Emmaville Primary School

Year 6 Home Learning

Hello and welcome to the Year 6 Home Learning page.  Here, you will find suggestions, ideas, resources and timetables for your education in the coming weeks.  Wherever possible, links to useful websites, online activities, information sheets and images will be included here, to support your home working packs.  
It's very important that you keep yourself busy, and one thing that really helps, is a regular routine.  With this in mind, there will be a timetable posted on this page every Monday, which you can refer to each day.  The blue underlined links will take you to useful resources.
One last thing: the main priority is to keep healthy and happy.  Please try to get some fresh air every day - go for a walk/ bike ride/ play in the garden - and try to be helpful around the house (remember that your parents and carers are having to cope with all this too!).  Why not learn a new skill, like cooking, drawing, a foreign language, knit & sew, or become an expert at something you can already do; there are many videos popping up online at the moment, especially for children.
Monday 13th June
Hello Year 6.  Well, it's finally arrived - the last week of the school year.  We do hope that this finds you well, happy and healthy still.  We won't dwell on what might have been, but this week's activities include a chance to think about your experiences at Emmaville, with a letter-writing task.  There is also a little maths to finish off your revision, ready for Year 7, and a final Science lesson from Oak Academy that links to the evolution sessions, about classification.  There's also an emoji art activity, but as it is the last week, you'll see that we've encouraged you to have a picnic and watch a movie too.  
Last week's Google Hangout meeting went very well, and it was so good to see some of your smiles again.  Because of this, we would like to invite you to a very special meeting on Thursday morning, at the same time of 10 am, where we'll get a chance to chat together and maybe watch a short video...!  You should receive and invitation some time this week.
Have a lovely week,
Mrs McKenna and Mr Saddington
Monday 6th July
Hello Year 6, and welcome to your penultimate week of the Summer Term.  Can you believe that there are only two weeks left to go before the Summer Holidays?
This week's timetable includes some work on angles in Maths, a fun poetry activity for English, learning about deep-sea exploration in Geography, skipping skills, a #DRAWUNITE competition and a lovely PSHE Gratitude Jar activity.  As usual, do what you feel you can, and enjoy it.  You will notice that on Thursday, we all have a Google Hangout meeting with Mrs Hunt from Thorp Academy, as part of your transition activities; those of you who are working from home should receive an invitation from Mrs Hunt this week.  Hopefully, we'll see you all then!
One more thing: your end-of-year reports will be coming to you via Marvellous Me on Friday, so if any of you still need to post your own personal comment on Seesaw, please do so before then.
Thank you,
Mr Saddington & Mrs McKenna
Monday 29th June
Welcome to another week of home learning Year 6.   In Maths, we're moving on to ratio and proportion - something we'd just covered before school had to close.  Your persuasion writing unit comes to a close on Thursday, with a radio advert task: it would be great to hear you on Seesaw reading your work! 
We also have a continuation of the Theory of Evolution for Science, an art competition from the RSPB and a couple of PE challenges, which include a Gateshead #WRITEUNITE poem competition about Sports Day - please post your poems on Seesaw, and we will register them for you. Not only could you win a £20 Amazon voucher, but the school that enters the most poems will win £350-worth of Sports Day equipment!
There are also some more Year 7 transition activities from Thorp Academy that you could do to help you get ready for the Autumn Term.   Busy, busy, but as always, please don't get overloaded and only do what you can manage - keep up with the exercise and try to do things that help you stay happy and healthy. 
Have a good week, 
Mrs McKenna and Mr Saddington 
Monday 22nd June
Hello Year 6.  We hope you are all well.  Thank you for your Seesaw posts last week - it was good to see your work, and also some of your anti-racism signs. 
Here's the next set of activities for this week, with links for the Maths videos in the timetable and Maths sheets underneath, as usual.  We'll be continuing the persuasion unit for English, so please use the link below the timetable for the next part of the booklet.  In the afternoons this week, you can choose from a variety of topics, from finding out about Hadrian's Wall, making a scarecrow, programming a chatbot in Scratch and challenging yourself with football skills. 
We also have a transition PowerPoint for you to look through - many of you will be wondering what September will look like, and without the usual transition days that you would have had this term, you probably have lots of questions about life in secondary school.  The PowerPoint is designed to help you think about your feelings and to give you some answers, so please use the link below the timetable to work through the activities; it would be a good idea if you talked about this with your parents/carers too.  
Have a good week, and take care, 
Mr Saddington and Mrs McKenna
Monday 15th June
Welcome to week three of the second part of the Summer Term, Year 6.  This might mark thirteen weeks since school closed, but it's the first week of opening again to some of you.  It's really important that we stay together with our learning, though, which is why we are all going to continue following the activities on the home learning timetable. 
This week, we have a lesson on the theory of evolution, a scarecrow competition, a racism lesson and a sporting challenge, as well as your maths and English lessons.  You may have noticed an extra link to a great spelling website last week, which will remain on the timetables now, so if you haven't tried it, why not give it a go? 
