Emmaville Primary School

Southern Europe Yr 3

Welcome to the Southern Europe Year 3 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Thursday 16th June
Botanical Art
What a lovely afternoon we have had! The children learnt about the U.K. botanical artist Yvonne Marie Arnsdorf and then went outside to look at plants and flowers and draw them. They discovered that they needed to look really closely again and again to be able to draw all the detail on the plants. They also saw some bees collecting nectar and noticed some pollen on them which tied in nicely with their science learning. Some children said it was the 'best afternoon ever' and that they were going to draw some more plants at the weekend. It was lovely to see how calm and focused the children were while they were doing this activity.
Friday 10th June
The children had great fun in computing this week!  They took a photo of themselves, and then explored the effects that can be added to the photo to create an image in the style of a famous artist. Here are some for you to see. Can you work out who they are?
Friday 27th May
Platinum Jubilee Celebrations!
What can I say? It was an AMAZING day! As you can see from the photos, the children were so excited and had the most wonderful time. Keep scrolling for the photos - I couldn't fit them all in.
The day included:
  • a class photo with Her Majesty The Queen (who was feeling slightly cardboardy!)
  • wild fun on the bouncy castle
  • a jubilee mindfulness and yoga session
  • a jubilee quiz
  • a jubilee picnic lunch in the field
  • a design your own jubilee, stamp, crown or outfit for a queen
  • an ice cream from an ice cream van
  • a corgi drawing workshop
Wow! I'm glad you all enjoyed yourselves so much. Wishing you all a happy half term holiday. 

Friday 20th May


Year 3 Educational Visit to Gibside National Trust - Health & Wellbeing Week


Year 3 had a wonderful day on Monday at Gibside National Trust in their beautiful heritage landscape. It was part of their Health and Wellbeing Week for children and young people.

The day combined the benefits of spending time outside in nature with skills to help us look after our physical and mental health. It gave the children some simple strategies to use to help navigate the twists and turns in their lives.

In the morning, we took part in SOUND IT OUT. It was a musical exploration, working with sound as a way of expressing ourselves, our thoughts and our feelings. We also learnt how the connection of community can increase our sense of wellbeing.

Round a campfire under the trees, we learnt more about meditation in MEDITATE, IT’S GREAT! We practised new ways to take a breather, calm our minds and explored ways to reconnect with nature, each other and ourselves.

After our packed lunch, we had a little bit of free time before our afternoon activities.

Under a canopy in the walled garden, we learnt how to break down goals into achievable steps in GOAL SETTING. Then we created a talisman out of wood to remind us that we can try new things and do things we never thought we could.

We all enjoyed MEET A TREE! This showed us the importance of good communication and collaboration for our sense of safety and wellbeing. Blindfolds were used to deprive one of the senses so we had to rely on our partners and other senses to help us to solve a puzzle.

All in all, it was a fantastic day! The activities were fun, contemplative, energising and engaging. The children behaved beautifully and really enjoyed themselves.

Oh, and we forgot to mention, it rained all day. Apart from when it rained torrentially! But with true Emmaville spirit, the kids didn’t complain but just zipped up their coats and made the best of it.

Well done Year 3. You are all superstars!

Friday 13th May
We had a wonderful time this morning in our Jubilee Dance Workshop with Sarah from the Education Group Team. Each of the KS2 classes learnt a dance from a decade of the Queen's reign. Our decade was the 1960's and we learnt a dance to 'Let's Twist Again'.  We were twisting, kicking and hand clapping. We danced on our own and with partners. We danced our socks off! 

In the afternoon we performed the dance to the rest of the school in the field. It really enjoyed showing everyone our dance and also watching other classes' dances from different decades of the Queen's reign. How lovely for the whole school to be together having such a fun time!


Thursday 12th May
Here we are during our Pedestrian Training this morning. We are really enjoying learning how to cross the road safely. We have practised using our Green Cross Code - Stop, Look, Listen, Think - and learnt about safe places to cross the road.
Friday 6th May 2022
We have had a lovely week in Southern Europe class.
We went for our first outdoor session of Pedestrian Training wearing our hi-vis vests and learnt some of the basics about crossing the road safely.
We also had great fun in science this week. We compared the structure of different types of plants and then planted a bean. We have started our own bean plant diary and can't wait to see what happens! We'll keep you posted.
Friday 29th April
We have had a lovely first week back after the Easter holidays. 
We had our first session of Pedestrian Training where we learnt about the Green Cross Code. We are looking forward to going outside to practise crossing the road over the next few weeks.
In Design and Technology, we learnt about static electricity. Then we really enjoyed trying out some static electricity experiments including making water bend and other 'magic' tricks! It was such fun!