Emmaville Primary School

Gateshead Primary Schools Swimming Gala

17th February 2023

Congratulations to our Year 6 children who travelled to Dunston on the final Friday of half-term to take part in the Gateshead Primary Schools Swimming Gala.  The children Thomas, Myles, Zac, Hayden, Zoe, Layla, Ava and Sophia, were in excellent sprits as we travelled to Dunston and the ‘high energy’ was maintained as they competed for medals throughout the afternoon eventually bringing home 5 medals.

Well done to all of our swimmers for excellent performances and for supporting each other during the gala.  I’d like to give a special mention to Zoe who won a gold medal, and broke the previous record for the 25 metres breast stroke, and to the girl’s relay team who won silver.

Thank you for those parents who came to support the children. It was also fantastic to have our ‘Emmaville Angel’ with us at pool-side; I feel she is becoming a real lucky charm for us at sporting competitions!