Emmaville Primary School

Year 6 Surfing Lessons at Tynemouth

9th May 2019

After weeks of very hard work, our Year 6 pupils spent an amazing day at Tynemouth Longsands beach for a bit of welcome chilling out, in preparation for next week's tests.  All week, we'd been suffering some particularly awful weather, but Friday dawned clear and sunny.  We expected a chill in the air, but it was actually pleasantly warm at times - at least once we'd dried off!  The highlight of the day was a surfing lesson, which (once those very tight wetsuits had been squeezed into) was the best fun ever, according to quite a few excited screams.  Everyone got to experience the thrill of riding a wave, and a few of us even managed to master the board standing up.  What a great way to prepare our minds.