Emmaville Primary School

Scotland Yr 1

Welcome to the Scotland Year 1 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Friday 17th January
This half term, Scotland class are learning all about different gymnastic moves with Rachel Troke. She comes to our class every Thursday morning to teach us.
We always start with a good warm up and we play lots of fun games to get our bodies moving. One of our favourites is when we have to pretend that the mats are made of lava and we are not allowed to touch them at all as we move around the hall space.
We have been learning some gymnastic words to describe our movements. We are very good at sitting in a tuck position and a pike position.
We are learning lots of different types of rolls. We have done log rolls, pike rolls and teddy bear rolls.
It is such a lovely way to start our day on a Thursday, by keeping fit and having lots of fun!
Friday 10th January
Happy New Year everyone! In Scotland we have had a very busy start to the year 2020. It has been all go! All the children in the class have come back full of beans and full of excitement about their Christmas holidays. It has been lovely to have some circle times to talk about everything they have done and find out about the presents they received.
Our Jigsaw theme is learning all about our Dreams and Goals. Throughout the week we have have talked about what these might be and the answers were very interesting. A lot of the children want to be footballers - so we need to have our eyes on the Premier League for our future footy stars. Some children wanted to be ballerinas and others wanted to be Doctors, nurses and vets. We talked about they might need to do to reach their goals.
Every child in Scotland class has made their own treasure chest which has then been filled with success coins. It was really lovely to have lots of conversations with the children about what they think they are successful at.
I have a very amazing and successful group of children. Well done Scotland! A great start to the new year.
Tuesday 17th December
We have had the best time this morning at Gibside. We went on a Reindeer Trail. Rob, our guide, told us how Mrs Claus had been flying over Gibside when she dropped all the sacks containing the reindeer food so he asked if we could help to find them. 
We started in the walled garden where we found Elfie who was going to help us. First, we found Dasher's sack and we had to sing Jingle Bells. We all had a turn at shaking the bells as we sang very enthusiastically! I think Mrs Claus herself might've heard in the North Pole!
After that we went in to the garden to touch and smell all the herbs that we might find on our Christmas dinner. 
We enjoyed searching for all of the sacks and completing the different activities that they contained. We even had to sing in German. We learnt that 'tannenbaum' was the German word for Christmas tree.
The best sack find of all was when we found Rudolph. His sack was waiting for us in a woodland clearing where we got to toast yummy marshmallows over a fire. It was really exciting.
I liked roasting marshmallows. Bea
I liked singing O Tannenbaum. Maisy
I liked having the chocolate. Lexie
I liked searching for the bags. Grace
I liked seeing the pictures on the back of the cards. Theo
I liked the bit when I toasted my marshamllows. Molly
Wednesday 11th December
In History this week we have been finding a significant person from the past. Linked to our Geography work about The Lake District we found out some interesting facts about the author and illustrator Beatrix Potter.
Many of the children in class already recognised her name and were aware of her fabulous stories.
We found out that she spent most of her life living in The Lake District. This gave us a fantastic opportunity to remember what we had learnt about this part of the United Kingdom. 
Scotland class found out that she was born in London in 1866 and she died in 1943. The children were then able to work out where she would be placed on our class timeline about other historical people and events. Beatrix Potter used to come to the Lake District on holiday when she was a child. She loved the animals so much that these inspired her stories.
The children in Scotland could name many of the story characters - such as - Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin, Jemima Puddleduck and Jeremy Fisher.
On Friday we are going to look more closely at the story of Peter Rabbit. We cannot wait!
Monday 2nd December
Every term we are really lucky to be visited by people from the local churches who lead Prayer Space sessions with the children. This morning we had the opportunity to find out more about The Christmas Story and what happened before and after it. The children were able to talk about the story and then compete some practical activities. Making angels was a particular favourite!
The children in Scotland impressed one of the leaders when they had to talk about what they would take with them if they became refugees like Jesus was in the Christmas Story. It was very interesting to see what the children would take with them from a selection of items on the table. This led to some very interesting conversations about what was important to them.
I was very proud of the fantastic listening and discussions that arose from this session. 
