Emmaville Primary School

Vienna Yr 2

Welcome to the Vienna Year 2 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Friday 28th June
On Wednesday 26th June, we went on a visit to Roker Beach as part of our seaside topic. We took part in a range of "Beach Schools" sessions, provided by outdoor specialists OASES. We had such a brilliant day exploring the beach, collecting and building with natural materials and working together as a team. 
In the morning, our workshop was based around the story of the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch which we have been looking at in our English lessons. We used binoculars to see what we could see out at sea, used natural materials to build lighthouses, learnt how to create a pulley system to transport Mr Grinling's lunch and also played a funny game where we had to be the sneaky seagulls!
In the afternoon, our activities revolved around beach art. We have been learning about artist Andy Goldsworthy, and created some art work inspired by him. We also had the opportunity to make beach jewellery and to take part in a sandcastle competition. 
As ever, all of the children displayed enthusiasm, teamwork and a positive attitude and it was such a pleasure to see them enjoying themselves and having such a good time, which I think is clear from the photos of our day. 
Friday 21st June
This week, we had the opportunity to take part in another Prayer Space session, organised by a group of wonderful volunteers from the Holy Spirit church. As we all know, children and young people are innately curious about life. As children grow up, lot of questions are raised and prayer space in school is designed to enable children, of all faiths and none, to explore these questions in a safe, creative and interactive way. 
This term's Prayer Space was planned around the idea of transition and change. This seemed particularly appropriate as we start to near the end of the Summer Term, and therefore our time in Year 2. It also allowed us to think about bigger changes in our life, which have a direct impact upon our family. It was amazing to watch the children engage in the activities with such a mature attitude. Well done Vienna. 
Friday 14th June
This week, we have been learning about artist Andy Goldsworthy. Andy Goldsworthy is an artist who makes scultpures from natural materials like rocks, sticks and leaves. Some of his work is displayed in galleries and museums, but sometimes, Andy Goldsworthy makes sculptures outside and understands that these won't last forever. The natural materials they are made out of then become part of the landscape. 
After learning about Andy Goldsworthy and looking at images of his work, we then went outside to create our own land art inspired by him. We will be building on this when we visit Roker Beach in a couple of weeks. 
Friday 24th May
Wow. What a busy week it has been in Vienna class this week. Now to start with the most exciting piece of news... Over the past couple of weeks, the children in Year 2 have been carrying out some incredibly special missions as part of their Secret Agent Training (SATs). After all of the missions had been completed, we had to wait with bated breath to see whether the Secret Agent Training centre had received our missions and would accept us as fully qualified secret agents. On Wednesday, Miss Armstrong arrived in our classroom with a VERY exciting looking package. We ripped open the envelopes and were beyond excited to see that there were 30 lanyard badges ready for us! This is because the Secret Agent Training centre must know what wonderful, hard working, amazing children we have in Vienna and also just how proud they make everyone around them. 
Another exciting thing which happened this week was our first ever Emmaville School Games Day. This was an afternoon of fun PE activities organised by our wonderful sports leader friends in Year 6. We took part in all of the activities to try and earn points for our house teams, and had such a fun time! Thank you Year 6 and Mrs Priestley for all of your hard work organising this event for us to enjoy. 
The sun continues to shine on us for Forest School club, and what a fantastic time we are having. This week's project...clay faces. Love the creativity the children continue to show in these sessions!
Friday 17th May
This week in maths, we have been learning all about reading scales when measuring volume and temperature. This has involved a lot of hands on maths, which is always an effective way to learn! We have explored containers of different sizes, the temperature in different locations and estimated and measured at every possible opportunity. We are all much more confident when reading scales, and can even figure out measurements when not every number is marked on the scales, which is quite a tricky task! Well done Vienna. 
Friday 10th May
This week saw the first Forest School club for the children in Year 2. We started by having an exploration of our school grounds, and then were incredibly excited when we stumbled upon a giant envelope addressed to Emmaville Forest School Club. Within this envelope was a letter written from a group of fairies who'd had their homes destroyed during the building work which had taken place over the Summer holidays! Therefore, we were set the task of rebuilding their village, and my goodness, did we put our all into this task. These lucky fairies have been treated to campfires, zipwires (with leaf cushions in case of falls), exercise machines to strengthen their wings, cafes... the list could go on! Well done to all of the children who came along, I am looking forward to spending more time with you all in the great outdoors!
