Emmaville Primary School

School Council

The school has an active school council, who are democratically elected by their own class-mates. Elections are held every year in the Autumn term, and the council meet regularly, representing the views, ideas and concerns of their fellow pupils. Over the years, the council has been responsible for some major school-wide initiatives, including introducing waterbottles for all children, setting up a paper recyling scheme, initiating the school's allotment beds, taking the children's ideas about what should be included in the recent school remodelling to the architects and project manager, before all the building work began and, of course, playing an integral part in planning and organising our amazing 'Emmaville's Got Talent' shows.
Emmaville School Council 2017-18

This year our school council are: 
Tayla and Lewis (New York class - Year  5 &6)
Max & Rosie (Toronto class - Year 5 & 6)
Louis & Olivia (Rio de Janeiro Class - Year 5 & 6)
Athena & Max(Jerusalem class - Years 3 & 4)
Emma & Daniel (Kuala Lumpur class - Years 3 & 4)
Conan & Erin (Moscow class - Years 3 & 4)