Emmaville Primary School

Year 5 & 6 Geography Skills at Derwent Reservoir

20th September 2019

As part of the Year 5 & 6 topic of 'Marvellous Maps' the children visited Pow Hill at Derwent Reservoir, to develop their geographical skills and knowledge, .  There, they explored the beautiful woodland as they geocached, and also developed their field observation skills while walking around the edge of the reservoir itself. 
In the woods, they hunted down eight small boxes (the 'caches') using GPS units.  Once each cache had been located, they opened them to find different challenges and quizzes that our friend Kieron Young had set and carefully hidden earlier.  Everyone had a turn at leading their small group, following directions and using compass points confidently.  
A walk around the edge of the reservoir took the children up to the dam, and on the way, they used our fieldwork skills to identify different plants and animals.  They also had a go at doing some field sketching to show some of the features of the land and its use. 
The day was very tiring, but great fun was had by all!