Emmaville Primary School

Curriculum Intent

Mission Statement

It is our belief that every individual deserves the chance to fulfil their potential and to become an independent learner.  Together we learn, acknowledge and celebrate one another’s achievements and individuality.  At our school, the learning journey will offer the opportunity to acquire knowledge, develop skills, think creatively, have fun, enjoy life and become a good citizen.  No door will be closed; all will be inspired to face challenges with confidence and to embrace whatever the future may hold.

Curriculum Intent

We aim to provide a purposeful and empowering climate for learning, a curriculum that focuses upon the key concepts of influence, belonging and choice.  The key concepts, supported by the study of significant people and rich stories, will fully prepare our pupils to develop their sense of self- worth and their aspirations for the future.  We offer a thoughtful range of experiences that allow the children to ask key questions, develop big ideas and to demonstrate to them how all of their learning is linked.  Our curriculum gives pupils an excellent mix of academic and personal development and even though core literacy and numeracy skills are at the heart of the school’s teaching, we also give great importance to the foundation subjects.  Throughout their time at Emmaville, pupils will have participated in cultural activities that not only enrich their lives but also provide them with the confidence and skills for a fulfilled and happy life.

Curriculum Drivers

Learning from the past helps pupils to make sense of the world in which they live. It helps them to piece together how their lives have been shaped by those who lived before them.  Pupils will learn about challenges that people faced, showing how resilience and determination can overcome adversity.  They are able to understand their place in the world and this inspires them to believe that they can have a positive impact upon the world which they inhabit.

Living in the present helps pupils to appreciate their place in the community and how they as individuals can make a positive contribution to the community; taking pride in all that they do and learning to value their own self-worth.  They will learn about diverse places and people, about natural and human environments as well as key physical and human processes.  They will be able to appreciate and take care of the environment by learning from others and those around them. 

Preparing for the future will be an important aspect of the children’s education.  Pupils will have opportunities in all curriculum subjects to solve problems and to make decisions using critical – thinking.  They will acquire key knowledge, concepts and skills, and will come to understand how subjects and specific skills are linked to future occupations. This will then help to build their ‘Cultural Capital’ giving them experiences, and the greatest possible understanding of available opportunities that will encourage future aspirations, so that they can be prepared to contribute to the world’s prosperity.