Emmaville Primary School

Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Language Curriculum Overview


At Emmaville Primary School we believe that learning Modern Foreign Languages makes a valuable contribution to pupils’ education.  MFL also helps to build pupils confidence in a variety of methods of communication. As there are over 220 million French speakers internationally, French is our chosen focus language within school.

Curriculum Drivers

The School’s Curriculum Drivers are reflected in our Modern Foreign Languages Education:

Learning from the past

Learning a language opens children up to a new challenge which provides opportunities for intellectual stimulation as well as enjoyment and the satisfaction of mastering a new language, a skill which can be utilised throughout the child’s life. Studying languages involved practise of observational and memory skills as well as perseverance and growth mindset. Through learning a language, we also can learn about its history and by doing so will gain a greater understanding of the language itself and the countries which speak it. By learning about the history, traditions and culture of Francophone countries, we can gain a deeper understanding of the language and those who speak it.

Living in the Present

MFL encourages children to become interested in the world around them: it helps to develop an understanding of language while celebrating linguistic and cultural differences. While we focus on French, it is our aim to opens doors to broader communication possibilities as well as a developing a better understanding of the world and why different languages are spoken. As a result of this, we encourage our children to share languages they know and speak at home with the wider school community. It is important that we develop this understanding to help us accept and respect languages and cultures which are different to our own.

Preparing for the Future

Learning a new language opens doors to the wider international community and our respect for that is what drives our MFL work. By introducing the children to languages and lifestyles other than English, we ensure the children can explore a country, its cultures and beliefs through the medium of language. We live in a multicultural world and we recognise that acquiring another language is a crucial asset in the global economy and an advantage for finding a job with the multinational companies around the world.