Emmaville Primary School

Wales Yr 2

Welcome to the Wales Year 2 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Friday 13th December
What a fantastic festive week we have had in Wales class! Things started on Monday with Year 2's amazing performance of The Inn-spectors. We were all so impressed with the way in which the children spoke, sang and acted throughout the performance. As they sang in one of their songs - "everything has to be perfect" - and it certainly was! Well done Year 2. 
Our nativity performance had helped us to develop our understanding of the Christmas story, but this was reinforced further on Tuesday with a visit from Sam Cree. Sam is a regular visitor to our school, and helps us to understand what Christians believe through her assemblies and workshops. On Tuesday, we took part in a "Godly Play" session which was based around the birth of Jesus. We then engaged in a range of fun, interactive activities which helped to reinforce our learning further. This was a lovely session, which the children thoroughly enjoyed, and we look forward to more visits from Sam throughout the year. 
In English this week, we have been learning how to use an apostrophe to show possession. We had lots of fun creating labels to decorate our classroom, and by the end of the lesson, everything had a post-it note from Miss Mc's Christmas cards, to Maddox's jumper to Miss Armstrong's desk!
We then used these skills to create our own Christmas poetry. We looked closely at a poem entitled "Ten things you would find in a Wizard's pocket". We decided to innovate this poem, and put a festive slant on it. We had great fun coming up with ideas to include in a poem called "Ten things you would find in Santa's sack". The children used their imagination brilliantly and we had everything from a magical stopwatch to freeze time, to reindeer poo bags! Here are some wonderful examples of the children's poetry.
Finally, we had a wonderful day on Thursday getting even more into the festive spirit (if that was actually possible!). Everyone came to school looking fabulous in their Christmas jumpers, and we had the chance to enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner prepared by Lisa and her team. I was so impressed with the great manners shown by the children in Wales, and how the children recognised the effort which goes into preparing for such events for us to enjoy. Well done guys, you are great citizens. 
Friday 6th December
This week saw the start of the festive celebrations at Emmaville, and as always, they started with a bang. On Wednesday, all of the children in Key Stage 1 traveled to the Northern Stage theatre to watch a performance of The Snow Queen. 
When her best friend Kai disappears, the young and gutsy Gerda is sure that he has been taken by the mysterious Snow Queen. Determined to rescue her friend, she embarks on a courageous quest all alone into the icy unknown. But can Gerda rescue Kai in time to stop the Snow Queen’s plan to keep the world in eternal winter? 
We laughed, screamed and cheered our way through the performance as we marveled at the fantastic acting, singing and set design that was on display. It has certainly inspired the children in Year 2 as they prepare for their nativity performance next week. 
Then, on Thursday we continued the Christmas fun by taking part in a bauble decorating workshop. Each child got their own ceramic bauble, a special stand and a selection of metallic paints. They carefully painted a beautiful design onto their bauble and decorated a box to safely transport their creations home! I can guarantee your Christmas trees will be looking even more fabulous than ever this Christmas. 
Friday 29th November
We had so much fun on Wednesday morning when we were lucky enough to take part in a Disney themed music workshop! We sang, danced and even had the opportunity to play a wide range of musical instruments. We learnt new musical vocabulary and also about the history of different Disney songs, and how things have changed from some of the first Disney movies, to the present day. 
Friday 22nd November
This week in school, we continued our series of gymnastic lessons with Miss Troke from Grass Roots. are now in our fourth week of lessons; we started by recapping the skills we learnt in Year 1 and then quickly moved on to learn how these skills could be built on and progressed.
We have learnt about many different ways of travelling including straddle rolls, pike rolls and dive forward rolls! Many of us have even mastered a cartwheel! This week we had lots of fun putting the mats together to make tracks across the hall and we took it in turns to find different ways of travelling down the track. 
We then moved on to learning a range of partner balances, and carefully negotiated our bodies to support our partners in a variety of tricky and challenging positions! The growth mindset and "stickability" shown by the children was very impressive, and this hard work certainly paid off. A fantastic lesson, well done Wales!
Friday 15th November
What a fantastic week! Over the course of  this week, we have been thinking a lot about Children in Need and those who are less fortunate than us.We discussed the differences between wants and needs, and what we actually require as children.
As a school, we wanted to raise money for Children in Need so organised a bake sale for school. Wales class had great fun weighing, mixing, rolling and cutting as we prepared some delicious biscuits to sell on Friday's bake sale. 
We then finished the day with Wales' class assembly, which further highlighted how important Children in Need is as a charity. Part of Children in Need's work is to help children to reach their potential. We discussed what this meant, and thought about our own dreams and aspirations and what we can do to help us to achieve these.
We also used our assembly as another chance to explore the importance of showing kindness much closer to home, and how important it is to ensure everyone in our school was happy. We retold the story of Ordinary Mary and how one small act of kindess can have a great impact on the people around us. 
I was incredibly proud of the children in Wales class. They spoke and performed with confidence, and had learnt their lines so well. Well done guys!

