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South America Year 6

Welcome to the South  America Year 6 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 22nd December
Well... we've made it to the end of term! I just want to say a huge thank you to all of South America, you have made this term an absolute pleasure to teach! They have amazed me with their hard work, maturity and all round delightful-ness all term and I can't wait to see what the rest of the school year has in store. We had such a good time at our Christmas party yesterday, especially with a home made photo booth we borrowed from our friends in Nursery. The children really are a joy, and I wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year! 
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday! 
See you in 2024....
Friday 15th December
Happy Friday everyone! We have had a blast in South America this week with our enrichment week celebrating all things reading. We have had lots of fun exploring different types of books during our book tasting session where the children had 5 minutes only to read a section of a book and see what they liked and didn't like about it. This helped us read some different genres than what we would usually go for, like poetry or non-fiction. We also spent some time designing posters to celebrate new authors of 2023 and their book releases. 
We also - using our homework sheets for this week - created some beautiful artwork detailing everything that we read in a 24 hour period, and it was a lot more than what we first realised! Another lovely activity we have taken part in this week was shared reading. Our class got the opportunity to read with both Year 1 and Nursery this week, and it was a real success. All of the children loved this and found it very calming. We have taken part in Oracy games where we felt the impact of showing someone that you're listening to what they're saying and how important good communication is.
Our favourite task of the week however, has been learning our performance of 'A cover is not a book' from Mary Poppins. The children have absolutely amazed me with their efforts this week, from choreographing dance performances, to solo singers and even knitting and creating costumes for the song. I couldn't be prouder of them all and it was a delight to watch. They were simply incredible!!!
Hope you all have an amazing weekend, only one more week to go.

Friday 8th December
We have had another amazing week here in South America! This week we have had lots of different things happening in school. One of them was having a wonderful prayer space opportunity in the dance studio. We learnt lots about the Christmas story that we didn't already know and did some fun activities linked to the story. 
We have also been lucky enough to have the brilliant author Adam Bushnell working with us today. We have had the best morning getting creative and coming up with some amazing Christmassy themed writing. The children have had so much fun and we are so grateful to Adam for working with us.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Friday 1st December
I can't believe it's the 1st of December! Time really is flying here in South America. I have had the most wonderful week back with the children and missed them so much when I was off. They have been looking after me so well and I can't thank them enough! 
This week we have had lots of excitement, with a visit from local author Dan Smith. He told us all about his crazy life and talked about some of the books that he has written. He even told us a ghost story that had everyone on the edge of their seat. He reminded us of this first book he tried to get published and how it was rejected by every publisher but he didn't let that stop him. He continued working hard and improving his writing and now is a very successful author with over 12 books published. A great show of growth mindset and how important it is not to give up even when things are a little tricky.
I also would like to share some of the AMAZING pieces of writing that the children did in our History lesson about the Battle of Britain. Both Mr Harrison and I were blown away with the quality of the work, all of the technical vocabulary they used and the emotion they had of putting themselves in the cockpit and imaging they were a pilot. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.
Have a lovely weekend everyone! :)

Friday 24th November 2023

Well done South America for working so hard this week. Your work in science was particularly impressive when we were classifying plants (not as easy as it sounds).  Your final piece of writing for your flashback story in English was a joy to read and I have also been thrilled by the quality of your writing.

I imagine your parents will have some very tired children this weekend: on top of a packed week working through our curriculum, the children spent Thursday evening at the Newcastle Vertu Arena performing with other schools at the Decades Concert whilst raising money for local charities.  We could not have been more proud of you all.  You had learnt your part of the medley so well and sounded phenomenal at the event.  You really were a credit to us.

Hope you have plenty of rest and fun this weekend.


Friday 17th November 2023


Well done Year 6 for such a wonderful class assembly this week and thank you to parents for coming to support; I’m sure that they will have been super proud of you. 


The theme of the assembly was about helping others and the children, as well as explaining what they have been up to in Year 6, they also talked about their fundraising efforts for Children in Need, and how fortunate they feel to live the lives they live. 


They have raised over £600 this week for Children in Need by selling raffle tickets and merchandise.  A special thanks needs to go out to James and Lola our School Council members who have collected every morning and helped with the raffle.


Another highlight of the week, and the assembly, has to be the grand unveiling of the sock monkeys that the children have been diligently making all of last term as part of our WWII history topic – make do and mend.  I know that the children were desperate to show them off in assembly and then take them home.  I think the photos below go some way to showing what a wonderful job they did.


I hope you all have a lovely, restful weekend.