Friday 3rd May
There was a lot of excitement on Tuesday afternoon when we had a visit from a coach from All Star Cricket. We played a lot of different games, including Craters and Volcanoes and one of Miss Mc's favourites, Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Cones which got pretty competitive! We then had a go at practising our batting skills, using the correct grip on the cricket bat, to hit the ball off the tee and through a target goal. The coach was very impressed and gave us all a leaflet to bring home with details of the different sessions on. I think she hoped to see many of us there!
We also had a great time in Science lessons this week, where we are learning all about plants. We have set up an investigation to see where plants germinate and grow most effectively. Watch this space for our findings!
Friday 26th April
It was lovely to welcome all of Vienna back after the Easter holidays; it sounds like everyone has had a lovely time relaxing with their families, perhaps indulging in the odd sweet treat or two, and are now ready for a busy and exciting Summer Term in school. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone so far, and how much the children have matured and blossomed. 
This week has been as busy as ever. We have started our new topic looking at people who help us, started learning about plants in science and have been working very hard on using language linked to position and direction in maths including forwards, backwards, left, right, clockwise, anti-clockwise, half and quarter turns. We went outside to practise giving our partners routes to follow. Great work as always Vienna. 
Friday 29th March
Welcome to Vienna, where we are officially times table obsessed!! Times table rock stars has officially taken over and the children are desperate to be rock stars, rock legends and all of the other rock related titles you could imagine! Even our superhero stories we have been writing in English have included characters named after our favourite past time (TTRS boy, Multiplication Man... you get the idea!!). However, the hard work has paid off as many of the children are becoming particularly whizzy when recalling multiplication and division facts... and when checking the leader board tonight for the whole school when it comes to lifetime earnings, 7 of the top 11 are from Vienna! Keep it up guys.  
Friday 22nd March
This week, Vienna have loved their PE lessons. As the weather has started to warm up (slightly!) we have been able to get outside for PE. Recently, the KS2 yard has been painted with a series of tracks, grids and lines to encourage the children to develop a range of different skills including moving in different ways, target practice and spatial awareness. We had two sessions this week, learning lots of new games and activities and it was declared "officially the best PE lesson ever!!!". Well done Vienna, we will continue to widen the range of activities for you to enjoy outside, and hopefully our wonderfully creative children will start to invent their own games using these markings. 
Friday 15th March
In Science, we have been learning all about animals and their habitats. We explored things that are alive, dead and that have never been alive. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary and thought about how living things are dependent on their environment. We went on a wildlife hunt to see what different habitats we could find in our school grounds... everything from a slug, to a tortoise.... obviously!
Friday 8th March
After an exciting enrichment week last week, we have got back into our normal routine and started some amazing work in Maths and English. 
In Maths, we have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. Vienna have sounded like true mathematicians as they have been describing the properties of these shapes using a range of language including vertices, sides, edges, faces, symmetrical, not symmetrical... the list goes on! Well done Vienna. 
In English, we have started a unit of work focused around the wonderful story of "Traction Man" by Mini Grey. The superhero topic has really captured the children's imagination and they have already completed some wonderful pieces of short burst writing thinking about what they would do if they were superheroes! We had many wonderful ideas, but I was particularly impressed by those children who were clearly inspired by enrichment week, and created superheroes who were ready to save the planet! Awesome ideas. Watch this space for more superhero fun!
Wednesday 6th March
What World Book Day fun we have had in Year 2! All of the children looked amazing in their costumes, and all of KS1 had a fun afternoon visiting all of the Year 1 and 2 classrooms to listen and complete an activity on each of the teacher's favourite stories. I love your enthusiasm for reading, Vienna!
Friday 1st March
This week has been enrichment week, focused around the idea of being "green". In Vienna, we have explored what this actually means and have really enjoyed learning about how to look after our environment. We have been busy upcycling, recycling and actually cycling all with the aim of making our world a healthier place to live. 
As part of the week, we were set a challenge to carry out an upcycling project as a class. So, we made ourselves very busy collecting, washing, unwrapping, gluing and assembling a LOT of milk cartons to create a rather magnificent structure linked to our class topic - frozen planet! We also used our maths skills throughout the week to predict and calculate the number of milk bottles we used to build our igloo, with the grand total being 207!
We added the finishing touch by creating adorable upcycled penguins out of a variety of cardboard tubes and scrap paper. We were very proud with our finished creation!
