Emmaville Primary School

Day 4

And just like that, our residential to the capital city is done, and we’re on the coach heading for home. We can’t quite believe how quickly it’s gone, and just how much we’ve managed to pack into four days. 

Today took us to the epic Harry Potter studios, which is a fantastic day out for all. The children were mesmerised by the moving portraits, the original sets, genuine artefacts, interactive displays and much much more. They’ve climbed aboard the Hogwarts Express, stepped in Privet Drive and climbed into the Weasley’s car to name a few things.
The day was finished with a visit to what must be the largest gift shop in all of London, where the children were in their element shopping away, and are leaving with new cuddlies, wands and chocolate frogs galore! 

Can we just say again how lovely it’s been to spend this time with your amazing children, and we’ve felt incredibly proud to be their teachers. We will keep you updated with the progress we make on the way home. 
A quick stop at the services for a McDonalds tea, and then back onto the coach for the final stint.... Plenty of time left for a quick spa treatment after a tiring few days in London....