Friday 29th November
We were really lucky this week to have a visit from the Gateshead Schools Music workshop team. Scotland class joined the rest of Key Stage One to sing and dance to a magical, musical morning filed with amazing Disney themed songs. Here is what some of the children had to say about their musical morning...
I liked scraping the guiro. Ethan
I loved playing the Djembe drums. Thomas
We pretended to be dwarves and wore funny hats. Owen and Daniel
We danced to the Mary Poppins song. Maisy and George
I loved singing 'Let it go.' Marnie
The whole class were amazing at singing 'Shotgun.' I think George Ezra had better watch out!
Well done Scotland - you're singing was super!
Friday 22nd November.
This afternoon in Science we have learnt all about our sense of smell. We smelt things and thought about whether we liked the smell or not. We had to smell six different things in pots. We could not see what was in the pot so we could only use our sense of smell. We thought it was hard to identify the things without being able to see them.
We liked the smell of shower gel, crisps and washing powder. Some of us liked the smell of the coffee, but most of us didn't like the smell of vinegar or the hot curry powder! 
We are going to keep smelling different things at home. We are amazing scientists!
Well done Scotland.
Friday 15th November
In Geography this week we looked at the Spanish capital city of Madrid. We learnt lots of interesting facts about it being the highest capital city in Europe as well as all the interesting facts about art galleries and lovely parks. We looked at the Royal Palace and found out that the King of Spain was called Felipe.
As geographers we looked at the man-made and physical features of the city. We identified these features using our atlases and Google Earth.
Following this learning we had fun making and tasting some Spanish tapas called Pan con tomate. The children in Scotland had mixed thoughts about the taste!
Wednesday 7th November.
In Computing this week, the children all had the opportunity to use the new ipads. One of our words of the week in computing was 'search.'  As a class we discussed what that word meant when linked to computers. With their work partners, the children used Safari to go onto the internet and were able to use the search engine to find out more facts about Florence Nightingale because they are learning about her in History. The children really enjoyed carrying out some more research about her using the internet. They found out quite a few more facts that they then shared with each other.
Our other computing task was to learn more about how to use our laptop computers to develop our word processing skills. The children were able to use the words, keyboard, track pad, space bar, enter key and Caps Lock. We talked about what each of these words meant and what would happen when we used them on the computer.
The children were able to type their name, their age and write about a hobby or something they liked to do. They then printed their writing.
All of the children did a fantastic job using the computers to word process and search for specific information. Well done Scotland!
Wednesday 30th October
As part of our Geography curriculum we have been learning all about Stonehenge this week. We wanted to investigate the place and ask questions about the monument itself and its surrounding geographical features. We wanted to find out about where it was and why it was there.We looked at Google Earth to find Stonehenge then we used an atlas to find the area on our maps of the UK. 
The children in class had lots of good ideas about how it had been built. As you will see from the photos we even tried to think about ways that we would move the enormous stones using rollers. 
With our friends from England class we went outside to re-create Stonehenge using our bodies. We knew we needed lots of people to make all of the stones!
Scotland class were able to learn so many facts about the famous stone circle - even remembering how many years ago it was thought to have been built (5,000) and what is was possibly created for (a temple, a calendar and even a cemetery!)
Maisy and Grace were so inspired by the learning that at playtime they even made their own Stonehenge song up about the circle of stones - earning themselves a place on the Rewards Sheet!
Children used clay to create their own individual Stonehenge - then these were all put together to create a class Stonehenge. The concentration on the faces of the children was amazing as they tried to re-create the stone shapes.
Well done Scotland - a great lesson!
Friday 18th October
This week has been our Enrichment week. We have been learning all about Scotland which is our new class name. We began the week by looking at where Scotland is and identifying it on a map of the UK. All the children were able to use an atlas to find it. We then found out lots of Scottish facts. The children have bombarded anyone who has come into our class with a fact about Morag the monster who lives in Loch Morar, the tallest hedge in the world amongst many others. Their favourite fact to tell is that the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland!
We studied how kilts were made and worn and then made our own family tartans using paper to weave different patterns. The Loch Ness monster was created out of clay and some sentences were written about what we thought Nessie would look like if we saw her.
Food tasting was really good fun. The children were able to try porridge, haggis, oatcakes and shortbread. The most popular food was the shortbread although many children really enjoyed the haggis!
