Emmaville Primary School


Computing statement of intent

Technology is changing the lives of everyone. Through teaching Computing, we equip our children to participate in a rapidly changing world.

It is our intention that children will have the knowledge and the understanding of digital literacy, computer science, information technology and internet safety that will have huge influence on their lives both now and in the future. These areas of learning are revisited frequently during children’s time in school to ensure that learning is embedded and skills are successfully developed.

Computing skills are a major factor in enabling children to be confident, creative and independent learners. Our intention is that Computing supports children’s creativity and cross curricular learning to engage children and enrich their experiences in school.

Curriculum Drivers

Learning from the past

Computing has its history from when humans first started communicating with each other and started showing each other how to do things. An algorithm simply put is a set of instructions and this allows us to learn from other people’s ideas and develop our own. Technological advances in recent years have meant that computing has indeed shaped the world and how we live, and it is important that the children understand how computing has evolved to what it is now.


Living in the present

Children in our school have been born into a world absolutely governed by computing and although they are fluent in much of today’s technology it is important that the children understand and are able to use the principles behind programming. This goes hand in hand with an appreciation of their role as responsible users of technology. Children are taught at an early age how their actions affect others and how to respond to what they see when online.


Preparing for the future

Computing teaches the children not only to explore and try out new things but it gives them the confidence to identify and rectify mistakes and debug programmes – skills that will be vital to the market place of the future. As computing and technology continues to evolve at such a rapid pace, the children as adults of the future, will need to develop these skills of resilience and creativity.

Safer Internet Day - Video Wall
During our discussions on Safer Internet Day we asked the children to talk to us about how they used the internet and how they looked after themselves when they used it. 
Please have a look at the video below to see some of the things our children said.