Emmaville Primary School

School Council at Crawcrook's Community Garden

15th June 2023

Last half term, we were contacted by a member of the team at the Church of the Holy Spirit asking if our School Council would be interested in doing some planting in Crawcrook’s new community garden. The School Council were delighted to accept the invitation and on Thursday afternoon, Miss Kenyon and Mrs Richter took the school council to the garden where the pupils planted a variety of seeds including; courgette, carrot, pea and radish seeds. As well as this, the children also planted a pumpkin plant and some potatoes. Finally, the School Council helped to water the seeds and plants and listened carefully as Mrs Richter gave them some useful tips on how to care for new seeds. The children absolutely loved spending time in the community garden and it is a very welcome addition to Crawcrook, that will hopefully be enjoyed by our pupils and the wider community