Again, thanks for sharing your work - it's wonderful for us to see how you've been getting on; remember, it doesn't matter if you can't manage the whole timetable, and anything you do that interests you is worth posting.  
Take care and have fun, Mrs McKenna and Mr Saddington.
Monday 8th June
Hello everyone, and welcome to the start of other week of home learning.  We were very impressed with your shared work from last week: some great maths, excellent diary entries, well-written biographies, several good ideas for socially-distanced PE activities and some beautifully-handwritten narrative jokes.   This week's timetable contains an equally-varied mix of activities to keep your brains active, and includes one piece of writing that we would very much like you to post on Seesaw - your comment for your end of year report.  All the links you need are either in the timetable or underneath it.
Monday 1st June
Hello everyone - we hope you've had a good 'half term' week.  This incredible weather has certainly made things more bearable; in fact, it's officially been the sunniest Spring since records begin in 1929. 
Welcome to the new week, what should be the beginning of the second half of the Summer Term.  It's hard to believe, we know, but hey, ho.  This week's timetable includes lots of different activities to keep your brains active, and includes a few links below it for extra resources.  Have fun and keep us posted on Seesaw,  Mrs McKenna and Mr Saddington
Monday 18th May 
Hello again Year 6 - we hope you've had a good weekend and are ready for another week of home learning.  Thank you for continuing to share your work; it's really lovely to see how you've been getting on.  This week, for our PSHE, we'd like you to write a letter to the rest of your class and 'post' it on Seesaw.  Any letters that come through to us can then be shared on Seesaw, so your friends can read them.
If you haven't seen the video of Friday's Danceunite performance in the school hall yet, do take a look on the News section of the website.  We hope that you were able to join in at some point during last week too. 
You'll find everything that you need below, including resources for the English and Maths activities, as well as a 'STEM' design challenge. 
Enjoy the week, Mr Saddington and Mrs McKenna.
VE Day Celebrations - 8th May 2020
A huge well done for all your hard work and and creativity - we've never seen such a variety of bunting, hats and delicious cakes!  There must surely have been some fabulous tea parties.
Here are all the entries that were posted on Seesaw:
Monday 11th May
Hello again Year 6.  We hope you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend - the weather was certainly kind, and judging by all your amazing photos, you must have had some fantastic VE Day tea parties!  
Welcome to the next week of activities.  The format of the maths lessons is exactly the same, but getting them is now slightly different - the links in the timetable will take you to the daily videos (which are no longer part of the White Rose website), but to get the activities and answers, please use the links below the timetable. 
Don't forget to check out the online dance event, DANCEUNITE, with tutorials every day this week.  Have fun!
Mrs McKenna and Mr Saddington
Monday 4th May
Hello Year 6 and welcome to the third week of the Summer Term.  It was great to see so many of your posts last week, and we continue to be amazed at your creativity and hard work.  Many of you are sharing photos of you doing things with your family and getting active outside, which is really good to see, as although we're giving you a range of activities on the weekly timetables, the most important thing is to keep happy and healthy.  
Here's this week's set of ideas, with the usual hyperlinks.  Much of what we've suggested is based around Friday's 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. including a rather exciting competition with prizes.  You've still got 21st century maths, though!
Have a great week, and we'll catch up with you on Seesaw.
Mr Saddington and Mrs McKenna.
Monday 27th April
Here we are at the start of week two of the Summer Term - we've been very impressed with all your efforts so far, and it's been lovely to see your work and activities on Seesaw.  You'll find the new timetable below, with all the hyperlinks in blue.  The picture underneath is for Thursday's English activity.  This week, we have the start of a new TT Rockstars battle, so get your fingers tapping!  Good luck and stay safe,
Mrs McKenna and Mr Saddington
Monday 20th April
We hope that you were able to spend time relaxing over what was the Easter holiday, but welcome to the start of the Summer Term! (Can you tell the difference?!) None of us expected it to be like this, but we just have to make the best of our time, so here is this week's timetable.  There are a few links for resources and a video underneath the timetable, but the blue hyperlinks in each day's section should take you straight to them.  Good luck, and don't forget to let us know how you've been getting on by posting on Seesaw.

Friday 3rd April
We're so impressed with all your hard work - it's not easy doing it away from school - but it's very nearly the start of the Easter holidays, so please make sure you take time to relax and enjoy your family's company.  However, if you're stuck for something to do, there are some ideas in the pdf below that might help keep you entertained.
In addition, one of Emmaville’s favourite visitors, Adam Bushnell, is telling a story every day at 2:30 pm on his YouTube channel. You can even leave him a message if you want to -  Emmaville has already had some shout-outs.  Also, something that might interest any Harry Potter fans, is a ‘Harry Potter at Home’ website, which has lots of fun activities to keep you spellbound whilst at home.
Monday 30th March
Hi everyone - hope you are all well and keeping busy. Here is the timetable for week two (has it only been a week?), which has all the links you will need. 
Good luck, and please keep in touch using Seesaw.
Monday 23rd March
Here's your timetable for the first week.  It includes any web-links that you might need, but also uses the homework packs that you have.  Good luck, and don't forget to take breaks and have some exercise as well.