Emmaville Primary School

Rio de Janeiro Yr 5 & 6

Welcome to the Rio de Janeiro Year 5 & 6 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.

Friday 5th July 2019

We had a very special visitor in our assembly today: Liz Twist MP.  Liz was elected MP for Blaydon in 2017 and kindly arranged a visit to the Houses of Parliament when our Year 5 were in London earlier in the year.  Liz stayed with us after assembly to tell us all about what her life was like as an MP and answer lots of interesting questions from our year 5 children. Miss Armstrong was really impressed by the insightful questions our children asked, perhaps we have some future MPs in Emmaville.

As Miss Armstrong would say, a jolly-well-done to the whole of class Rio for their amazing assembly today and a special mention to Baran, Hugo and Rhys who gave up their own time to create the video of our class' journey 2019. I'm so proud of you all, well done Rio!

Friday 7th June 2019

Our Year 5 children have been working really hard this week while their Year 6 friends have been in France.  To reward them for their efforts, we decided to end the week on a high with a little adventure to Clara Vale nature reserve and village hall. The weather was glorious and we had a lovely relaxing time.

Friday 7th June 2019

On Monday, our Year 5 children spent a brilliant morning at the Newcastle Reform Synagogue to learn more about Judaism. Recently, during our Religious Education lessons we have been learning about the Jewish faith, including the festival Hanukkah. The children were able to immerse themselves into the Jewish culture, seeing both the Torah and Menorah. Ruth and Barbara from the synagogue were so impressed with their knowledge and understanding. Well done Year 5!

Friday 3rd May
This week in our Science lesson we spent Thursday afternoon in the school grounds to collect data about some of the trees.  As scientists, we had to become confident with using quite a lot of new scientific language whilst collecting our information.  For instance, did you know that a leaf stalk is called a petiole? Or that leaves shapes can be ovate (egg-shaped), deltoid (triangular) or cordate (heart-shaped)?  We also looked at leaf margins, to see if they were smooth, serrated, or lobed, and we even observed the bark of the trees to identify texture, colour and pattern. 
This was all so that we could be very specific with our questions back in the classroom, when we were constructing some branching identification keys.  Next time you are out for a walk, ask your budding scientist to give you a guided tour of some common trees...
Friday 5th April
What an amazing end to the Spring Term for our Year 5 & 6 dancers!  After many hours of practice, the forty-two-strong dance troupe performed their hearts out on Wednesday of this week.  Before leaving for the iconic Sage for the Gateshead Schools' Dance Festival, the children gave each year group a sneak preview of their dance in the school hall; the only problem was that everyone cried for more, and so that's just what they got, with ever-increasing enthusiasm.  Of course, later that day, in one of the most state-of-the-art venues in the World, our stars shone even more brightly than ever, and each one of them made their families, friends and teachers so very proud.  
Friday 15th March
As I'm sure you will have seen, we have had the Key Stage Two yard painted with multi skills markings including a new ball catcher, netball court, football pitch and even a traditional hopscotch. This week the teachers and staff thoroughly enjoyed an evening of training, and we couldn't wait to put this into action. Luckily, the weather was settled and we were able to have a very active maths session on the hopscotch markings. The children did addition, subtraction and it became incredibly competitive when the times tables competition began! It is clear that all those hours on Times Tables Rockstars have greatly improved the children's times tables knowledge! Keep it up, well done everyone!
Friday 8th March
The children all looked amazing in their World Book Day costumes. There were some incredible costumes and some ideas I would never have thought of myself. A great day was had by all and the children had plenty of giggles at the teachers' strange looking costumes too.
Friday 1st March
What incredibly passionate pupils we have at our school! For our 'Emmaville Goes Green' enrichment week, we have been raising awareness of the negative impact we can have on our environment. We learnt about the current issue of microplastics and how they are polluting our water systems. Due to their passion and concern about eradicating plastic pollution, the children wrote persuasive letters to our Prime Minister demanding that she acts on this issue immediately and not in 2042, which she previously stated.
Alongside this work, we have been getting creative with materials and have produced our very own class upcycled masterpiece. I'm sure you will agree that Rio's denim patchwork, revamped suitcase is amazing and will hopefully be used for many years to come.
Well done Rio, great teamwork and what a fantastic week we've had!

