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Year 5 Home Learning

Hello and welcome to the Year 5 Home Learning page.  Here, you will find suggestions, ideas, resources and timetables for your education in the coming weeks.  Wherever possible, links to useful websites, online activities, information sheets and images will be included here, to support your home working packs.  
It's very important that you keep yourself busy, and one thing that really helps, is a regular routine.  With this in mind, there will be a timetable posted on this page every Monday, which you can refer to each day.  The blue underlined links will take you to useful resources.
One last thing: the main priority is to keep healthy and happy.  Please try to get some fresh air every day - go for a walk/ bike ride/ play in the garden - and try to be helpful around the house (remember that your parents and carers are having to cope with all this too!).  Why not learn a new skill, like cooking, drawing, a foreign language, knit & sew, or become an expert at something you can already do; there are many videos popping up online at the moment, especially for children.


Monday 13th July



This week is the final week of the school year. It has been a strange and difficult year but all you children have been amazing, especially during this time of Covid. We are so proud of you all and want to thank all you kids for the effort you have put in and all you adults for your amazing support.


This week, we will be exploring organisms in science and automatic drawing in art. We would love you to create your own quiz about a topic of your choosing and we will end the week with #QUIZUNITE. In addition, we want you to have your own movie afternoon or picnic, or both!


We will also be calling you for a chat and to wish you a happy holiday before the summer break starts.


Have a great week.


Year Five Team

English: Poetry


Monday 6th June



Hi everyone. Welcome to the penultimate week of the school year. Can you believe it, only two weeks left? We miss you all and hope you are doing well.


Below is this week’s timetable. In addition to the morning lessons, we have #SKIPUNITE and #DRAWUNITE from GSSP, in geography we continue our learning of deep-sea environments, for PSHE we are making our own gratitude jars, and finally, with science, we develop our understanding of animal kingdoms.


All additional resources are below the timetable.


Have a great week kids! We look forward to see your work on Seesaw.


Year Five Team


Monday 29th June



Hi Everyone,


Last week we loved seeing all your work on Seesaw, and can’t wait for what you have to show us this week.


Along with your maths, English, reading and spellings, this week we will also be exploring science, art, geography and PE.


For maths, follow the link for the videos. From Wednesday, the video return to the White Rose Maths website. Resources are below.


Please find the timetable below and additional resources below that.


Have a fab week everyone. We miss you all and hope you all doing well.


Year 5 Team



Monday 22nd June



Hi Everyone,


Well done on another good week of home learning. We particularly enjoy seeing your anti-racism signs. This week we have lots more great learning for history, technology, ICT, PE and #WRITEUNNITE.


For maths, once again, please use the links to the videos on the timetable and the resources provided below. Included below also is the skills test 12 in both Word and pdf format.


In English, we are continuing with the ‘One Chance’ wishing tale programme of work. Please use the resource provided below and the guidance on the timetable.


This week’s reading is ‘The Pebble in my Pocket’. The text, questions and answers are all below.


For history, we have the PowerPoint and worksheet below, and further details of the #WRITEUNITE activity can also be found below.


Have a great week and learning and have fun.


Year 5 Team

Friday 19th June
Virtual School Games
Hi everyone,
Sadly this year children at Emmaville have missed out on both our 'School Games Day' (led by our fabulous year 6 Sports Crew) and also our hugely successful annual 'Sports Day'.
But fear not, because tomorrow 'Northumberland Sport' have organised a virtual school games, which looks to be an amazing event. 
This is a series of sporting activities and challenges that have been timetabled from 10am - 2.30pm.
You can follow Tyne and Wear Sport and Northumberland Sport on social media and if you wish to, you can upload photos/videos of your children getting involved #VSG20.
Please see the document below if you would like to be involved in all or some of it.
Good luck and enjoy.

Monday 15th June



Hi everyone. We hope you are all doing well.


Well done on a super week of learning. We loved seeing all your work on Seesaw and were particularly impressed with your poems in English.


Monday is the start of a new week and there is lots of fab learning to be done. This week you have the chance to learn about evolution, design your own scarecrow, explore racism, illustrate a book and develop your football skills.


For maths, we are reviewing place value so you will need to follow the links on the website and NOT go to the White Rose website. As normal, the lesson worksheets are below.


