Emmaville Primary School

Day Three

Some very bleary eyes, tearfulness and a little bit of homesickness this morning.  The children are all cheerful and well-rested, though. Just about to set off for Madame Tussauds, but a quick note about the commenting system: it can be a little temperamental, but don't worry if your comment doesn't seem to be showing up on the website - the moderator site does receive them all, and that's the one we use to read out the morning messages.  Thank you for all your lovely comments; the children love hearing them.

Madame Tussauds

After squeezing everything back into our suitcases, we loaded the coach and set off to mix with the stars.  At Madame Tussauds, we saw so many familiar faces, from the Queen herself and several members of her family, to pop singers past and present; from so-called leaders of the free world, to sporting heroes; from reality stars to the greatest minds in history – we managed to selfie them all.  We even went on a taxi ride back in time to see the history of London, and then experienced a 4D Marvel Heroes film, which – via rumbling seats, squirts of water and jets of air to backs of our necks – produced a good many screams and giggles.

The Houses of parliament

Our final stop for this most epic of journeys was the Houses of Parliament. There, we were treated to a guided tour of Westminster Hall, the Commons Chamber and the breath-taking Lords Chamber.  We found out how Parliament works and learnt about past kings, queens and prime ministers.  It was so interesting to learn about so much of our country's history and its laws in the very place where they are made; there were some very interesting questions asked by the children, and some impressive knowledge demonstrated by them too.

A final word about the children, who at this moment are singing along to the Greatest Showman: they have been an absolute delight to be with.  Their behaviour has been amazing (it's been commented on several times by members of the public), and their enthusiasm has never wavered, no matter how tired they were!  We're very proud of them, and so should their families be.