Tissue paper was used to create the Saltire - the Scottish flag after we learnt all about St. Andrew the patron Saint of Scotland.
Our week has been packed full of exciting and interesting activities all about Scotland - I think Scotland class are experts on their country now! They certainly deserve a lovely half term rest after such a busy week!
Thursday 10th October
As part of our RE curriculum in Year One we have learning about the Christian story of Creation. We talked a lot about what we knew already about the word creation. Following our discussion we watched an animation to show us what God did on each of the seven days. We enjoyed the story so much we decided to make our own creation models using clay. 
We worked with our work partner to talk about the different things that Christians believe that God created and then we thought about how we could mould them in clay. We made lions, dinosaurs, flowers and trees and even the sun!
Can you spot any of these things in our photos?
Wednesday 9th October
We have been learning about what is the difference between emails and blogs. We sent an email to the other Year One class, England. They sent an email back to us. We liked the binging sound that the notification made to let us know there was an email to be read.
An email is a letter sent on the computer or phone. A blog keeps people up to date with what you have been doing.
We have written a blog this afternoon to tell you what Scotland class have been up to!
Written by Scotland class.
Friday 4th October
As part of our Memories, memories, memories topic we have been making memory bags to keep some of our precious memories in.
First we looked at a memory box to see what sort of things might be kept in one. Then we began our design process. We were all given a colourful paper bag that needed to have its appearance improved. The children were shown some resources that they could use in this design task. They all had to think carefully about what materials they would need.
After that the fun really began as feathers, sequins, glue and a host of other materials were used to create their wonderful memory bags.
Following the task the children were asked to evaluate their finished product to think about what they might do if they were to do the task again.
These bags will be filled withe children's memories next week. I can't wait to see what goes inside!
Well done everyone!
Friday 27th September
As part of our Primary Writing Project work, we have been learning The Squeaky Story. As a class we have created some actions to go alongside the PWP ones to help us to remember the different parts of the story. We have been learning this at home too with our grown-ups so we are expert story-tellers now!
This week was our innovation week. This meant that we used the core of the story but changed certain sections.
There were so many brilliant ideas it was difficult to fit them all in - but eventually we agreed on new animals to be included in our story. Next week will be our writing week and I can't wait to see the fantastic stories that we will produce! 
Well done Glasgow - another awesome week!
Thursday 19th September
This week in Glasgow part of our art and PSHE work has been to talk and think about the different people in our lives who are important to us. We had a really good chat about who are important people are.
My little brother Peter - James              My Jake, because I look after him - Ailsa
My Mum and Dad - Mila                        Mummy - Bea
Ellie, my little sister - Nathan                 Dad, when he goes in his shop - Johnjo
My baby - Owen                                    My little brother Thomas - Grace
We then had lots of fun using the paints to make our important people portraits. All of the children really enjoyed this activity and their portraits are fantastic!
Friday 13th September
This week in Glasgow, we started to learn all about 'Good deed beads.' These are shiny, sparkly, colourful beads that are given to the children when they have done a good deed for someone.
We all talked with our work partners to think about what a good deed might be. We agreed that it might be helping a friend if they were sad, helping someone if they fell over or even helping a friend to find something that they might have lost.
We had so many good ideas of how we could possibly collect a good deed bead. Our pot already has lots of colourful beads inside. We are looking forward to a little treat when we collect all of the beads! 
What a kind lot you are Glasgow!
I got mine for helping someone on the wooden structure.
I got mine for helping my friend when she fell over.
Friday 6th September
Wow! Welcome to Year One everyone. it has been such a busy first week back - getting to know 30 new names and to recognise 30 new smiling faces! 
All of the children in Glasgow have settled in really well. It is such a big transition for them to come to a new class, new teachers and lots of new routines. Everyone has done amazingly well!
We have played lots of getting to know you games and have learnt many of the new routines. The most important of course is how to get to the dinner hall from our new class!
Another popular activity has been listening to our music of the week which has been acapella. We were amazed by the sounds that Pentatonix can make using their bodies and their voices.
A huge well done to all the boys and girls in Glasgow - I can't wait for the rest of our year!