Emmaville Primary School


History Curriculum Overview

The History of the world has shaped the world that we live in now. A high-quality history education will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. The curriculum should inspire pupils’ curiosity to know more about the past. We want the children to be able to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgement. History helps pupils to understand the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change and the reasons for these changes, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups, as well as their own identity and the challenges of their time.

Curriculum Drivers

The School’s Curriculum Drivers are reflected in our History education:

Learning from the past

History is all about the past and, from the beginning of time, the history of the world has evolved. By delving deep into our historical past, the children will be able to make connections between different periods of history and also understand how the past has shaped the world we live in today.  As History is studied, the children will begin to understand the timeline of the History of our country and the wider world

Living in the Present

History in our school is rooted in enquiry: asking questions about the past, exploring different sources of information, piecing together information and formulating their ideas and knowledge. Whilst looking at local, national and international history, our pupils can begin to piece together how their lives have been influenced by those who lived before us and how they have an important role to play within their community. It also helps them understand their place in the world and how they can positively and negatively impact the world they live in.  

Preparing for the Future

In the teaching of history, we want the children to gain a wonder for the past but also for the future. Particularly at this time, the children can see that they are living through historical events that will impact on their lives and the lives of their families too. Considering how ancient civilisations, notable battles and wars, significant leaders or rulers and key eras from past have influenced the modern world, will help our pupils to consider the influence they could have on our future. The attributes and skills that the children use to increase their historical understanding could impact on the future career of our pupils.