Emmaville Primary School

Year 5 Visit the Life Science Centre

30th November 2021

As a way to consolidate their science topic of Earth and Space, Year 5 spent the day at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle.  Being the first educational visit in oh so very long, they were all very excited to be going, and they weren't disappointed.  The day included a session in one of the Centre's laboratories to explore different aspects of life on the International Space Station, including repairing solar panels with robotic arms, tasting space food and even testing the effectiveness of Maximum Absorbency Garments (otherwise known as space nappies).  The children also spent time in the amazing planetarium and explored the Space Zone, where they learnt about rockets, mission control and life in the ISS.   There was even enough time to explore a host of puzzles and activities in the Brain Zone, marvel at the models in the Lego Zone and see the Lumiere show, in which they were wowed by light-themed experiments.  What a brilliant day out!