Friday 1st February
As always, a fantastic week in Vienna, but we were especially excited when coming to school on Friday morning! The snow which had fallen on Thursday evening was blanketing the playground, ready to be enjoyed by eager children. We had lots of fun playing outside at breaktime, and I thought it was a stroke of genius when many of the children started making an igloo to get one of their creative homework tasks started! Here are a few snaps where it is clear to see the fun being had. 
After all of our snowy fun, our exciting day then continued with a performance from Bigfoot Theatre Company of "Goldilocks on Trial". This turned the traditional tale we all know so well on its head, as Goldilocks presented evidence about why she did the things she did. In her words, she wasn't trespassing, she had seen the cottage advertised on "Bear B&B" so really, wasn't doing anything wrong...
After hearing all of the evidence, the children in the audience had to take on the role of the jury and decide whether Goldie was guilty, or not guilty. Well, it turns out the children saw straight through her lies and declared poor Goldie GUILTY! And her punishment? It was decided that she would be dunked in 10 tons of slime.... nice!
Friday 25th January
Wow Vienna! I don't think I have ever enjoyed marking a set of books as much as I have tonight, as it appears we have a class of true story tellers!
Over the past few weeks, we have been completing an English unit focusing on "rags to riches" tales. We learnt the story of Dick Whittington and have spent some time innovating this story to make it our own. 
Here is just one example of the wonderful stories that the children in Vienna have produced. 
Scott and his Dog
Not close to here lived a boy called Scott who had no friends. He had tatty hair and was always rubbing his rumbling tummy. He heard stories about a faraway land called Paris. One day he got offered a lift and off he went. Scott was determined to make his fortune. 
After some time he arrived in Paris. His heart sank when he saw rusty cars and litter filled streets. How was he going to make his fortune?
One frosty afternoon Scott was so hungry that he collapsed on a rich man's doorstep. Fortunately the rich man offered him a job counting all of his money. Unfortunately everyone in the house was mean to him and forced him to live in a cat infested room. After some time Scott had saved up enough money to buy himself a dog. The dog was skilled at chasing cats. 
One cold, frosty night everyone was snoozing except Alfie (Scott's dog). Suddenly Alfie heard a quiet tip toe noise across the floor. He rushed towards the door and in the corner of his eye he spotted a robber. Alfie charged towards the robber as fast as his little legs could carry him. He thought I should pounce on him so he did and the he barked as loud as he could so everyone in the house could hear him.
Suddenly everyone woke with a fright then rushed down the stairs. Unexpectedly they saw Alfie pinning down a robber. They all barged to the phone and called 999. Within seconds the police ran in. The robber was arrested. The rich man rewarded Scott with a lot of money and for Alfie a great, big, juicy bone. 
Wow - I think that's all I need to say. Keep up the hard work Vienna!
Friday 18th January
This week we started our new science topic which is looking at animals including humans. We explored how all animals start out as babies and then change and develop during their lives. We played a matching game and were surprised how some animals looked the same, but some looked completely different! A baby ladybird is nothing like we imagined it would be!
We then discussed basic needs that animals, including humans, require to live. We thought about babies, and that they needed help from parents to provide these basic needs. We had to put our science caps on to think about this further, and realised that scientists have to ask a lot of questions to find out more about a subject. 
We had a visit from Miss McPherson's sister, Lucy, and her little girl Sadie to find out more about what babies need and how they change over their first few years. The children thought of some fantastic questions including:
- What do you need to get ready for a new baby coming?
- How often do they sleep?
- How often do they eat?
- Do you think it will be difficult to look after two babies?
- What can Sadie do now that she couldn't do 6 months ago?
We all learnt lots of new things and thought that this was a great way to find out more information.  
Friday 11th January
What a fantastic start to the new year for the children in Vienna. Their enthusiasm, and attitude to learning is something to be both celebrated and embraced, and they all are truly are a pleasure to teach and spend time with. I am looking forward to seeing all that they achieve in 2019. 
We have spent a lot of time this week thinking about what they would like to achieve this year and how they would be able to do this. We have also launched our new topic about the "Frozen Planet" which you will read more about over the upcoming weeks. 
We have also discussed the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and have really enjoyed our PE sessions this week. In one of our sessions, we focused on aiming and target games. We practised this in a variety of ways and the children then became the teachers and had to work in small groups to choose from a selection of equipment to create their own "aiming game". It was great to see the children sharing ideas, and adapting ideas as they went when things maybe didn't quite work the way they had imagined. Once they were happy, they had to then teach their game to another group. A lot of fun was had, and I am thinking that we have a class of natural teachers! Well done Vienna. 