Friday 10th November
What a brilliant first week back after the half term! We have had a busy week that has involved lots of singing practice, sewing and orienteering to name a few. Our orienteering trip up to Thorp Academy on Wednesday afternoon was a great success. The children worked together in teams to find checkpoints all over the fields and it was amazing to see their team spirit. The field was rather muddy and we did have a few slips, but it all added to the fun of the afternoon! We have also been doing some activities this week about Remembrance Day and I'm sure the children would love to talk to you about it over the weekend.
Have a lovely weekend everyone! 
Thursday 26th October
Wow, the final week of our first half term - I can't believe it! It really has flown by! I am so proud of all of the children for their fantastic return to school, they have all taken to Year 6 brilliantly! Their writing in particular has blown me away and it fills me with joy getting to read their amazing work. This week has been an exciting one as we had our first visit of the year. We went to the Victoria Tunnel in Newcastle, which brought together our learning in both History, and English. In History this year we have are learning all about World War Two, and in English we have just completed a non-chronological report all about children's lives in the war - I'm sure the children would love to tell you all about it! Going to the tunnel helped us see first hand the experiences of those in the war, and we actually got to meet a real World War Two survivor... it was fantastic! We had a great afternoon, and used it to help us write some phenomenal diary entries the following day. 
I hope you all have a wonderful half term! 
Friday 20th October
Hello everyone, another brilliant week in South America! It's been a cold and windy week, but the children have been amazing. This week, in our Geography lesson we were learning all about The Great Lakes. I won't give too much away, but we all created our own information leaflet about the freshwater phenomenon and learnt so much and I'm sure they will love telling you all about them. I can't believe there is only one more week to go in our first half term of Year 6! Next week we have lot's going on so it will be a lovely end for us all. 
Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Friday 13th October
Well unlucky for some, but a great day here in South America! We have had another lovely week, the children really make me so proud! They have such great growth mindset and their resilience is growing week upon week. This is particularly evident in our sewing project where they work so well together, helping each other and not giving up even when it's tricky. 
Another excellent lesson we have had this week was our Science. This was a difficult lesson about refraction, but they all worked so hard and understood this tricky topic. We watched the video below to help us visualise, and it really helped us to get to grips with refraction. I was so proud of them all and I'm sure they would love to tell you all about it.
Have a brilliant weekend everyone! 
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Friday 6th October
Another busy week here in South America. We have had lots of sports on this week, with members of our class representing Emmaville in both cross country and girls football. I am so proud of you all for the amazing effort you have put in to all of your sporting events. The girls had matches on both Thursday and Friday, and still attacked both days with masses of determination... well done! This week, we have been looking at poetry in our English lessons, as on Thursday it was National Poetry Day. The theme this year was refuge, and we spent lots of time discussing what our refuge was and how it compared to many others that were looking for refuge across the globe, and were less fortunate than ourselves. We each wrote a poem comparing the two, and we had some very powerful messages in our writing. Some of the children performed their poem for the class on Friday and here are some video's of their finished product. 
Well done to everyone, they approached this very sensitive subject with maturity and empathy every day.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Friday 29th September
This week we have been very busy in South America. On Tuesday some of the children took part in a tag rugby tournament at Ryton Rugby Club. We have been having some rugby coaching on a Monday afternoon and this was a great opportunity for them to practise their skills. I was so proud of all of their hard work and determination, especially as this is new sport to so many. Well done guys! 
Also, on Thursday morning we began making our DT project for this half term... our sock monkeys! We have cut out all of the parts we need and next week we will begin to assemble. They look a little strange at the moment but it will all come together over the coming weeks. 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 
Friday 22nd September  
Another fantastic week here in South America! This half term in Science we will be exploring all about light. On Wednesday, we aimed to produce a fair test, investigating how we can manipulate shadows by changing one thing. We decided to change the distance of an opaque object (a glue stick) from a light source (a torch). We all set our experiments up in the same way, aiming to produce similar results to increase the reliability of our results. All of our experiments gave us similar findings, which shows that we can trust them. Hopefully, the class will be able to tell you all about the results and what we found from our investigation. 
If over the weekend you have chance to play with shadows, I would love to see any pictures on Seesaw. 
I hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Friday 15th September
Another brilliant week here in South America! This week, we began some coaching for tag rugby. It was a bit of a drizzly session but we all had fun regardless. Our coach started us off with some games, helping us practise passing using a rugby ball. We split up into teams and worked on this further, all of the children showed excellent teamwork skills and communication and I was so proud of their determination - even during the forfeits! We have our coach in all the way up until half term so hopefully we will see lots of improvements in our rugby skills. 
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 
Friday 8th September
What a brilliant first week back we have had here in South America! I couldn't be happier having this lovely bunch back for their final year at Emmaville! We spent some time learning about our class continent and I'm sure the children will be able to tell you lots of facts about it. On Wednesday, we also got the chance to back some traditional South American biscuits - Alfajores - and they were delicious! We worked together in groups to bake our own batch of biscuits and then once cooled, we spread the delicious caramel in the centre and sandwiched two together.
Thank you for a fantastic week, and I am so looking forward to all of the exciting things we have planned this year.
Have a great weekend everyone! 
Welcome to South America!