In English, we are continuing with the wishing tale ‘One Chance’. Use the One Chance workbook below and find the relevant page detailed on the timetable.


Have a great week of learning everyone. Have fun and keep smiling.

Design - Scarecrow
PSHE - Racism


Monday 8th June



Well done on another good week of learning everyone. We think that you and your families are doing an absolutely fab job working form home and all the effort you are putting in. We do love seeing everything you post on Seesaw whether it be your work or how you are spending your time.


Below is the new timetable for the week beginning June 8th.


This week we start with our report’s comments. Please let us know what you have enjoyed, learnt and any highlights of the year. There is a worksheet below to remind you of the things you have done.


For maths, it is White Rose ‘Summer Term – Week 6’. The worksheets are below. For Friday, we have skills test 10.


For English, we are starting the ‘One Chance’ wishing tale this week. Please use the workbook provided below. The timetable details the parts to do each day.


For spellings, we are starting a new resource this week. Please follow the link on the timetable to the online practice.


Other resources below are the reading sheets and the worksheets for geography and French.


We really miss all of you, and hope that you are all doing well. Have a super week and we can’t wait to see you all on Seesaw.


The Year Five Team

Additional Documents: WC 08.06.20
Report's Comments
Friday 5th June
Home Learning Answers for week commencing 01.06.20

Monday 1st June



Hi everyone,


Welcome back for the first week of Summer Term 2. We hope you all had a lovely half-term and enjoyed the sunshine.


Below is the new timetable.


For maths, we are on ‘Summer Term – Week 5 (w/c 18th May)’ for White Rose. The lesson resources are below.

In English, we are continuing with ‘The Game’ and by the end of the week you will have written your own finding tale. The lesson resources are below.

There are also resources for history which can be found below.


Have a great week of learning and we look forward to seeing you on Seesaw this week.


The Year 5 Team

Additional Documents: WC 01.06.20
Saturday 23rd May
Home Learning Answers for week commencing 18.05.20


Monday 18th May



Hi everyone,


Well done on an excellent week. We particularly loved your estuary presentations, online safety awareness and shoot-em-up games. 


Welcome to a new week of learning.


For maths, the resources are below but the videos are on the White Rose Maths website.

For English, each day has a different resource which are all below.


We hope you have a great week of learning. Look after each other and enjoy every day.


Year Five Team

Additional Documents: WC 18.05.20
Friday 15th May
Home Learning Answers for week commencing 11.05.20

Monday 11th May

Maths Problem Solving


For any children who would like some additional maths challenges, we have some below. The pdf sheets have the questions (one with bar model and one without). The PowerPoint has the questions and works through how to solve them.

Monday 11th May



Hi everyone,


Welcome to the start of a new week. Well done on another super week of home learning. We loved your Seesaw posts, especially everything you created for VE Day.


As the Gateshead Dance Festival was cancelled, this week we have a special PE focus called DANCEUNITE, where children across the region will learn the same dance.


Please find below, the timetable with additional resources.


Have a great week. Stay safe, healthy and happy.


Year Five Team


Additional Documents: WC 11.05.20

Thursday 7th May
Home Learning Answers for week commencing 04.05.20


Monday 4th May



Hi Year Five,


Well done on another week of home learning and to everyone for working so hard. We loved seeing what you did last week on Seesaw and are so impressed with how well you are doing.


We recognise that there may seem a lot or work at times, but we want to highlight to just do what you can. If there are some things you can’t do, that is fine. Just try your best and do what you can. You are doing amazingly well.


This Friday marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day, the formal end of WW2, and much of our learning will be around this or similar themes.


Please find below the timetable for the week starting May 4th.


Additional learning resources are below the timetable. The timetable and resources will also be posted on Seesaw.


Have a great week of learning everyone. Most importantly, stay safe and stay happy.


The Year 5 Team





Additional Documents: WC 04.05.20
Thursday 30th April
Home Learning Answers for week commencing 27.04.20


Monday 27th April



Happy Monday everyone, and welcome to a new week of home learning. 


Once again, a huge well done on the work you did at home last week. We are hugely impressed with you all.


Please find below this week’s timetable in both pdf and Word format).


