Emmaville Primary School

Oracy - Performance Poetry Competition

8th April 2022

Oracy - Performance Poetry Competition


Last week, all the children practised and performed a poem using their oracy skills including:

VOICE: pace, varying your tone, pronouncing words clearly and projecting your voice

BODY LANGAUGE: gesture posture, facial expression and eye contact.


The poem was linked to Diversity Week and was about something that we really enjoy, or makes us different or special. 


Well done to everyone! I was so impressed with how hard the children worked and how well they performed in front of their peers. The standard was very high and some of the children had even written their own poems. Miss Armstrong and I had a very tough job choosing the whole school winners from the class winners. Congratulations to all our winners.


The class winners were:


Crawcrook – Izzy

Gateshead – George

Newcastle – Jayden

Scotland – Imogen

England – Ellie B

Wales – Ella W

Northern Ireland – Lydia

Northern Europe – Emily

Southern Europe – Mila

Africa – Holly

Asia – Charlotte

Antarctica – Noah

Oceania – Noah

South America – Sophie

North America – Tilda


You can see the videos of the whole school winners who were: 


1st prize – Mila – Southern Europe

2nd prize – Ellie B – England

3rd prize – Sophie – South America


All the winners received Waterstones vouchers. We hope you enjoy choosing some nice books!


Mrs Hamilton