Emmaville Primary School

Year 1 at Chopwell Woods

30th November 2016

Year 1 went to Chopwell Woods as part of their Art All Around topic. They met Joanne and Will, who took them into the forest to try lots of different arty things. They got to make a muddy mixture and then used sticks to paint leaves. After a big search in the nature area, they found leaves that they then used to make leaf rubbings with wax crayons. They also made their own sculptures using all types of different materials found in the woods – leaves, bark, sticks, stones and even acorns too!
On their nature walk, they had to try to follow a map to find lots of different sculptures that were hiding in the woods. They climbed on giant hands, were a bit scared by long eared bats and even tried to become woodland spirits!
A very muddy, arty day was had by all!