Emmaville Primary School


Oracy Curriculum Overview 

   “Oracy is the ability to articulate ideas, develop understanding and engage with others through spoken language.” Voice 21

At Emmaville Primary School, Oracy plays a prominent role in teaching and learning. The ability to listen actively, speak clearly and communicate articulately is seen as a fundamental part of the learning process. Critically, Oracy underpins the development of reading and writing, and is key to progress in all subjects.

At Emmaville Primary we strive to develop Oracy skills through the curriculum, lunchtimes, extra-curricular activities and the whole ethos of the school.

Oracy can be described as a combination of learning to talk and learning through talk. Talk supports not only children’s learning, but also their social development. We believe that developing Oracy throughout primary education provides our students with vital life skills. We aim to encourage fluent speakers, who are confident to communicate, debate and present in a wide range of situations.

The National Curriculum for English reflects the importance of spoken language in pupils’ development. Oracy is embedded throughout our broad and balanced curriculum, and Oracy skills are taught explicitly. Pupils are taught to understand and use the physical, linguistic, cognitive and social and emotional skills that enable successful discussion, inspiring speech and successful communication. Lessons are talk-rich, and questions are carefully planned to ensure all children can fully participate. Pupils participate in a wide range of Oracy activities which help them to develop confidence in spoken language.

Curriculum Drivers

Learning from the past

An understanding and appreciation of the English language cannot be developed without learning from the past. First spoken in Medieval England, English is now the leading language of international discourse in today’s world. Language is constantly changing and developing, and children will learn about the origins and structure of language. Throughout their time at Emmaville, children are exposed to a wide vocabulary which allows them to understand and use words with precision.

Living in the present

English is the perfect vehicle to navigate the ever changing world in which we live. At Emmaville, we teach the children to appreciate the world around them, embrace differences and make a positive contribution. Stories are regularly used as a way in which children can make sense of situations they may find themselves in and to develop their empathy skills. This is further reinforced through their continually developing Oracy skills, understanding that these are essential to build positive relationships and make a difference.

Preparing for the future

Having a secure grasp of all aspects of English is essential for everyday life, whether in a personal or professional environment. Through providing children with many different opportunities to develop their Oracy skills, through exploratory and presentational talk, we hope to encourage our children to be caring, confident and useful members of their community. They will be able to use Oracy to be investigative learners and attentive listeners who can be constructively critical and inspirational to others.