Emmaville Primary School

Wales Year 2

Welcome to the Wales Year 2 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Friday 13th November
Wow Year 2 - being in isolation doesn't stop us when it comes to working hard, and being general superstars. The work I have received through Seesaw this week has been amazing, and you have made me a very proud teacher! Although there has been all sorts completed at home, one of the highlights has to be your entries into the Emmaville Children in Need bake-off! See the video below for pictures of the wonderful tasty treats. 

Friday 23rd October 
We have had such a lovely Autumnal week in Wales class. We thought about the sights, smells and tastes of Autumn and used these to write acrostic poems. We also had lots of fun collecting beautiful Autumn leaves and looking carefully at the different shapes and colours. We used these to make the most fabulous Autumn crowns!
Friday 16th October
Another thoroughly enjoyable week in Wales class. I can't believe we only have one week left before half term; as the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun. This week we started a new unit in PE focusing on football. The first lesson involved practising dribbling skills to effectively move with the ball. We played different games to help reinforce this skill, but our favourite was Robin Hood where you had to steal footballs from the rich teams! We had lots of laughs and fun, and you can see from the pictures below that the children showed their "game faces"! 
In our History lessons, we spend time learning about famous people and events from the past. This week, we learnt all about Francis Drake. We discovered that he was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the world. We also learnt all about his relationship with the Spanish, and how he stole lots of gold and silver from them to become a very rich man! We learnt that King Philip II of Spain was not happy with this and organised a huge fleet of ships to be sent over to Britain, known as the Spanish Armada. I was so impressed with the questions asked by the children, showing what inquisitive historians we have in Wales class. We then put our DT skills into practise to create moving mechanisms to depict Francis Drake's ship - The Golden Hind - circumnavigating the world. A great history lesson had by all!
Friday 9th October
This week, we have had lots of fun creating our own superheroes and thinking about exciting adventures they could go on as we innovated our class text. After working really hard to write our stories, we then talked about the importance of proof reading and editing our work. We used our special proof reading spectacles to help focus our eyes to spot any little mistakes we may have made, and then fixed these. This is quite a tricky task, but I was so impressed with the wonderful Year 2s. Great work once again Wales. 
Friday 2nd October
Another great week in Wales class. I have been so impressed with the way all of the children have got back into the swing of busy days at school, and their skills are blowing me away. In English, we have enjoyed starting a new unit based on Mini Grey's book, Traction Man, and have had lots of fun creating our own superheroes. In maths, we have spent a lot of time thinking about place value and numbers up to 100. We have been partitioning numbers and thinking carefully about how many tens and how many ones are needed to make different numbers. You can see us working hard with our work partners here. 
In History, we have been carrying out a local history study. We learnt that our local area is well known for its coal mining history, and looked at a map of our local area and the location of different coal mines. We looked at pictures, and read first hand accounts about what it would have been like to work in a coal mine. We looked carefully at Emma Colliery, Clara Vale colliery and Ryton colliery and then completed some amazing art work based on these. We have now displayed our pictures in the corridor at school which you can see here. 
Friday 25th September
This week, we have been working on a lovely book called Here We Are written by Oliver Jeffers. This book was written for Oliver's son, to help him think about the planet on which he lives. This got us thinking about the world around us, and although it can be unpredictable and strange at times, how wonderful it can truly be. We discussed lots of different wonderful things in our world and listened to What a Wonderful Word by Louis Armstrong. We then put some of our ideas together to create this lovely little video. We hope you enjoy! 

Friday 18th September
Here we are at the end of our first week in Year 2, and what superstars Wales class have been. After a lovely week finishing off their time with Mrs Lawrence, all of the children came into their new classroom on Monday morning with big smiles, plenty of laughter and a wonderful attitude. They have impressed me with the way in which they have adapted to the new routines of the school day, and seem to be taking it all in their stride. 
This week has been all about getting to know each other, and we have had a lovely week chatting, drawing, painting, playing games and generally enjoying being back at school. I know we are going to have a wonderful year.