Emmaville Primary School

Year 5 Home Learning

Welcome to our home learning page. If you are unable to come to school, here are our class activities for you to do at home.  This will help children to keep up-to-date with what is happening at school.  The weekly overviews contain links for suggested websites, and if there any other resources like worksheets or PowerPoints, you will find links for those as well.
Monday 30th November
Tuesday 1st December
Wednesday 2nd December
Thursday 3rd December
Friday 4th December
WC 23.11.20 Timetable
Monday 23rd November
Tuesday 24th November
Wednesday 25th November
Thursday 26th November
Friday 27th November
WC 16.11.20 Timetable
Monday 16th November
Tuesday 17th November
Wednesday 18th November
Thursday 19th November
Friday 20th November 
WC- 9th November
Monday 9th November
Tuesday 10th November
Wednesday 11th November
Thursday 12th November
Friday 13th November
WC -2nd November
Monday 2nd November
Tuesday 3rd November
Wednesday 3rd November
Thursday 4th November
Friday 5th November
WC- 19th October
Monday 19th October
Tuesday 20th October
Wednesday 21st October
Thursday 22nd October
Friday 23rd October
WC- 12th October 2020
Please find this week's timetable and resources. The links to the maths' videos can be found on the weekly timetable attached.
Monday 12th October
Tuesday 13th October
Wednesday 14th October
Thursday 15th October
Friday 16th October
WC: 5th October 2020
Please find this week's timetable and resources. The links to the maths videos can be found on the weekly timetable attached.
Monday 5th October
Tuesday 6th October
Wednesday 7th October
Thursday 8th October
Friday 9th October
WC: 28th September 2020
Please find the timetable and resources below. Links to websites are in blue on the timetable.
Monday 28th September
Tuesday 29th September
Wednesday 30th September
Thursday 1st October
Friday 2nd October