Emmaville Primary School

Year 5 & 6 Visit ISKON Hindu Temple

5th March 2020

The Year 5 and 6 children spent a very serene couple of hours this week, at the ISKCON Hindu Temple in Newcastle.  There, they were met by Kirtida, the priest,  who showed them around the temple and reinforced their learning about the Hindu religion.  She was very impressed with the quality of the questions and answers; Kirtida recounted some traditional tales and demonstrated a full puja ceremony, as well as clearly explaining the main philosophies of the Hindu religion. The children even got to dress up and try out some drumming activities while they were there.  
By the time they left, the children had been on a real journey of discovery, and many of them not only had learnt a great deal, but had greatly enjoyed the chance to consider how important their actions are to others as they go about our lives.