Emmaville Primary School

Southern Europe Yr 3

Welcome to the Southern Europe Year 3 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Thursday 1st April
What a lovely afternoon we've had. It was our Easter party and the children were so excited. We played musical statues, Easter corners, musical bumps, pass the parcel and ate Easter cake and had a drink. We also had fun with a unicorn pinata! Our unicorn was very strong and wouldn't spill its sweets for ages! We had loads of turns at giving it a bash, with great determination on our faces, and it was lovely to hear the children cheering each other on.
As the party finished, the children were so grateful and lots of them came to say thank you for the afternoon. What super polite children you are!
I hope you all have a very HAPPY EASTER!
Friday 26th March
Pedestrian Training
For the past two weeks, Southern Europe class have been doing pedestrian training. They have learnt all about the Green Cross Code - Stop, Look, Listen, Think. On Wednesday, they learnt how to cross a road safely at a T-junction. Have a look at the photos below to see how we did. Super crossing Southern Europe!
Friday 19th March
The children in Southern Europe have been absolute superstars this week. They have really settled back into school well. I wanted to celebrate their confidence this week as they have really shown how keen they are to answer questions and share their ideas.
In English, they have used their imagination to think about an object they might find on a beach. There were no restrictions, it could be anything, and their ideas have absolutely blown me away! We have had everything from the egg of a mystery creature, flying carpets that could take you anywhere (I think we could all do with one of those at the moment!) and magical flowers that could grant any wish. I can't wait to see the stories they create with these objects next week.
Well done Southern Europe. I look forward to seeing you next week.
Mrs Brynleydottir (the kids will explain!)
Friday 12th March
It's been SO lovely to have the children back in school and they have been absolutely delightful!
We have had a lovely week sharing how lockdown has been for us and writing a poem about it, making wonderful wellbeing book marks and generally enjoying time with our friends. It has been lovely to hear the gentle buzz of conversation when we have been carrying out creative activities or solving puzzles together. 
One of our activities this week was a follow up to last week's BALTIC virtual workshop. We folded, creased, cut, scrunched, rolled and joined paper in many different ways to make paper sculptures. The children wanted to share this so I've attached the photos.
When I asked the children what their favourite thing this week was, one child said how kind everyone had been to each other! Isn't that lovely!
Thursday 17th December
D & T - Christmas Cushions
The children have really enjoyed making their Christmas cushions this week. They learnt how to thread a needle, tie a knot and finish off their stitching. I was really impressed with the children's perseverance as this was not an easy task. The end results were fantastic and they were really proud of what they had made. Well done everyone!
Please see the below for more of this week's Christmas activities.
Thursday 17th December
Even more Christmas fun!
What a week it's been so far! We watched Sleeping Beauty (a virtual pantomime), made Christmas cards and have had our Christmas party this afternoon. You can see what fun we have had from the photos below!
And it's not over yet. We can't wait for tomorrow's live stream of The Emperor's New Clothes!
Friday 11th December 2020
Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Lunch
What a wonderful Christmassy time we have had this week! On Thursday it was Christmas jumper day and it was so lovely to see all of the children dressed up in their colourful Christmas jumpers. It was also Christmas lunch for the children, and I must applaud them for their impeccable manners. They waited patiently until their food arrived and then were so polite with their pleases and thank yous as the food was served. I am very proud of you all! As you can see from the photos a fantastic time was had by all.
Naughty Elf!
The children wanted me to mention what our naughty class elf has been up to this week. First of all he escaped from quarantine, leaving a note for us to decipher. Then he took our kindness stars off the tree and hid with them in the flowers. Next he managed to take some of our lollies. This morning was his worst trick so far. He covered our Christmas tree in toilet paper and sat on the top of it like the fairy on the top of the tree. What a naughty elf we have in Southern Europe! I do hope he behaves himself over the weekend.
Monday 7th December
This morning we watched a virtual Open the Book assembly. It was a lovely assembly about the Christmas Story put together by the Open the Book team. The children really enjoyed it. After the assembly I was so impressed with the gratitude and appreciation that the children showed for this. They said they were very grateful that the team had put this together for them and that they appreciated that they had given up there own time to do this. One of the children said that it must have taken them a long time to make the video for us to watch. They wanted to say a huge 'THANK YOU' to the Open the Book team. Well done Southern Europe, you really have taken on board our whole school theme of Appreciation!
Friday 27th November
Reading, Reading, Reading
I have been so impressed with the children's enthusiasm for reading this week. They are all working really hard and thoroughly enjoying their books. I have been particularly pleased with the number of children getting 100% correct in their Accelerated Reader quizzes. Lots of children are now also reading books on MyON at home. Well done Southern Europe. You are all super stars!

Friday 20th November

 Well, we have so much to share and celebrate this week! 

Leaf sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy

Have a look at the photos below to see us making our leaf art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. We learnt all about him last week and used our sketch books to comment on his work, make notes and create some ideas of our own. Today, we collected leaves and created our leaf sculptures. We witnessed nature changing our sculptures as the wind started to blow the leaves around. We had learnt that this is what Andy does with his sculptures, keeping them in place he makes them to see how nature changes them.


Virtual Poetry Workshop with poet Matt Goodfellow

We enjoyed listening to Matt read some of his poems and tell us where he got his inspiration from. Then we created our own poems based on the sights and sounds inside and outside the classroom.