Friday 21st December
What a wonderfully festive week we have had in Year 2. We have danced at our Christmas party, made some beautiful Christmas decorations and sang many songs! We are all finishing what has been a wonderful term feeling incredibly happy. Vienna - you are fantastic. Keep up the hard work in 2019 and I look forward to seeing you all next year!
Friday 14th December
What a magical, Christmassy day we have had at Beamish Museum! The children all looked wonderful as they came into school in their traditional Victorian costumes ready for our exciting day. We all made sure we were wrapped up warmly and then got on the bus ready for our fun-filled day. 
When we arrived, we headed straight to Pockerly Old Hall to learn about a traditional Christmas celebration. We did three different activities including baking cinnamon cookies, making a beautiful peg doll decoration and playing parlour games in the Master's bedroom. We then enjoyed listening to a story around the fireplace. Once our time at Pockerly was finished, we hopped on a tram and enjoyed a journey around Beamish before heading to the school. The teacher in the school was very impressed with our knowledge about Victorian schools and the differences between that, and school today. 
After a delicious lunch, we then headed up the snow covered path to Santa's grotto. I had the pleasure of telling Santa all about how wonderful the children in Vienna are, and especially how brilliantly behaved they had been that day in Beamish. Santa rewarded all of the children with a gift, and also some special reindeer food to feed Santa's hungry reindeer. We left feeling very festive, and very much looking forward to the rest of our Christmas celebrations back in school next week. 
Friday 7th December
Wow, wow, wow! Our amazing KS1 children have just performed their Christmas production of "Lights, Camel, Action" for the rest of the school, and they were absolutely amazing. The singing, dancing, and acting was all delivered with enthusiasm and talent. The children have all done so well learning their lines and routines, and this certainly paid off! We can't wait for the performances next week so that all of their family and friends can have the chance to enjoy it too. I am sure they will be very proud, as I am certainly a very proud teacher!
Friday 30th November
This week in school, it was enrichment week which are always fantastic opportunities for the children to engage in a range of different experiences across the curriculum. This week, all of our activities were based around "Cracking Computing". Vienna love computing lessons anyway, so this was a real treat! They learnt about coding, algorithms, e-safety and much much more. The children thoroughly enjoyed working with their friends in Year 5 and 6 to learn how to use Scratch. They also loved working in groups to think about a gap in the market to design a new app. I really think we have some budding entrepreneurs in Year 2! Dragon's Den here we come...! We are looking forward to building on our developing computing skills over the next two terms!
Friday 23rd November
"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."
This week in Vienna, we have had many opportunities to enjoy reading and listening to stories. A wonderful team of volunteers are currently in school to read with the children in Year 2 as much as possible. The children love telling stories, and showing off their ever improving reading skills to a range of different people, so a big thanks from all of us to those who make this reading programme possible. 
We also had a fab afternoon on Friday when we visited Crawcrook Library. Our session was based upon the story "The Giant Jumperee" by Julia Donaldson. We had to use our inference skills to listen to clues and then draw a picture of what we thought the Giant Jumperee would look like, and then we listened to the story, and were shocked by the ending! We then all got to choose our own story to take back to school and enjoy. Thank you to the staff at Crawcrook Library as the children really love these sessions!
Friday 16th November
Tuesday 13th November marked World Kindness Day. Being kind and considerate to each other is something which we value very highly in Vienna class, and Emmaville as a whole school. However, sometimes it is good to have a reminder about just why showing kindness is so important and how it can help everyone feel a little bit happier. 
We started our session with the question - should there be a world kindness day? I was so impressed with the maturity shown by the children during discussions and Finn made the very valid comment of "No, I don't feel there should be a kindness day, as surely this is what we should be doing all of the time." I couldn't agree with you more Finn, and that is why the theme for this year's World Kindness Day is make kindness the norm. 
We thought about little things we could do to put a smile on other people's faces and made a pledge to be as kind as we possibly could. I can't wait to hear about all of the wonderful kind things that the children do at school, home and in their community. Well done, as always, Vienna class. 
Friday 9th November
Sunday 11th November marks 100 years since the end of World War 1. In Vienna class, we have been exploring the idea of remembrance and reflecting on stories from World War 1. We watched a clip entitled "Poppies" from the CBBC website which can be seen here. 
We thought that this was a very powerful video and discussed the associated feelings. We also looked carefully at the image of the poppy, and how this helped to bring a ray of hope and happiness into people's lives after such a devastating time. 
