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Southern Europe Yr 3

Welcome to the Southern Europe Year 3 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Friday 17th January 2020
Gymnastics with coach Miss Troke
We are very lucky to have Miss Troke come in to school to teach us Gymnastics every Thursday for this half term. Last week we practised the warm up, and this week Reilly and Rose lead the warm up for the whole class! Well done! We have learnt and practised: pike rolls, straddle rolls, forward rolls and dive rolls. As you can see from the photos, we had to do the dive rolls over our partner. It was a little bit nerve-wracking at times! We are improving our skills every week by practising and giving each other feedback and encouragement. We really look forward to Thursday mornings.

Thursday 19th December 2019

Paper Christmas Baubles

Yesterday, we had so much fun making paper baubles with Mrs Richter! We used 4 strips of paper and we made 2 crosses. Then we drew on them. We put the two crosses together and then pulled the strips upwards and joined them together at the top. It needed a lot of concentration or else it would all go wrong! We tied some wool on the top so we could hang the bauble up. I took mine home and hung it on my mum and dad’s door. Some people made more baubles at home. We really enjoyed making them.  

By Zoe

Monday 9th December 2019


Woodhorn Museum


The children had fantastic time on Friday at Woodhorn Museum, as part of our topic about local mining history.


Colliery Tour

They explored original colliery buildings and watched machinery whizz into action. They saw how the shaft was sunk, how the mine was ventilated and how the cage lowered men into the ground safely.


Working Down The Pit

They got dressed for dirty work down the coal mine where they crawled through tunnels.  They discovered the tools that helped keep the miners safe underground and found out what it was like to bend their back digging for coal.


The Art of Mining

The children were inspired by the paintings of the Ashington Group, also known as the Pitmen Painters, and had a go at recreating some of their best loved work. The workshop introduced the pupils to some of the techniques used to create the paintings, including perspective, light and dark and details.


Friday 29th November 2019
WARNING! If your child offers to make some sandwiches for lunch this weekend, don't let them! I'm really quite worried about their revolting ideas!!!
These two have been chosen to be displayed on the Writer of the Month board outside Miss Armstrong's office.

How To Make A Revolting Sandwich by George


Sandwiches are a tasty staple for a party or a picnic, but this version has a revolting twist. Whether you are playing a prank on an annoying sibling or a wicked queen, this recipe should do the trick!



  •         2 slices of mouldy bread
  •         2 handfuls of poop
  •         1 sprinkle of witches toe nails
  •         3 ladles of creepy crawlies
  •         2 smelly socks
  •         1 ladle of ogre bogies
  •         1 eye ball




  1.     First, take your 2 slices of smelly, mouldy bread and put them side by side on a plate.
  2.    Next, carefully spread your smelly dog poop on your bread.
  3.    Then, sprinkle a handful of witches toe nails on top of the dog poop.
  4.    After that, add 6 dead creepy crawlies.
  5.    Then, put on 1 stinky smelly sock.
  6.    Then, put your other slice of bread on top.
  7.    Then, take your eye ball and dip it in some ogre snot and put it gently on top.


I hope it does the trick!!!


How to Make A Revolting Sandwich by Maia


Sandwiches are normally a tasty snack for a packed lunch, a party or even a picnic, but this one takes a horrible twist. Whether you’re playing a trick on an annoying sibling or a bossy queen, this will do the trick!




  •         1 slippery raw egg with crushed shell
  •         3 bowls of rotten toilet water
  •         2 balls of cat fur
  •         4 pieces of dry bacon
  •         2 slices of mouldy bread




  1.     First, put one slice of smelly mouldy bread on your dirty plate, then get another dirty plate and put the other slice on it.
  2.    Then, spread 3 cracked raw eggs with crushed shell on your bread.
  3.    After that, put the rotten cat fur balls around the edge and in the middle.
  4.    Next, put 3 pieces of rusty old metal on top of the cat fur balls.
  5.    Next, add some really dirty toilet water and put it in the gaps between the metal.
  6.    Now get your slices of dry bacon and put it on the metal and toilet water.
  7.    After that, put your last piece of smelly, mouldy bread on top.
  8.    Finally, cut your delicious sandwiches into triangles.


I hope they hate it!

Friday 22nd November 2019
Class Assembly - JUST ONE TREE
Well done guys for saying your lines so well and being so confident for our class assembly. You shared with everyone some really important facts about the planet and how our non-uniform day and your £1 donations will help to combat climate change by planting a tree. JUST ONE TREE, JUST ONE POUND, JUST ONE PLANET.
You were fantastic! I was very proud of you all! You have been given 25 marbles for the jar!

Friday 15th November
We learnt about Remembrance Day this week and created these beautiful poppy paintings using water colour paint and fine paint brushes.
Friday 15th November 2019
Here we are practising our football skills with Mr Elliott.
Friday 8th November 2019
Why We LOVE Reading...

