Emmaville Primary School


Art Curriculum Overview

At Emmaville Primary School, we believe that high-quality, engaging Art and Design lessons significantly contribute to pupils’ education. In Art and Design pupils are able to express feelings and ideas whilst experimenting with different mediums and refining their art skills and techniques. At Emmaville, we take pride in our creativity and aim to inspire confidence, value and pleasure in Art and Design. We support all pupils to be independent, innovative and original when developing their art work and we celebrate the successes of all pupils. We believe that it is crucial to give pupils the opportunity and time to reflect in Art and Design; allowing pupils to have time to analyse and critically evaluate their own work art and artistic process as well as that of their peers.

Curriculum Drivers

The School’s Curriculum Drivers are reflected in our Art education:

Learning from the past
At Emmaville Primary School, we believe that Art and Design can be an incredibly valuable way for children to gain insight and understanding of significant past events and traditions. Our Art curriculum is built on National Curriculum coverage and throughout their time at Emmaville, pupils will gain an appreciation for influential artists from the past.

Living in the Present
Art and Design can be incredibly powerful and a remarkable way of depicting culture from all over the world, encouraging children to appreciate and celebrate cultural diversities. Art and Design can be a wonderful way of introducing and highlights topics such as the environment, to children in a way that is relatable and less formidable. It is also a valuable way in which children can gain more of an insight into their local community and help to build relationships with those in their community.

Preparing for the Future
High- quality Art and Design education can have a positive impact in other areas of life and learning. It encourages pupils to express their feelings and ideas, both as a means of self-expression and to communicate to others. Additionally, Art and Design education has been shown to strengthen problem-solving and critical-thinking skills; skills necessary for many occupations. Through high- quality teaching, experiencing a range of mediums, studying diverse artists from the past and present, visiting art galleries and working with artists; we aim to help all pupils build a rich “Cultural Capital.”

Art within school
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