In art, we recreated the poppy fields scene by learning about the skill of perspective. We then used paint and oil pastels to produce stunning artwork of our own. This is now displayed in the corridor, as a tribute to all of those who fought 100 years ago, and in the years that followed. 
Friday 2nd November
The children in Vienna were extremely shocked to come into the classroom on Tuesday morning to see that there had been an unexpected visitor over night! Luckily, some key bits of evidence had been left to help the children figure out what had happened. We put on our detective hats, and opened the evidence packets to find:
- a sparkling crown
- some items which had been burnt from our classroom
- a metallic egg
- some unidentified animal droppings (which had to be handled with rubber gloves)
The children were incredibly excited and had to use their inference and deduction skills to figure out what had happened. In the end, we discovered it had been a dragon... or perhaps Miss Mc playing a halloween trick on us. Either way, we had a fantastic morning with some great thinking skills shown by the children!
Also, each Monday we begin our week with an information station session. In this time, we will look at a different genre of music, a current news story and will also introduce 5 new words to learn and try and use when talking or writing. Our words this week were:
- veteran
- despair
- defeated
- resist
- temptation
Challenge your child to see if they can use one of these words in a sentence!
Friday 19th October
This week, we continued our Victorian topic and compared the way in which boys and girls were treated over 100 years ago. We also thought about whether boys and girls were treated differently today and the children continued to show what great citizens they are by challenging gender stereotypes that still exist today. 
In Victorian times, boys and girls were taught in separate classes and even had different entrances into the school building. We looked at the nursery building at Emmaville and noticed that you can see the BOYS and GIRLS signs above the door from when our school was originally built! One of the main differences was the subjects which children were taught. Boys received extra maths, science and technology whereas girls had much more of a focus on household skills and needlework. We imagined that we were all receiving a needlework lesson in Victorian times and learnt how to do the running stitch. 
Friday 12th October
This week in Vienna has been all about innovation! We have started to write our own stories where we have changed the characters from our learnt text. We have tales of dragons, eagles, unicorns and many other creatures! The descriptive language used by the children has been highly impressive, and although the stories are not quite yet finished, I have been so impressed with what has been produced so far. Check back next week to read some of the finished stories from the authors of Vienna. 
Friday 5th October
Well, what a week in Year 2! We continued our snail and the whale exploration by making our very own snails using plasticine and conkers, which we carefully painted. They look so cute crawling around our classroom. Then, on Wednesday, we had a very exciting morning where we went to the Northern Stage to see a performance of The Snail and the Whale. The children represented their school brilliantly, and sang, laughed and danced their way through the performance. What a treat!
Friday 28th September
Vienna are really enjoying their PE lessons on a Thursday morning with Rachel Troke. Rachel works for Grass Roots as a sports coach and comes into school to teach us new gymnastic skills. It has also been great to see the children working so well together to support and encourage each other when learning these new skills! Well done Vienna. 
Friday 21st September
Another wonderful week with the wonderful children in Vienna! We have had a jam packed week, and have continued to work really hard. This week, we had our first computing lesson of the year and we became "programmers" who learnt the computer language of "code". We used a program called Kodable where we had to input code to program our Fuzz characters around a maze. We had loads of fun!
Reading Buddies
We had a wonderful afternoon on Friday as this was the start of our reading buddy program with our Year 5 friends! A wonderful selection of Year 5 children are reading with the children in Year 2 on a Friday afternoon and this is something which will run throughout this academic year. 
The children in Vienna and Cape Town loved showing off their reading skills and sharing stories and were full of smiles when they had been given tokens or moved up the Star Chart by the older children. I just want to say a special thank you to the Year 5s for their positive and caring manner with the Year 2 children - you are all superstars!
Alfie and Thomas loved having the chance to share stories with their older siblings!
Friday 14th September
A fantastic second week for Vienna class. This week, we had a fantastic start to our topic for this term - The Victorians. We took on the role of historians, and thought about how we could find out about the past by looking at, and asking questions about a range of artefacts. Using a topic box provided by Beamish Museum, we looked at a ceramic hot water bottle, curling tongs, a washboard, a flat iron and many other objects. We can't wait to learn more about Victorian life!
Friday 7th September
What a fantastic start to Year 2! The children in Vienna have all settled brilliantly and I have been so impressed with their positive attitudes and the kindness that they have shown to one another. I can't wait to see what the year is going to bring!