Times Table Rock Stars – Top of the leader board

Congratulations to Libby and Riley who got a first prize trophy and second prize medal respectively. Well done for all your times table practice!


Christmas Card Competition

Well done everyone for entering the Christmas Card competition set by Liz Twist to design her Christmas Card. Again, well done Riley. It’s been a great week for you! Yours has been put forward as our class entry.


Friday 13th November 2020
Bake Off Competition for Children In Need
And the winner is...Gabriel!
Congratulations Gabriel for your delicious looking Norwegian Apple Cinnamon Cake! It's making me SO hungry!
I was really impressed with all the entries. It was a very tricky job choosing the winner. Well done to all of you for taking part. I hope you enjoy eating your cakes this weekend.
Tuesday 10th November
Remembrance Wreath
I was so impressed with the children's perseverance this afternoon. They each made a 3-D poppy for our class remembrance wreath. Some children had to have several attempts before being happy with what they had done. They adapted and amended their work with determination and showed fantastic Emmaville 'stickabilty'! Well done Southern Europe. The wreath now looks beautiful on our door, ready for Remembrance Day tomorrow.
Friday 6th November 2020
Enthusiastic Readers!
Wow! I have been so impressed with the children's enthusiasm for reading this week. They are really enjoying reading the Accelerated Reader books in class and at home and reading ebooks on myON. This week the children have been so keen to do the quizzes on their books to gain points for the chart. I can't wait to see how many words they have read. Well done Southern Europe. Keep up the good work!
Friday 23rd October 2020
Hockey, Science and wonderful behaviour!
We had a lovely morning on Tuesday learning hockey skills in the sunshine! Having learnt the proper way to hold a hockey stick and pass the ball to our partner last week, we learnt how to move with the ball this week. The children did really well and some even started to slalom in and out of the cones! Everyone enjoyed themselves and really got stuck in. You can see this on the pictures below.
In Science we have been learning about the skeleton and muscles. Today we learnt how our muscles help our body to move and we made an arm joint with muscles out of card, string and a split pin. It was not an easy job, but you showed great perseverance. 
Finally, can I just say what a fantastic class you are! You have been absolutely brilliant hard workers and kind friends over this half term and your behaviour has been impeccable! Well done Southern Europe! I hope you all have a lovely week off. 
Mrs Hamilton
Friday 16th October 2020
RE - Hinduism Divali - Rangoli patterns
This half term we have been learning all about the Hindu festival of Diwali. Yesterday we learnt about how Hindus create Rangoli patterns to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi into their homes at Diwali. We created our own Rangoli patterns. I think you'll agree, they're very impressive!

Friday 9th October 2020




We have been learning about instructions in English. As part of this, the children have written some wonderful poems about the ingredients for a good friend. I was very impressed with all of them and wanted to share a few:


150ml of kindness,

2 huge dollops of caring,

500g of love,

57 litres of playfulness,

100ml of sharing,

A cup of smiling,

1 trillion g of listening,

A sprinkle of helpfulness,

1 spoon of uniqueness.


Jake My



A teaspoon of playing at the park,

A bowl of niceness,

A pan of happiness,

A cup of kindness,

A sprinkle of jokes,

A spoon of sharing,

A bag of smiles.





One dollop of enthusiasm,

Half a cup of love,

A ladleful of kindness,

A splash of empathy,

500g of playing together,

A squirt of friendship,

5 drops of patience,

A bucketful of smiles,

500g of respectfulness.



Friday 2nd October 2020
Athletics - Discus
Today in PE we started to learn how to throw a discus. The children watched a training video and then went outside on the field for a quick warm up. They practiced how to hold the discus loosely using the tips of their fingers only. They made sure that they weren't gripping the discus and practiced swinging their arm backwards and forwards. Then they raised their arm and practiced bringing their arm from behind their body fairly quickly so that the discus didn't drop on the floor! I was particularly pleased with the way the children worked in pairs to support each other and give feedback to help their partner improve their technique. We finished with some practice throws. Everyone enjoyed the lesson and I think we might have some super star discus throwers among us with a bit more practice!
Friday 25th September 2020
Artist from Southern Europe - Amadeo Modigliani
We learnt about the Italian Jewish artist Amadeo Modigliani. We studied his portrait paintings, noticing the long necks and long faces that are a bit like masks. We also spotted that he painted people with sloping shoulders and often the eyes were just a plain colour without pupils or irises. We discovered that he often used muted colours in his paintings and that his backgrounds were quite simple. We used his work to inspire our own portrait paintings.
The children of  Southern Europe class really enjoyed this activity and their concentration was fantastic. I think you'll agree that the results were superb! Well done all of you!

Friday 18th September 2020


What a wonderful first week we have had together as Southern Europe class. The children have been fantastic, following all the new rules getting used to the new ways that we have to do things. We have spent some time getting to know each other and learning how to help ourselves feel calm and relaxed if we are worried. We have particularly enjoyed our Geography this week, learning about Southern Europe and using the shiny new atlases! We loved going on Google Earth to look at the continents, and even zoomed in to see our school. Some of the children went home and used Google Earth to search for places such as Legoland and an Auntie’s house in South Africa!

Well done Southern Europe, you have been absolutely brilliant this week and I am very proud of you all for being so sensible. You are all my stars of the week!