Emmaville Primary School


English Curriculum Overview

English underpins all learning at Emmaville. In every aspect of the curriculum, English can be found; therefore, it is essential that we provide opportunities for children to progress and succeed and this is done through a carefully implemented English curriculum. English is a key skill which is essential for all aspects of everyday life, including independent learning and the world of work. We ensure that a love of language and reading is embedded within our school culture, and we strive to help children enjoy and appreciate literature and its rich variety. The National Curriculum states that skills in English are essential to participating fully as a member of society. Therefore, our aim is to provide high quality teaching and learning experiences so our children become enthusiastic, confident and independent users of language in the spoken and written word.

At Emmaville, we follow the Talk4Writing approach in English to deliver the curriculum content, as well as regular additional reading sessions, using Read Write Inc and Accelerated Reader to support these. This is also supplemented through plenty of cross curricular opportunities to reinforce English skills. In the first instance, this is implemented through Foundation Stage using Early Learning goals and then from Year 1 to Year 6, statutory requirements of the National Curriculum are met by fully implementing National Curriculum objectives, which can be found here.

Curriculum Drivers

Learning from the past

An understanding and appreciation of the English language cannot be developed without learning from the past. First spoken in Medieval England, English is now the leading language of international discourse in today’s world. Language is constantly changing and developing, and children will learn about the origins and structure of language. Throughout their time at Emmaville, children are exposed to a wide variety of authors, novels and text types; this includes both modern and traditional texts which children have the opportunity to listen to, read and express opinions about.

Living in the present

English is the perfect vehicle to navigate the ever changing world in which we live. At Emmaville, we teach the children to appreciate the world around them, embrace differences and make a positive contribution. Stories are regularly used as a way in which children can make sense of situations they may find themselves in and to develop their empathy skills. This is further reinforced through their continually developing speaking and listening skills, understanding that these are essential to build positive relationships and make a difference. Children also have regular opportunity to write for a purpose, structuring letters, persuasive arguments and stories which are relevant to their local community.

Preparing for the future

Having a secure grasp of all aspects of English is essential for everyday life, whether in a personal or professional environment. Through providing children with many different opportunities to develop their skills in English, we hope to encourage our children to be caring, confident and useful members of their community, who are able to be critical thinkers, confident debaters, fluent readers and creative writers.

Reading is the key that unlocks the whole curriculum, and we believe that access to, and exposure to, a great range of books is not only essential, but the children's right, as they progress through our school.  Pie Corbett, the English educational trainer and founder of the Talk4Writing approach, recommends a core 'spine' of books for each year group.  You can see the complete spine (and Pie Corbett's thinking behind his choices) by clicking the link below.  These books are, of course, supplemented by a wealth of other literature, chosen by the class teachers themselves.