It is one of your best opportunities to learn. Rose


If you wanted to go somewhere, but you couldn’t go, you could go there in a book. Amelia G


Reading is fun! Joseph


I like reading because it makes me happy. Jonny


You learn new vocabulary and you become more fluent. Lily


I love to read because it helps you to learn. Billy Joe


Even if you don’t think you’ll need reading for your job, you still need to learn to read because otherwise you might not understand other people. Ivy


It makes me think I’m inside the book. Mason


If you don’t know how to read, you don’t know how to spell. James


When I go to bed my mum reads me some stories and it’s always nice because it helps me to be calm and have nice dreams. Matthew


Before I go to bed I read a book because I really like reading books. Annabel

Reading can take you far, far away. Roo


I like reading because it is fun. Billytom


I like reading because I can go to a different world. Noah


Reading makes me very, very happy. Jessie


I like reading because I can find out about fun places to go. Dylan


Books are just different worlds waiting to be opened. Amelia H


I love reading! Sophia


Reading is dreaming without being asleep. Maia


Reading is magic. Loic


If you read, your imagination will grow. Isaiah


If you read, your imagination can go anywhere. Zoe


If you have a game, books can tell you how to play it. Reilly


Read and see where it takes you. Roxi


I like reading because it helps me calm down and sometimes it helps me go to sleep. Rachel


You need to be able to read to follow instructions. Georgia


Reading makes me quiet and calm. Edward


I love reading information books so that I can learn new things. Stephen


A book is just a new world waiting to be opened. Louie


I like to read at bed-time because it helps me get to sleep. Isaac


I like to be read to at night time in my pyjamas, snuggled in bed. George

Thursday 31st October 2019
Science - Forces and Magnets
We had great fun this afternoon exploring different forces. The children had a selection of objects on their tables and explored how they could apply force to these objects in different ways. Take a look at the concentration on Matthew's face as he tried to squash the Blu Tak! Next, we discussed what we had done to each object and created a word bank. Then we decided whether each word should go under the heading push or pull. Afterwards the children drew diagrams to show the force they used and added force arrows. Then they wrote a sentence for each one using science words. Everyone enjoyed it and worked super hard. I was really impressed with their understanding. Amazing work today guys!
Friday 18th October 2019
Country, Capital City, Flag
The children really enjoyed using our wonderful new atlases to find the countries of Southern Europe on the map. They used the map key to find the capital city of each country and found the flag images too. You could almost feel the concentration in the classroom when the children were completing their grids. Some children even wanted to carry on during wet play! The results were superb! Well done Southern Europe!

Friday 18th October 2019


This week we were very lucky to have a visit from the author Adam Bushnell. He worked with us in class and we each created and described a monster and a hero. After we had written our descriptions, he came back to our class again and we wrote a battle scene between our monster and our hero. What super writing! Here are some of them:-


The Battle by Annabel

At that very moment, Wondereus threw her boomerang headband but she missed. Then she saw its sharp, sharp teeth. She was shaken, but said “I’m still not scared of you!” With one slice of her boomerang the monster fell down dead!


 The Battle by Zoe

Wasting no time, the hyper monster shot out smoke from its nose. Almost at once, Mollyeus stepped forward and spun her marvellous mace in the air. As soon as she spoke, the monster stung her with his bee stinger. Mollyeus said “You are going to die!” The monster said “Really?” Mollyeus drew her sword and said “Ding!” The monster shot out fire from his human feet. The hero Mollyeus took a deep breath. As quick as a wink the monster stole Mollyeus’ sword and chopped off her head!


The Battle by Amelia

At once, Amelia took her sword out and hit the monster. Suddenly, the monster tangled her in his tongue. Instantly, Amelia wrapped her hook around the monster. In the end, Amelia took her glitter bow and killed the monster with it.


Friday 11th October 2019
Rainforest Animal Fact Files
The children learnt about the different layers of the rainforest: emergent layer, canopy, understory and forest floor. They researched facts about the different animals that live there including what they eat, their appearance, which layer they live in and other interesting facts. Then they created wonderful fact files. What beautiful presentation! I am so impressed!
Friday 27th September
As part of our Rainforests topic, we have been learning about some of the animals that live in the different layers of the rainforest. In Art, we used chalk pastels on black paper to create these wonderful images. Wow! Didn't they do well!
Friday 20th September
In Science we have been learning about plants. This week we dissected a flower and learnt about all the different parts and what they do. We learnt about pollination and fertilization. The children worked very carefully so that they didn't break the different parts of the flower. They thoroughly enjoyed this lesson!
Friday 13th September
We have learnt about the city of Kuala Lumpur this week. We found out why people might like to visit the city and learnt about some of the famous buildings there. We also learnt about different communities of people that live there and consequently the wide variety of delicious food that visitors to the city might like to try. There were lots of tummies rumbling! Unfortunately, we weren't able to visit and be back in time for the end of the day. I was so impressed with the children's concentration when they did these beautiful pen drawings of some of the city's landmarks. Wow! Well done! We have some amazing artists in this class.