Emmaville Primary School

Oceania Year 5

Welcome to the Oceania Year 5 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.

Friday 26th March
The children in Year 5 have been getting very active in their Maths lessons this week and have been creating their own workouts, working on their passing skills and even 'hop-scotching' on the yard to get quicker at their 7,8 and 9 times tables. What a fun way to learn your times tables and it certainly works!
The children have created their own times tables flashcards and have been racing against the clock and their partners to beat their scores and learn their times tables to memory. We know that this will help them greatly when learning about fractions and division.
Well done Oceania, Mrs Berry and I are incredibly proud of the determination you have shown this week!
Friday 19th March
We know that our parents and families are always  proud of their children but this week class Oceania's parents should be exceptionally proud of them. The resilience they have shown throughout this pandemic and their determination to do their very best has shone through this week. It has been wonderful to watch the children playing with their friends at break times and lunchtimes, reestablishing their friendships. They really are so pleased to be back at school!
We have had a wonderful week and the children began a short unit of writing based on 'Night at the Museum' inspired by our online workshop with The BALTIC in Gateshead. There was a real 'buzz' in the room and they were eager to get writing. We cannot wait to share some of our descriptive stories as the sculptures and portraits come to life in the museum. 

Friday 18th December

What an incredible last week the children have had, despite the global pandemic! In true Emmaville style, Miss Armstrong made sure that the show would go on. The children were treated to a hilarious and incredibly clever production of Sleeping Beauty by the BigFoot Production company. There might not have been any ‘booing’ or ‘chanting’ this year; but, the children waved their hands and showed their disapproval in other ways. They learnt that Miss Armstrong had been stealing the biscuits from the cupboard and was caught red-handed by the policemen. The children had a fantastic afternoon and loved every minute of their virtual pantomime.

It certainly was one strange week. Donkeys on the yard, filming the Emmaville Nativity and pantomime characters had taken over from their teachers.

On Thursday afternoon, the children dressed up in their party clothes for an afternoon of Christmas cheer with a party tea and plenty of fun ‘covid secure’ games.

As their teacher, I am incredibly proud of the resilience the children have shown, returning school with determination and ready to learn. You would never have known that they have been off for 5 months prior. What a superb first term Oceania!

Merry Christmas and enjoy your well-deserved break!

Friday 4th December
The children of Oceania have been true stars this week in many senses. We began the week, bringing a little light and Christmas cheer to the community. Each child designed and made their own segment of a star which was to be created with collaboration from some pupils at St Agnes Primary School. After much deliberation, Leo's, James', Poppy's, Tilda's, Charlie's and Layla's designs were all selected to take pride of place as part of the Crawcrook village Christmas tree star. The children joined (socially distanced) with pupils from St Agnes to place the star on the top of the tree.
In addition, all pupils at Emmaville have been bringing some festive cheer to the village, as they have each decorated their own star which has been hung around the school perimeter for all the residents to see.
The children of Oceania look forward to the next two weeks, full of Christmas cheer and online pantomime viewings.
Let the countdown til Christmas begin!
Friday 27th November
Have you ever heard of the Chaparral biome? This week, Oceania class have been deepening their understanding of the terrestrial biomes and carried out their own research about this biome. They used the I-pads and a range of search engines to find information about the different aspects (location, physical features, diversity and human processes). Using this information, they had great fun getting creative by designing and producing a board game to test the knowledge of their peers. They devised their own multiple choice and true or false question cards and used illustrations of aspects of the Chaparral biome to bring their board game to life. I'm sure you will agree that they did a fantastic job and they can't wait to play their games with their friends.

Friday 20th November

The children in Oceania have a lot to celebrate and be proud of this week. Due to their hard work, impeccable behavior and great teamwork, they have already earned themselves a marble jar afternoon. They can’t wait to get creative and enjoy an afternoon of games, crafts and of course will be doing so in their pajamas.

We began the week getting into the festive spirit (albeit a little earlier than usual) by designing a Christmas card for Liz Twist’s annual Christmas card competition. There were many beautiful designs and they all worked so hard on them and are incredibly proud, as they should be. The children wanted to share their designs with you (see below).

