Emmaville Primary School

Emmaville Fairtrade Committee

20th October 2023

Congratulations to Ophelia, Jasmine, Scarlett, Ruby and Phoebe who were elected by their Year 6 peers to be this year’s Fairtrade Committee. At Emmaville, we feel passionately about Fairtrade and what the logo represents: Fairtrade standards aim to protect workers’ basic rights, including a safe working environment, while they produce food needed to sustain the world in an environmentally friendly way.
Emmaville has been a Fairtrade school for more than ten years and, during this time, we have raised funds and supported the Fairtrade cause in lots of different ways. This year, our Fairtrade Committee, will be holding a tuck shop on a Fridays where children will be able to buy Fairtrade cookies. The committee will visit our local Coop store on Crawcrook Main Street and negotiate with them to make Fairtrade cookies for the committee to sell in school. We have been really happy to work with the Coop in our local community as the Coop have promoted Fairtrade for many years and are also passionate about the Fairtrade cause.
As part of their role on the Fairtrade Committee, the committee will ensure that the children at Emmaville will also be informed about the work of Fairtrade and how important it is to support Fairtrade by buying goods with the Fairtrade logo, and considering the environment when making choices.