Emmaville Primary School

Northern Ireland Yr 2

Welcome to the Northern Ireland Year 2 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 17th June

What an exciting week we have had in Northern Ireland class! We started our week with an educational visit to Whitley Bay beach and had the most wonderful time. The children participated in a range of beach school activities based on the story “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch”; this is the story we are currently learning in English.


We began by making the Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch with the natural materials that we found on the beach. Then, we used binoculars to try and spot some of the things that can found in the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch; such as seagulls and a lighthouse. The children loved having the opportunity to use binoculars on the beach. After a delicious, if not slightly sandy lunch, the children moved onto their next beach school activity; building a lighthouse out of sand! Again, the children LOVED the activity and enjoyed being creative, some children even decorated their lighthouses using shells and seaweed. For our final activity we had to move onto the grass as the tide began to come in; the children did a drama activity imagining they were the three pesky seagulls from the story who steal Mr Grinling’s lunch! We had a fantastic day, from start to finish. The children were a pleasure to take on the trip and it was wonderful to see the children have such an enjoyable time on the beach.

The excitement of the week continued on Friday as we had our annual “Rainbow Fun Run” at school. The children came dressed in the brightest, boldest clothes possible ready to complete the rainbow run! The children of Northern Ireland class absolutely loved taking part in the fun run and the support that they showed to one another was amazing. The children cheered one another on and celebrated everyone has they passed through the rainbow balloon arch. We were then very kindly rewarded with a sticker and an ice lolly to help us cool down.


We’ve had such an exciting week and the children have been absolute super stars. I’m so proud to be their teacher and see them embrace every opportunity with a smile and a positive attitude. Well done Northern Ireland class!

Miss Kenyon x

Friday 10th June

We had a great art lesson this week learning about Pop artist “Andy Warhol”. We spent time learning about Andy Warhol and his life, then we studied some of his most famous pieces of art and shared our opinions on his work. The children agreed that they loved the bright, popping colours that he used in his work. After spending time studying Warhol, we felt inspired to have a go at creating our own versions of his famous "Campbell’s soup can" using coloured pencils. The children focused on colouring within the lines, not scribbling and using contrasting colours.

The boys and girls in Northern Ireland class did a wonderful job and are I know they are very excited to continue with our Pop Art project in the coming weeks. Well done artists!

Miss Kenyon x

Friday 27th May
Well done Northern Ireland class you have finished another half term in Year 2!
Over the past few weeks, you have worked extremely hard and passed your missions to become Secret Agents! Well done, all your training has paid off!
Today we have been celebrating the Queen's Jubilee. As a class, we would all like to thank Ms Armstrong for organising such an amazing day of festivities. It has been worthy of royalty!
We loved all the activities and had great fun doing everything. We enjoyed jumping on the bouncy castle, getting our faces painted with all things royal, meeting some special Disney characters, eating our picnic lunch with ice cream and taking part in all the other activities too! It has been a day to remember!
We hope you all have a lovely half term break, stay safe and have fun! 
Miss Kenyon and Miss Duffy
Tuesday 17th May
Today the children in Northern Ireland class had an amazing Design Technology lesson. We are currently learning about "structures" in DT and today the children were tasked with building structures and exploring how they can be made stronger, stiffer and more stable.

The children worked in teams and were set the challenge of constructing a chair that could: stand without falling over and was strong enough to hold Monkey. The children were all successful in designing and constructing strong and stable structures. In addition to this, the children worked in their teams amazingly, their communication with one another was fantastic! 
Well done Northern Ireland class, you really showed perseverance and super communication skills today!
Friday 6th May
This half term the children in Northern Ireland class are having a weekly 1 hour session with karate coach, Sensei James! So far, the children are absolutely loving the active and engaging sessions. The children are also enjoying learning about the history and heritage of Karate! The children have shown fantastic co-ordination and agility too. We are very much looking forward to continuing the development of our karate skills.