For the White Rose Maths lessons, click on the hyperlink then select Week 2 for lesson 10 and Summer Term Week 1 for lessons 1-4.


Remember to click the blue links wherever you see them on the timetable for resources linked to that learning. For the reading, the text and questions are below too.


On Thursday, the reading comprehension answers will be added.


Have a great week everyone. We look forward to you and your work on Seesaw. Stay safe. Stay happy.


The Year 5 Team


Additional Documents - WC Monday 27th April
Thursday 2nd April
Home Learning Answers for week commencing 20.04.20


Monday 20th April



Hi everyone. We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and have enjoyed this lovely weather. Today is the start of Summer Term 1 and we have an excellent timetable to get you back into the swing of your learning.


We love seeing your work on Seesaw, so please, keep posting some examples of your work and how you are keeping busy during this time.


For the 'White Rose' maths, lesson 5 is in the 'Week 1' section, whilst lessons 6 - 9 are in the 'Week 2' section.


Remember, follow the blue links to sites and resources as well as using the ones provided below the timetable.


On Thursday, answers for the grammar hammer and reading comprehension will be posted. 


Have a great week of learning. Most importantly, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay positive.


Year 5 Team

Additional Documents – WC Monday 20th April


Friday 3rd April


Hi everyone,


Hope you are all well and happy.


Today, as we were not able have our usual parents’ evening meeting, we have sent each child’s progress report by MarvelousMe. 


Well done on a super week of home learning. We have loved seeing all your updates on Seesaw.


We’re all so impressed with all your hard work, but now it’s the Easter holidays, so please make sure that you take time to relax and enjoy your familie’s company. However, if you’re stuck for something to do, below are some ideas that might help keep you entertained.


Best wishes for Easter. Have fun and take care of each other.


Team Year 5



Fun at Home


One of Emmaville’s favourite story tellers, Adam Bushnell, is telling a story every day on his YouTube channel (you can follow the blue link for it). So you might want to tune in for some wonderful Storytime at home. Emmaville has already had some shoutouts from him during this.  


For all you Harry Potter fans, there is now a ‘Harry Potter at Home’ website with lots of fun activities to keep you spellbound whilst at home.

Thursday 2nd April
Home Learning Answers for week commencing 30.03.20
Tuesday 31st March
Timetable Correction
Apologies everyone. The link for the short burst write was incorrect. We have corrected this now and it will take you to the correct 'Journey to School' page. If you have already done a short burst write, that is fine, stick with that, if not, please do it about the image and 'Story Starter' for 'Journey to School'.  
Team Year 5
Monday 30th March
Hi everyone. Hope your first week at home has been good and you are all keeping well. We have really enjoyed seeing the work and activities you have posted in Seesaw, and we look forward to seeing more this week. 
Please find below the timetable for the week starting Monday 30th. This week's timetable includes 'Other' subjects too.
For the 'MyMaths' learning, please sign into your 'MyMaths' account to find the activities set. Click on the homework tab to see which tasks you have been set. Your login details and passwords can be found at the back of your Maths homework book.
Answers for the 'Maths Skills Test', 'Grammar Hammer' and the 'Reading Comprehension' will be posted on the website later in the week.
We hope that you have enjoyed your home learning so far. Keep up the good work, and most importantly stay healthy.
Team Year 5 
Thursday 26th March
Timetable Update: 'Other' Subjects
You may notice that 'Other' subjects has been added to the current timetable. Please don't panic and feel that these all now need to be completed and squeezed into the last two days of the week. If you can, and would like to do any of them, great, please do. If not, that's fine.
Next week, 'Other' subjects will be included in the timetable when it is first published.
Most importantly, we hope that you are all keeping well, keeping your brain and body active, and above all, staying happy. 
Thursday 26th March
Home Learning Answers for week commencing 23.03.20
Monday 23rd March
Please find below, the timetable for home learning for the week commencing Monday 23rd March.
It is expected that the work detailed is completed, but the time and order is only a suggestion.
Links to websites are highlighted, in blue, and underlined.
Links to additional resources are below the timetable.
Additional Documents - WC: Monday 23rd March
LEXIA Log In Details
Friday 20th March
 Home Learning Advisory Letter