Friday 8th November
This week in Geography, we were learning about the Belgian town of Ypres. We used our ever advancing map skills to locate Belgium on a map of Europe, and a map of the world. We then asked questions, like all good geographers do, and wondered what would we see in this place? This led us on to learning about the involvement of this town in World War 1. We learnt that the town was almost completely obliterated by the war, and had to be rebuilt. This was done in a way to make it as close to the original town as possible. We then looked at the Menin Gate and watched a video of one of the moving ceremonies that take place here to remember the soldiers who lost their lives in the war. We finished our session by each creating our own poppy, which we combined together to create a beautiful class wreath. The children showed a very mature and sensible attitude when discussing such a sensitive topic, and they clearly understood the importance of remembrance. Well done Wales class. 
In computing this week, we started to learn about the computer language of code. We used a programme called Kodable which involved us (the programmers) inputting a series of instructions to control movements of an object, which in this case are adorable little creatures known as Fuzzes! 
The skills we needed to use started quite simply, but quickly progressed. We started by inputting a series of code which controlled movement and direction of travel, but then we needed to add a conditional code, which involved using IF THEN conditions to control objects. 
I was amazed at the rapid way in which the children could progress through the different levels, responding to changes and debugging as they went if things didn't quite go to plan the first time. The children thoroughly enjoyed this lesson, and they can access this programme at home if they wish to practise further!
Friday 1st November
Wow! What a busy week it has been back after half term. On Tuesday, we had a fantastic afternoon taking part in a History lesson. We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and his plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament and the King! We discussed how people had different beliefs, and this made Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators come up with the plan that they did. We imagined how Guy Fawkes would have felt hiding in the cellar underneath the Houses of Parliament surrounded by 36 barrels of gunpowder. Some of us felt he would be excited, as he thought his plan was about to work whereas others thought he would feel slightly nervous or anxious. We then wrote some fantastic diary entries putting ourselves into Guy Fawkes' shoes. Here is one of the wonderful diary entries written by the children in Wales class. 
On Wednesday morning, we walked up to Thorp Academy to take part in a multi skills festival with other schools in the cluster. We were put into small groups and we then had the chance to take part in a wide range of activities which were organised by Year 7 and 8 Sports Leaders. We had to use many different skills including target practise, ball control, throwing and catching and travelling in different ways to work our way around the circuit of activities. All of the children put in a great deal of effort, and their behaviour was impeccable throughout the morning. A great time was had by all! A special mention to the Sports Leaders from Thorp Academy (many of which were ex-Emmaville pupils) who were fantastic; they explained the activities carefully and supported the children throughout the morning. 
Friday 18th October
This week, it has been enrichment week and we have had the opportunity to learn all about our class country which is Wales. We have done all sorts of exciting activities including learning about the flag and why it has a dragon and producing some fantastic artwork based on this; baked traditional Welsh cakes; made leaflets about tourist attractions including Mount Snowdon; created some fantastic daffodil head boppers; learnt facts on a geocaching trail and much much more. We have been very busy indeed! Hopefully you can see from the photos below how much fun we have had!
Friday 11th October
This week, we have been working really hard in maths, refining and building on our skills in addition and subtraction. We started by thinking about what it actually means to add or subtract numbers, and use part whole models to generate addition and subtraction facts. 
We then have been trying to get quicker and more accurate with our basic number facts and have been using little games to help us. Hit the button is a definite favourite with the children in Wales class and is an easy one to practise at home. How many can you get right in a minute?
We have then moved on to start adding two 2-digit numbers. We have been using our place value knowledge, the base ten equipment and of course, some high quality maths talk with our learning partners to practise this new skill. 
Friday 4th October
On Monday, Year 2 visited Prudhoe fire station. In class, we had been learning about the difference between fire safety in 1666 compared to the present day. We looked at some of the fire-fighting equipment they used at the time of the Great Fire of London including fire hooks, squirts and leather buckets. 
We had a fantastic morning at Prudhoe Fire station and the fire fighters who worked with us could not have been more helpful or informative. We had three separate sessions where we had the chance to ask questions about a firefighter's job, looked (and modelled) the safety uniform and equipment and then explored the fire engines. As a result of the exceptional behaviour displayed by the children in Year 2, we then all had a chance to have a lot of fun using the hose to squirt the trees behind the station. 
We spend a lot of time in Year 2 talking about how important it is to be polite and well-mannered, and show gratitude towards others. To say thank you to the staff at Prudhoe, we all wrote thank you cards and made some pictures of fire engines to show our appreciation!
Friday 27th September
In Vienna, we are thoroughly enjoying learning about our topic - The Great Fire of London. This week, we have been learning about Samuel Pepys and have been reading extracts from his diary which have helped us learn more about what happened all those years ago in London. We talked about how this was a good source of evidence to help us find out about the past, as well as newspaper articles and paintings from the time. 
We used these extracts, and our other knowledge of the events of the fire, to generate some descriptive phrases about what Samuel Pepys would have seen, heard, smelt and felt at the time of the fire. 
"Fire blazing through the city"
"The sound of piercing screams as people sprinted from their homes"
"Hearts racing with fear"
"The smoke from the burning fire filled his nostrils"
Very powerful description Vienna; this will help us to write our own diary entries next week!
Friday 20th September
This week, we started learning our first story in English. We use a Talk4Writing approach, where the children learn a text to help embed story structure and ambitious vocabulary. We have been focusing on the tale "How Tortoise got his Shell". We were thrilled when we had a small, shelled creature come to visit us in English so that we could look carefully at the pattern of a tortoise's shell, and watch their movements closely. We then had the chance to make our own tortoises out of clay, where we carefully carved and etched detail into the shells, all whilst generating vocabulary to describe what we saw. 
Next week, we will be innovating this story and writing our very own tales... we have all sorts planned from How Walrus got his Tusks to How the Princess got her Prince!! Watch this space to read our own creations. 
Another fantastic week, well done Vienna. 
Friday 13th September
Welcome to Vienna's class page for 2019-2020! I can't believe that we have had two full weeks back at school after the Summer holidays; as they say, time flies when you are having fun. We have had a very busy couple of weeks, and have particularly enjoyed making a start on our new topic - The Great Fire of London. 
I am looking forward to seeing what we achieve together over the upcoming year, and I am sure we are in for lots of fun along the way.