Emmaville Primary School

Day One

A very smooth journey down so far - just a quick pit-stop at Toddington Services (luxury seating area, as you can see), before the final leg into central London.  Everyone's been very calm and especially well-behaved, and there are smiles all round.
Looking forward to a mooch around the Natural History Museum and hopefully an audience with Dippy, then a bite to eat at the Jungle Cave.  More photos later!
We spent a very interesting couple of hours wandering through all manner of exhibits, from volcanoes and earthquakes to long-extinct animals and jaw-dropping gemstones.  We met Dippy the diplodocus, marvelled at the blue whale skeleton suspended from the main hall ceiling and - of course - hit the gift shop.
All fed and watered at the Jungle Cave, so now we're on our way to the hotel for a good night's sleep, hopefully, although there doesn't seem to be any signs of that yet!