Emmaville Primary School

Religious Education

Religious Education Curriculum Overview

Our intention is to promote enquiring minds and provoke challenging questions about the meaning and purpose of life, beliefs, the self, the issues of right and wrong, commitment and belonging. We intend to encourage pupils to explore their own beliefs which will enable them to build a sense of identity and belonging. We aim to teach pupils to develop respect and responsibilities to themselves and to others.

To achieve this, we must take into account the age and understanding of the child and whenever possible closely relate their learning to their first-hand experiences. To that end, we particularly welcome and encourage both visits to different religious buildings and visitors from different faiths into the classroom. We also appreciate the contribution that visitors from the local community churches offer.

Curriculum Drivers

The School’s Curriculum Drivers are reflected in our Religious Education:

Learning from the past

To understand and appreciate the challenges and developments that different faiths have faced over time. To achieve this, we will look at the rich religious heritage and traditions of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam to help us understand how the history of these faiths can impact on the present and the future.

Living in the Present

To understand how the different faiths, practice their faith in the modern world. What these practices tell us about the ethos and values of the different faiths. Exploring the core values and asking how they make a difference for people today.

Preparing for the Future

To understand and appreciate why knowledge, empathy, generosity and compassion for people of different faiths is important moving forward into the future. Exploring how they might contribute to their communities and to wider society as citizens in an ever increasingly diverse society.