Emmaville Primary School

Oracy - Emmaville Speech Challenge 2022

1st July 2022

Emmaville Speech Challenge 2022

This year we held our second Emmaville Speech Challenge. The topic was: 

If I could be an animal for 24 hours, I would be a…

This year, the children prepared and practised the speeches in class so everyone took part. We were very impressed with the speeches. The teachers all had a really tricky time choosing their winners. It was fantastic to hear about the places the children would go and the things they would see, hear or do while they were being the animal. What was even more interesting was how their experience as the animal affected how they would behave when they turned back into a human. Many children talked about looking after nature more carefully, cutting down less trees and using less plastic. Well done to our class winners who are:

Reception Newcastle – Oliver

Reception Gateshead – Maisie

Y1 Scotland – Maci

Y1 England – Lana

Y2 Wales – Florence

Y2 Northern Ireland – Grace

Y3 – Northern Europe – Oliver M

Y3 – Southern Europe – Emily B

Y4 – Africa – Jake M

Y4 – Asia – Theo

Y5 – Antarctica – Dylan

Y5 – Oceania – Maia

Y6 – South America – Leo

Y6 - North America – Mary


Miss Armstrong and I had an even trickier job picking the overall school winners. A huge WELL DONE to:

1st place – Leo (South America)

2nd place – Theo (Asia)

3rd place – Grace (Northern Ireland)

Have a look at the winning videos.

All the children received Waterstones vouchers. We hope you enjoy choosing some books you enjoy!