read Muhammed Ali’s story and David Attenborough’s too. We discussed how both men have always stood up for what they believed in, both aimed to help others and were once both little people, with a big dream of changing the world for the better.

This got the “little people” in Northern Ireland class thinking about their BIG dreams. We had a wide range of dreams from scientists, teachers, pilots, zoo keepers and YouTubers! It was brilliant to hear the children share their ideas with such excitement and passion.

The children in class then designed their own book covers for the “Little People, Big Dreams” book collection. They have all done a wonderful job and their book covers would make a superb addition to the collection of books! Well done to all of Northern Ireland class; you are all little people, with BIG dreams and bright futures.