Friday 8th February

This week in computing, we have been furthering our digital literacy skills using Microsoft Excel to calculate the cost of a week’s worth of evening meals, keeping to a budget of £50. We were set the challenge of researching, planning and budgeting for five healthy meals, using the 'Eat Well Plate' as recommended by the government. We were amazed at how many ingredients we could buy if we looked around for the best deals, using our maths skills. We used online grocery sites, to find the cost of each item and inserted this data into an Excel sheet. Using the correct formulas, we used addition, subtraction and multiplication to find the total cost of the items. It was so much fun and Miss Woolard was incredibly proud of our resilience and teamwork. We really are savvy shoppers now!

Friday 25th January

We’ve now had three weeks of Gymnastics coaching with Rachel Troke from Grassroots and we have amazed ourselves at how much we have learnt already. This week we learnt how to do a backwards roll; it was tricky but we didn’t give up. To Miss Woolard’s surprise, we have started to learn how to do a headstand, we’re going to improve it even further next week.

“I can’t wait until we do it next week, I love every part of it,” Daniel aged 10.

Friday 18th January
Science went off with a 'bang', a few screams and laughter this week! We designed our own experiment on our new topic 'Forces'. We worked in groups to identify the independent and dependent variables and how to make our test fair by using controlled variables. We designed an experiment to investigate when happens to the time it takes for a film canister to pop when we change certain variables. We used a denture tablet containing detergent powder, dried citric acid and sodium bicarbonate powder and added pipettes of water to it, then concealed it inside a film canister. Due to the chemical reaction, the pressure built up inside the film canister and after a couple of minutes released with a 'pop'. It was very exciting because we had to identify the risks and therefore, we wore safety goggles to protect our eyes. We loved it!
Friday 11th January 2019
Friday 21st December
An Aboriginal artclass with Sandy
It was time to say goodbye to one our pupils, Sandy, who was returning to Australia after a year at our school. Before he went, we were treat to an Australian afternoon of artwork, as he taught everyone about the origins of 'Aboriginal' art and everyone used the skills, techniques and native australian animal designs to create their own piece of aboriginal style artwork. Thank you so much for a fantastic afternoon Sandy, you were an excellent teacher!

Friday 7th December

‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’

We really are starting to feel very Christmassy after watching both the Reception’s Christmas Nativity and the feel-good play ‘Lights, Camel, Action’ by our very talented Key Stage One children. This week, the children took part in a Christmas themed Prayer Space session where we talked about the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of looking out for one another. The children enjoyed the different stations including a debate about which items they would choose to survive the journey to Bethlehem. The children considered how this relates to refugees and the tough conditions they may face. There were many other activities the children enjoyed; creating their own angels out of playdough, thinking about their hopes and dreams for the future and having the chance to say sorry to someone or for something. After researching and presenting information on the famous author Charles Dickens, the children are very much looking forward to their Theatre visit to see ‘A Christmas Carol’ at the Northern Stage.

Friday 30th November
Our enrichment week has been amazing! Working in company teams, we had to research, design, plan and create an app that could be sold in today's market. We look at the Unique Selling Points (USP) of our apps and created a scripted advert to pitch to the class. We were so excited as we used the green screen to add scenery to our adverts. Here are our adverts, enjoy!

