Emmaville Primary School

Day Four

Morning, we're currently on our way to the theme park and have just been reading all of the comments which the children have loved hearing, so thank you for these. 
However, some sombre news I'm afraid.... at 10:02 last night, Dora the Explorer sadly passed away. She only managed 12 hours of exploring and will be sadly missed. Her funeral was a moving affair, with eulogies provided by the Reverend Whittaker and Archbishop Dutta - Mr Zack Richardson was too distraught to add his own tribute, but had the loving support of his friends to comfort him. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, and we are all (much like Dora) a little deflated. 

What a ride!  It was forecast for thunderstorms today, which isn’t ideal when one is surrounded by lightning conductors, but never fear, the sun shines on the righteous.  As often is the case, the most timid of the group seemed to rise to the occasion and finished the day as complete speed-freaks.  Fearless isn't the word, and many of the gang tried things they'd never done before, literally seeing things from a different perspective.  Loop-the-loops, giant water-splashes, spinning cows, log flumes and pirate ships - we did them all for Dora...

All that energy expended caused a need for re-fuelling, so of course the crêpes, candy floss and slushes were procured. 
There was just time before we left to spend a few magical minutes with some squirrel monkeys, who were very inquisitive indeed.  Fortunately, all bags were zipped, so no belongings were lost, and no monkeys were acquired.
The pull of the seaside never fails to exert its influence, so after a delicious meal back at the hostel, we headed down to the beach, ice creams in hand.  With a sea fret rolling in, temperatures dropped, but that didn't prevent most of us from taking a dip.  It was a lovely end to the trip - a time of fun, discovery and growth.  It's already been said, but the children really have been a credit to you all and we have very much enjoyed their company this week.  See you all soon!