Emmaville Primary School

Scotland Yr 1

Welcome to the Scotland Year 1 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Friday 27th November
On Wednesday afternoon we learned about the artist Joan Miro. We found out that he was from Spain. We really enjoyed looking at some of his sculptures, paintings and drawings. We looked at how we thought that he might have made some of his pictures. We thought we would like to make some of own own pictures using colour pencils and pencils.
As you can see from the selection of work in the picture below we were amazing!
He was from Spain. Ella P
He drew some nice pictures. Molly
He used blue, yellow, red, green and black.  Isla
He drew lines with spots on at the end. Amelia
He drew stars. Cub
He drew patterns. Holly
Friday 20th November
In Scotland class we love our 'Jigsaw' lessons. It is an opportunity each week to be able to come together and talk. We cover lots of different learning over the course of the year but at the moment we are learning about how we are the same and how we are different.
Last week we made a gingerbread person that looked like us. We then designed a top for 'us' that contains all the things that we could think of that made us the same as someone else.
Jigsaw Jack has been talking to us about differences this week. We came up with so many ideas of what set us apart from our friends in Scoltand class.
Joshua said we were all different heights.
Isla said that her friend had freckles but that she didn't.
Rowan said that he had adult teeth but his friend didn't have any yet.
It was great to talk about our differences and celebrate them. 
Well done Scotland another super week!
Friday 13th November
We have had an amazing week in Scotland.in particular we really enjoyed our Computing lesson this week.
We are learning all about algorithms and how to programme a computer. The computers we used are called Beebots. The children thought that they looked like a lot of fun.
We had to think about what the controls might mean on the top of the Beebot and how these might enable the robot to move. We had to guess how far we thought that the Beebot might move in one forward movement. We then learnt how to programme the Beebot to move forwards to a certain point marked out on the carpet. It was really fun to see how good we were at estimating distance.
We then had to get the Beebot to go through a tunnel. After we had mastered going forward we then had to master getting the Beebot to go forwards and backwards through a tunnel.
We had such a fun afternoon programming out Beebots - we can't wait to see what we are going to with them next!
Super work 'Super Scotland!'
Friday 6th November
This week in Scotland class we have been learning all about Nelson Mandela. We found out some facts about his life and found out why he was such a significant figure.
We really liked the flag of South Africa - 'The Rainbow Nation.'
In our Art lesson, we used our collage skills to cut and tear paper to make the rainbow flag. It was really fun!
Friday 23rd October
Hello everyone. I cannot believe that we are already at half term! The children have settled so well into a new class with all the new routines. I am so very proud of them all. They have all been absolutely amazing. You really are super Scotland!
We wanted to share with you some of our Art work this week. We have been learning about the artist Louise Moillon - a French artist who was born in 1610. We learnt about her life and looked at some of her still life drawing and paintings.
We talked about light and shade and how we could make different marks on paper using just our pencils. We then arranged some fruit on our work tables and did some still life drawings.
We had a really nice time trying to recreate the fruit we could see in front of us.
Well done Scotland class - enjoy a nice rest over half term.
Friday 16th October
We have been working incredibly hard in Maths tasks this week.
We have had to look at ordering numbers from greatest to smallest and then we flipped this around to order numbers from smallest to greatest. We had to be careful not to catch each other out and we had to read the questions carefully.
We used lots of manipulatives to help us with our tasks - counters, cubes, Numicon and tens frames. We found that if we put the numbers on tens frames we could see which were the greatest and smallest numbers more easily.
After that, we learned about Ordinal numbers. We talked about how you might be put in order in a race situation. We practiced our racing at playtime. We also put ourselves in class order and counted the order all the way to 30!
Well done my super Scotland mathmagicians!
Friday 9th October
What another amazing week we have had this week. We have learnt so much! It's hard to believe that the children have been in Year One for such a short time - they are doing so amazingly well.
This week in Geography our focus was all about London. We had a look at where our capital city was using Google earth. We then had a close look using a webcam. Evan commented on how quiet the streets were. He though that this was due to the Coronavirus. The children were able to spot human and physical features of London.
Following this lesson we had lots of fun making an opening London Bridge model using levers. The children investigated how to get their bridge to open using cardboard for the upright towers and then used split pins to make the road raise to let ships pass underneath. Everyone was able to make a working model.
Well done Super Scotland!
Friday 2nd October
This week we have been incredibly busy learning all about how to keep ourselves safe on the internet. We have been looking at how to use websites.
We looked at what we should do if something pops up on our screen that we don't like and that might make us worry. We talked about what we could do to keep ourselves safe. We looked for the home button and the back button on the ipad. Mrs. Lawrence explained that if we saw something we didn't like or a 'pop up' appeared on our screen we could use these buttons to hide the image while we went to get help from our grown up.
We used our class ipads to access a website called Infant Encyclopedia. We talked about things that we might find on this website and played an eye spy game to look for features on the website.
We then played a game where Mrs. Lawrence held up a worried face and when the children saw this they had to use the back button or the home button to hide their screen. 
Everyone in Scotland class was amazing at using these buttons and we all know how to keep ourselves safe on the internet.
Fantastic learning Scotland!
Friday 25th September
Wow! What an amazing week we have had in Year One - it has been so busy! I have been very impressed with how well the children are doing with all of the routines in our class. They have all been amazing!
I would really like to celebrate the work we have done in Science today. In Year One, we have to study seasonal changes. We had a lovely clip of the different seasons to watch and then we were confidently able to identify which season was being shown. We were so good with our seasons work that Miss Armstrong was able to ask us some tricky questions in our virtual assembly this afternoon about the seasons and we got the answers correct!
We are all super scientists and are already looking forward to our science lesson next week.
Well done 'Super Scotland.'
Thursday 17th September
Welcome to our class page that will keep you up to date with all of the things that we have been getting up to in Scotland this year. 
We have had a really busy week settling into our new class and learning all of our new routines. I have to say I have been really impressed by how well all the children have come into Year One. It is a big transition for them, but they are all doing really well.
We have been playing lots of getting to know you games which has been lots of fun! We have made some super soap puppets to help us remember how important it it to keep washing our hands. We have also made a mood monster that has helped us to talk a lot about our feelings during these tricky times. These were all sorts of different colours - we even had some rainbow ones!
Well done on your first week in Year One - I am really looking forward to a great year with our super Scotland class!