Emmaville Primary School

Day One

At the Science Museum
We arrived in London pretty much on time, and rolled into the Science Museum for a couple of hours in the interactive Wonderlab.  There was so much to see and do, including buttons to press, levers to pull, lights to switch on and even a friction slide to experience.  We were also treated to a 'Flash Bang Wallop' demonstration show, where a few of us got to help explode stuff.  
A Walk to Buckingham Palace
A lovely stroll through Hyde Park was next on the agenda, where we had time to spot flocks of bright green ring-necked parakeets, a few red-eyed Egyptian geese and some very curious grey squirrels.  We ended up at the Victoria Monument, right in front of Buckingham Palace, and managed a good few selfies.  The flag was flying, so the Queen must have been in; as the lights came on, one set of windows at a time, we couldn't help but wonder how she managed to run so quickly from one room to the next to switch them on...
The Hard Rock Café 
Never has tea been so eagerly awaited - they even let us in 20 minutes early, such were the groans of our stomachs.  The staff were great and served us some tasty burgers, chips and drinks in double time, and left us to join in with classics like 'We Will Rock You'.  You'd never guess that we'd been on the go since 7 this morning.  
A short coach ride then brought us - finally - to our hotel, where all is now very quiet.