As we are all well aware, the children’s wellbeing is the utmost importance to us at Emmaville. The children took part in a fifteen-minute guided meditation session and thoroughly enjoyed it. You could have heard a pin drop in the room and I think some of them almost fell asleep, as they were so calm and relaxed.

Friday 13th November
The children of Oceania class have a lot to celebrate and be proud of this week. They have completed their textiles bunting project, produced some emotive war poems based on John McCrae's famous poem, 'In Flanders Fields' and have been getting creative at home in support of Children In Need. 
I have been blown away with the number of entries for our family 'Bake Off' and the competition has been fierce. The children are all clearly budding bakers and have real talent. The pictures have shown the effort they have put in and it was amazing to see how unique they all were. It would be a shame not to share them with you all so enjoy browsing through the photos of our class' 'Bake Off' entries. It certainly makes you hungry!
Friday 6th November
We are over the moon to say that class Oceania are already 'millionaires'! As a class, since September, we have read an unbelievable 1,106,815 words. The children are incredibly proud of themselves, as they should be. The class are thoroughly enjoying using Accelerated Reader and have read hundreds of books between them. Some of their favorites include Dustin Baby by Jaqueline Wilson, The Tale of Despereaux by Kate Dicamillo, The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl and Phoenix by S.F Said.
We can't wait to share all the books that we have read with you -come to us for any recommendations.
Keep it up, Oceania!

Friday 16th October

 It has been a very busy week in Oceania and the children have worked incredibly hard in all lessons. In Maths we have moved onto addition and subtractions, recapping skills learnt in Year 4 and extending our understanding to higher place values. Through the use of manipulatives and bar models to visualise the concept, the children have applied their understanding of place value to solve some really tricky addition and subtraction problems. They have blown me away with their use of mathematical vocabulary and confidence in explaining each step in the process.

Fantastic Oceania!

Friday 9th October
Onto the next stage in our textiles project. We are starting to see our designs come to life now. This week, we learnt how to create templates before cutting out the pieces of material needed. This will ensure that both pieces of our bunting are the exact same size, making it easier when sewing them together. We took real care and had to use our 'stickability' as sometimes it was hard to cut the material out neatly. We're already excited for the next two weeks as we will be creating our individual designs that express who we are and our interests. Finally, the exciting part - we will be hand sewing our bunting together. We can't wait for you to see our finished Oceania class bunting!
Friday 2nd October
This week, class Oceania have become a class of seamstresses. The children of Oceania class continue to amaze me with their endless talents. Their parents should be so proud of them as they all took part in their first sewing lesson and by the end of one afternoon, could all thread a needle, tie a knot, do a running stitch, use a finishing knot when at the end of a stitch and even do a line of backstitches. Next week, we will complete the next step in our design process and we will create a paper template and cut out our material to create our class bunting. We can't wait to share the finished product with you! 
Friday 25th September
Another amazing week. The children of Oceania class continue to amaze me with their enthusiasm for learning. This week they have 'wowed' me with their focus and understanding in all lessons. We have learnt the different terrestrial biomes within Geography, analyzed evidence for the Earth being either spherical or flat in shape and designed our own piece of bunting, of which we will be sewing ourselves. A lot of fun has been had during this week's athletics lessons in PE, in which the children have made great progress 'pushing' a shot put and have perfected their sprinting technique; many house points were earned during the process.
Keep it up Oceania!
Friday 18th September
Welcome back to school Oceania! What a fantastic first week it has been in Oceania class! Mrs Berry and I are incredibly proud of each one of you as you've returned to school and settled in so quickly. This week the children used their sketching skills to draw their own imaginative setting based on the picture book 'The Journey' by Aaron Becker. Their painting and sketching skills were excellent and they have all produced a piece of artwork to be proud of. Next week, we will bring our artwork to life by writing our own journey stories, using our pictures as the setting in which their stories will be set.
This afternoon, the children used their mathematical skills (place value, addition, subtraction, estimating) to tackle two tricky problem solving tasks. They discussed their strategies and even managed to solve the problems. Congratulations!