Emmaville Primary School

Oceania Yr 5

Welcome to the Oceania Year 5 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.

Friday 24th June: Football Celebration BBQ


To celebrate the achievements of the Year 4/5 girls football teams, we had a BBQ on our new fire pit. We had bacon sandwiches, cheese toasties and toasted marshmallows, a bit of football, and lots of fun. Well done again to everyone who was involved.

Friday 17th June
A day of colour and celebration, once again, as we all dressed in full colour for this year's Emmaville Rainbow Run.  It was lovely to be able to participate in this whole-school activity, particularly as not only were each year-group marshalled and cheered on by children of another cohort, but they also got the chance to do the same for their fellow school-mates.  Brothers and sisters were cheered on by their siblings and friends rooted for each other, as everyone made it through the multicoloured arch of balloons at the finish line.  A rainbow ice lolly finished it all off nicely!
Friday 10th June
We love our History lessons in Oceania class, and have really enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greeks, Ancient China and the Events of World War One over the last few terms.  Sadly, all good things come to an end, and this week, in the last of our Shang Dynasty lessons, we discovered how this great 500-year-long chapter of Chinese history finally closed. 
From the first Shang ruler, the caring King Tang, the Chinese people respected their leaders who were thought to have been chosen by the gods; however, their final king, Di Xin, was vain, self-serving and very cruel.  Things came to a head when various 'signs' pointed their way to a revolution, including the auspicious lining up of five of the planets in the night sky.  Now, one of main tools in a historian's bag is hard evidence, and incredibly, two pieces of evidence point to a very specific time and date for the events that ended the last king's time on his throne: carbon dating of artefacts shows that the dynasty ended in the year 1046 BCE, and astronomers have used computer modelling to show that the planet alignment (which only happens every 516 years) must have happened in late May of that year.  
We put ourselves in the shoes (or rather, the armour) of a Shang warrior who was faced with a difficult decision: to defect from evil Di Xin's army or not.  We looked at all the evidence for and against staying loyal, debated this in groups of four, and then used our discussion-writing skills from a recent English unit to write a diary entry, setting out the pros and cons with a final conclusion.  A really enjoyable lesson!
This is Reilly's diary entry (chosen for the Newsletter as the Year 5 Writer of the Month!):
1046 BCE
Today I will be fighting for the Shang in the battle of Muye, but I’m starting to consider that defecting to the other side isn’t a bad idea.
With 45,000 men and 300 chariots in their army they’re sure to defeat the Shang. Also, the Zhou army seem determined to win this battle. They have better trained warriors and all of our good fighter are away in battle already. We will never win this battle, so we might as well give up and join the other side.
As well as that, King Di Xin only cares about himself and spends the entire day drinking alcohol. However, you should never betray your king. The most important thing is to stay true to your own leader and not betray them, even if you don’t like them and they are not like kind King Tandg. Also, if we join the others, but lose, Di Xin will kill all the people that betray him!
Friday 27th May
We had an amazing time at the seaside on Thursday, a fantastic treat for all our hard work.  After messing about on the sand and in the shallows for an hour or so, we donned wetsuits and took part in a surfing lesson with Longsands Surf School.  As you can see from the photos, some of us took to our boards like naturals, many of us were able to catch the waves and all of us had an absolute whale of a time.  
If that wasn't enough fun and enjoyment, we all celebrated the Queens Platinum Jubilee on Friday, with a fantastic garden party. The children came in dressed in all their finery and had a truly wonderful day of mindfulness, a picnic, a bouncy castle, ice cream and jubilee art! The star of the show herself also made an appearance, as you can see from the photo. A big thank you to Miss Armstrong for organising at the fun and well done to the children for embracing it!
Friday 20th May
A visit to our local library was a great way to remind ourselves of all the wonderful books there are, all for us to borrow whenever we want.  We were met by Kyle who read us a story and then played a game of 'Higher or Lower?' with different facts about libraries and books.  Roxi was our final winner, but everyone displayed great enthusiasm as well as respect during our visit.
A special mention to our amazing Year 5 girl footballers, who have played in two tournaments in the past two days.  The first, on Thursday evening, was the Blaydon & District Schools FA Girls' 7-aside tournament, in which 12 of the girls faced four other teams of mainly Year 6 children.  Instead of being fazed by often much taller and older players, the Emmaville girls really held their own, winning one game, drawing another and losing two by just one goal.  Four more girls joined in for their second set of matches at the Gateshead Girls united Year 4/5 CVL on Friday afternoon.  This was a triumph, as both Team A and Team B won every single one of their matches!  The medals around their necks on the team photo are all gold.  What superstars!
Friday 13th May
We dabbled in a bit of sculpture this week, learning about three British sculptors - Dame Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Sir Antony Gormley.  Having read about each of them, we answered some questions and then chose our favourite pieces of work by them to draw and comment about.  We really enjoyed this lesson, and you can tell how much we learnt by the quality of drawings and what we thought.  

I liked the Namjizal sculpture because you could see it as a canoe or a tree trunk Rose

It makes me want to move around and be curious about what’s around the corner Isaac

I picked this because it does not look like anything, so you can imagine what it is Roo

I like this sculpture because of all the twists and turns Lily

I like this art because it looks random but it still looks really good! This is probably one of my favourite sculptures he made Maia

I liked how it’s 35,000 statues, not just one Matthew

I picked this one because of how many there are, but the sculptor never gave up. Edward

I chose this because it reminds me that we’re not all the same. Billytom

We also took part in a series of dance workshops on Friday, in celebration of the Queen's Jubilee.  Each of the KS2 classes took a different decade as inspiration for their dance; Oceania learnt a naughty dance.  No, hang on - make that a 'noughties' dance.  During just 45 minutes, we learnt some tricky moves to Cheryl Cole's Fight For This Love from 2009, courtesy of dance teacher Sarah from The Education Group, and then performed it to the rest of the school at the end of the day. Hard work, but a lot of fun!

Friday 6th May
We continued with our cycle training this week, with the first of our on-road sessions; a little bit nerve-wracking for some, but the more we do it, the more confident we will become.  The instructors have been super-impressed with our behaviour and maturity, which was really nice to hear.
Speaking of mature behaviour, we showed what sensible people we are this week when we had our online session with Gateshead nurses about puberty and what to expect physically and emotionally over the next few years as we grow into young adults.  There were a few giggles, of course, but again, listening skills and the maturity of responses was excellent, particularly when it came to the Q & A session at the end.  
Friday 29th April
We had a beautifully sunny day for our first Bikeability session, which makes such a difference.  Today was all about seeing how confident we were on our bicycles, and whether we could control them around corners, stop safely and signal with one hand whilst moving.  The instructors were all very impressed with everyone's attitude and concentration skills, and as a result, nearly all of us will be ready to move on to Level 2 next week.  This will involve on-road training, in which our road-sense will be developed, so that we will be able to ride safely on the streets.  Let's hope the weather holds out!