Emmaville Primary School

Scotland Yr 1

Friday 24th June
This week, the children in Scotland class have been looking at poetry during our English lessons.
Our focus poem was by the wonderful Julia Donaldson - I opened a book. The children loved the way that she talks about all the different worlds that she meets when she reads a book.
Firstly, we talked about the different story characters and place we had visited in our own reading. We were able to draw some pictures to help with this.
After this, we began to write our poems. Our work partners were a great help to us to edit and check our work and help us when we got stuck!
The finished results were amazing! We are going to practise reading them aloud. One of our Oracy targets for this term is to read from a script. We hope that Mrs Hamilton (Subject leader for Oracy) will enjoy listening to our poems.
Some of the children were so inspired that they wrote their own poems at home! An amazing week with some amazing children!

Thursday 16th June

We had a very exciting time this week learning how to thread a needle and sew!

It was part of our Design and Technology tasks about textiles. We linked this work to learning about Kenya (in Geography) and about the Maasia Shuka fabric.

We learnt that it is a red and blue fabric attached is very hard wearing to protect the Maasia people when they are on the Savannah in Kenya.

We talked about how we would need to use our ‘Growth Mindset’ to thread our needle and learn how to sew a simple running stitch. The children were absolutely amazing! They all managed to thread their needle without any problem at all – young eyes being able to find the needle eye easily. They had a lot of practise at this as they kept pulling their thread all the way out again!

There was definitely evidence of a lot of patience as the children completed their task. There was also a lot of success too. I don’t think we will be sewing our own clothes yet as the Massai do but we are on the way!

Well done Super Scotland for your amazing perseverance and ‘growth mindset!’

Friday 10th June

This week has been so busy in Scotland! We have been working really hard with our phonics skills. What amazing superstars we have all been!

In Maths, we have been learning all about direction and position. We have done this in so many different ways – directing our friends to different places, using grids but our favourite way to use directions was to manoeuvre the DOC robots.

We all used a masking taped grid that the children used to create some directions for the DOC to follow. There was a ‘Start’ square on the grid and the children had to work with their work partner to direct the robot to get to the ‘End’ square.

The children could only use the directions left, right, up and down to move their robot. They used their ‘growth mindset’ to keep going with the challenge until they were successful.

Friday 27th May

We have had an amazing time this week celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee. We have had so much fun designing palaces, logos and crowns as well as finding out a little bit more about the Queen and her 70-year reign.

In Year One we were so lucky to be asked to help with the preparations for the Jubilee party itself. We met ‘Puck’ a servant who worked in the palace and he asked us to help him plan the party for the Queen.

We had to think about all the things the Queen might need for an amazing party. Chocolate cake was deemed to be essential!

Puck asked us to pick a theme for the party. We had to choose from ‘All that glitters,’ ‘The Great Outdoors,’ ‘Red, white and blue’ and ‘Corgis.’ The children thought that ‘Corgis would be the best – so we all made some bunting linked to that theme.

The Queen’ chef Claude Butter also made an appearance to ask us about the food.

Obviously, no party is complete without some funky dance moves and that was our final party task. It was great to see all of the children showcasing their fancy dance moves! The giggles and joy that this brought to their faces was incredible to see.

I think that if Scotland class were able to plan the real Jubilee party, Queen Elizabeth would have the most fantastic time. She would certainly love our dance moves!

Congratulations to all of the children in Scotland for their amazing hard work this half term – especially with phonics. Have a lovely break with your family and friends.

Happy half term everyone!

Friday 20th May
This half term our Science focus has been on 'Plants.'
We have been learning about plants we might find in the 'wild' and plants that we might find in our garden.
We have been on a nature walk around school and the surrounding areas to look at the different types of plants we could see. We were able to make a tally chart to count the plants. The most common ones we saw were the daisy and the dandelion.
This week we have been learning how to label different parts of the plant. In groups the children played a game to look at the different parts of the plant and then go and identify them on a different diagram. The children also learned what each of the different parts of the plant did.
As part of our topic, we also have a class plant. Each week we look at the changes from the previous week. The children are very interested to see what to will grow into - there have been some very interesting guesses so far!

Friday 13th May

This week we have had a great time in our Geography lesson learning all about Sydney in Australia. We had a lovely time imagining what we might see and do if we able to go there on a visit – we did think it might be a bit too far for a ‘school trip!’

We were able to spot lots of different physical and human features as we used Google Earth to have a good look at the city.

On Wednesday, we followed up our learning about Sydney in our Art lesson where we investigated different types of Aboriginal artwork. We found out that there are a lot of dot paintings in the culture. We really liked the idea that the Aboriginal people hid secret messages in their paintings!

As you can see from the photo below, we tried to replicate some of the Aboriginal Art in our own versions of the ‘dot paintings.’ We had a lot of fun using our fingers to make the dots.

Friday 6th May

On Wednesday 4th May, all of the Year One children were invited to Thorp Academy to take part in an Outdoor Sport’s Festival.

We were so excited we couldn’t wait to get there – so after an early lunch – off we went.

When we got to Thorp, the field was full of other Year One children and lots of different Sport’s Leaders. It was great to see so many people there.

Each of our Year One classes were split into 3 different teams and were then taken by the leaders to the starting points.

The Leaders told us what to do at each of the various stations around the field. It was really great fun. It gave us the chance to practise some of the skills we have been learning in our PE lessons.

Here are some of the things the children wanted to say about the afternoon:

I liked football. Ben

I liked throwing because you can get points and be able to win. Seb

My favourite part was trying to throw the beanbag in the hoops. Jaxon

We did rugby. Eden

I enjoyed it! Frankie

I absolutely liked it. Maci

We did throwing beanbags to your partner. Fraser

I liked the obstacle course. Ivy


As you can see from the photos we had the best time!

Friday 29th April

In Music this week, we were developing our work on composition further. We were using tuned instruments to create music.

With our work partner we had two chime bars and had some time to investigate the sounds they made. We talked about the pitch of the instruments and if that would make a difference to our composition.

We then used the 4 x 4 grid to create our music. We talked about using rests in different places on our grids and how we had to count to 4 when we were playing our composition.

Seb was recorded playing his composition - he was very proud of what he had created.

Below are some of the things the children wanted to share about their work:

I went A then a rest. Luke


I played D E then a rest. Hannah


I liked the lesson because I like music. Cressida


I used my Growth Mindset – it was a little bit hard. Niamh


I enjoyed the lesson. Coby


I liked Music because I have a flute. Bella