Emmaville Primary School

Day 1

Aaaand we’re off! 

How lovely to be greeted this morning by all of those smiling faces outside the school gates as the children prepared to set off on their adventure to the capital city. Lots of memories ready to be made! We will provide updates on here on a regular basis, as and when we can. Please feel free to leave comments for the children; they always love hearing a hello from their families.
The traffic, and weather, have been kind to us so far on the journey down. We made a pitstop for lunch, and are now back on the coach; it’s been a calm and enjoyable start to our adventure.
After a very smooth coach journey, we arrived safely in London, right on schedule. Our first stop on our busy agenda took us to the Twist Museum. Minds were boggled and jaws dropped as we made our way around the interactive displays, of course stopping for plenty of photo opportunities. 

We are back on the bus for a coach tour of some of the London sights (in fact, we have just driven past the London eye and the shard) before heading for our well earned meal at Cafe Rouge. 

After a lovely meal at Café Rouge, we arrived safely at the hotel to a very organised and smooth welcome from the hotel staff. All of the children are unpacked and settled in their rooms, and all seems quiet for now.... What a fab first day we have had with our lovely year sixes.