Emmaville Primary School

VE Day Cake and Hat Competition Winners

11th May 2020

Thank you so much for taking part in the VE Day competition; we have been delighted by the response and have enjoyed looking at the photographs on Tapestry and Seesaw.  The teachers have had a very tricky job choosing winners, and as some children made a joint entry with siblings then in certain classes, family prizes have been awarded.  Here are the winning entries:

Crawcrook – George and Harry A

Gateshead – Florence L and her family

Newcastle – Evie S

Scotland – Amber M

England – Riley and Jax C

Wales – Ellie and Oliver M

Northern Ireland – James U

Northern Europe – Libby S

Southern Europe – Dylan and Oliver M

Africa – Oliver A

Asia – Sophie B

Mr. Elliott’s Class – Erin W

Oceania – Rhianne H

North America – Niamh and Jamie L

South America – Sophie N
Congratulations to the winners; hopefully it will not be too long before you receive a prize delivery.  A special mention to those children who not only made a VE Day cake but then chose to share their cake with members of the community; a very kind gesture indeed.  In fact, I am incredibly proud of the Emmaville children during lock down as they have been doing some amazingly kind things for others.  Mrs Mackay and Mrs Priestley would like a special mention for Millie T from England Class.  Millie has recently completed a charity walk on her own and has currently raised over £200.  She has chosen to donate the money that she makes to Save the Children.  Mrs Mackay and Mrs Priestley are very proud of Millie; in fact, we all are.