Friday 23rd November
Following on from our previous lessons in PSHE where we watched the short film of 'The Butterfly Circus' and had a discussion about diversity and equality; this week we have had a fascinating debate about 'What makes you successful?'. What a fantastic lesson we had with Miss Norman and Miss Wood (our Northumbria trainee teachers), they were so impressed with the discussions and debates between the children. 
The children had to prioritise the following qualities: drive, skill, a positive attidtude, resilience, self-reliance, confidence, enthusiasm, positive image and money. They then had to come to a group decision as to which they felt were the most important qualities in order to be successful and argue their reasons why, giving examples from their own llives. We we were so impressed with their attitudes and maturirty when debating as a class. Well done Rio!
Friday 16th November
The children have an wealth of knowledge about The World War One now and have recently been understanding the fear and terror that soldiers faced during their time on the frontline. The children produced some superb pieces of short burst writing around the title 'Going Over the Top', using the writing technique of show not tell to describe how the soldiers would have been feeling through their bodies' natural instincts and reactions. I am very proud of all of their internal monologues but here are a few I would like to share with you.
As I peered over the top, I saw my brothers shaking in agony, we all obviously knew our fate. Feeling my heart beating I whisper-shouted my last prayer God. I seethingly glared at my officer like he was a monster. He shouted "Five more minutes boys!" All that I knew now was that these last five minutes would be the longest five minutes of my life. He shouted more boldly now "Let's go boys...you all know the consequences!" My heart stopped. The first of my brothers peered over the top... he fell back down; sanguine ooze pouring out of his forehead. We all stared aghast at the corpse. The officer shot into the air, reminding us we were here to serve justice. The next man ran out and one by one we all went, I was the last. I began to wonder, If my brothers die, why shouldn't I? The officer shouted at me, my muscles tightened. I began to climb... It was chaos, my brother's blood gushed out everywhere. I started to breathe heavier, was this the end?
By Hugo P (Year 6)
Fighting back the tears, I was crouching anxiously in the trench walls, waiting nervously to go into battle! As I peered over the top, I could see my brothers' sanguine carcasses lying on the battlefield. The other soldiers didn't make it, so why should I? Breathing rapidly, my hands went numb and my muscles tightened. I then realised my life was nearly over. I took a deep breath and ran onto the battlefield. This was it!
By Harry F (Year 6)
Friday 9th November
Our World War One topic continued this week with an incredible visit to The Discovery Museum and Alphabetti Theatre to experience what life would have been like for the brave soldiers living and fighting in the trenches and discover the hidden heroes of the war; the millions of animals who were crucial to the day to day lives of the soldiers. The children took part in a drama workshop focussed around the roles the animals played in the trenches, a treasure hunt activity around the 'Charge!' exhibition, becoming a soldier in a replica trench and even having a private showing of 'Walter' (a short play about a Geordie carrier pigeon's life as a messenger in the war) written by Steve Bryan and directed by Ali Pritchard. The day has inspired the children to carry out their own research into the many animals who served during The First World War.
Friday 2nd November
We've had a fantastic and very exciting first week back in Rio class which saw us launch out topic for the half term 'World War One'. This is particularly poignant with it being 100 years since the First World War ended in 1918. We were incredibly lucky to look at primary sources from 1914-1918 and even read some diary entries which had been sent from local soldiers during their time in the trenches. A special thank you to Mick and his colleagues from Ryton and District War Memorial Project who kindly brought in a selection of artefacts including The Queen Mary tin, War insignia such as The 1914 Star, Brodie helmets, shells and shrapnel to name just a few of the items. We are very excited about our upcoming educational visit to The Discovery Museum to continue our topic. 
Friday 12th October
What a fantastic week it has been! We were invited to Glasgow and Edinburgh to listen to the children read their innovated story maps, which they did with such enthusiasm! In return, we were visited by the Year 1 children to listen to our own stories, I am so proud of the innovated stories the children in Rio have produced this week. They have spent a long time becoming experts in their chosen settings by carrying out research and then collating this to plan their own stories creating a tense atmosphere. After all of their hard work, it was wonderful for them to share their stories with the younger children in Edinburgh class, who thoroughly enjoyed lsitening to them. Next week, we will be writing the next chapter of our stories independently and I can't wait to see what they produce!
Friday 28th September
This half term in Computing we have been learning about E-Safety. So far, we have learnt how to be a 'good digital citizen' by being respectful, responsible and safe online. Following on from this, we spent some time reflecting on our own 'digital footprint which is the traces of our own digital activity. We discussed how we can create a positive digital footprint for ourselves. To complete this unit, we used our digital literacy skills, using Microsoft Word and our research skills to create our own E-Safety posters to encourage all of the pupils in Emmaville Primary School to be safe online.

Friday 21st September

This week in Art, we have been working on the next stage of our Shang Dynasty inspired blossom paintings. We learnt how to use controlled breathing techniques to create a branch effect, using a short straw and thinned paint. It was more difficult than it first looked but we kept on practicing and used our growth mindset to improve our paintings each time. I’m sure you will agree that they are all unique and look very effective. Hopefully we will be able to share our finished pieces in the next few weeks.

Friday 14th September
We had a fantastic time at Durham Oriental museum this week, learning all about the Shang Dynasty and where it stands in history in relation to other periods we have studied.  We were able to use our investigative skills to find out things that had happened in ancient China through some of the artefacts we studied.  The staff at the museum were very complementary of the behaviour of our lovely Emmaville children.  What an excellent kick start for our new topic.