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Newcastle Reception

Welcome to the Newcastle Reception Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Week Ending: Friday 22nd March 2024

On Thursday we were invited to wear odd socks and talked to the children about Down Syndrome.  We also talked about the fact that we are all different, we are all unique and everyone is special and important!

People with Down syndrome have an extra chromosome (they have 3 copies of chromosome 21 - hence 21/3, 21st March!) and to support World Down Syndrome day the "Lots of Socks" fundraising campaign is a worldwide campaign run by Down Syndrome International.

Week Ending: Friday 15th March 2024

On Friday, two of our rotation activities included this half-term's artist study.

In Reception, we look closely at a different artist each half-term. This half term, we are looking at Claude Monet.

With Miss Kenyon, the children learned a little bit about Claude Monet’s life and what inspired him as an artist. The children looked at some of Monet’s paintings and then played a game, sorting paintings into groups “paintings by Monet” and “paintings not by Monet”. The children were wonderful at sorting the pictures and could talk about which paintings they liked and which they did not like.

With Mrs Richter, we looked at a selection of paintings, the children were amazed at how big some of them were! The children could talk about some of the flowers they could see in the paintings and even comment about their favourite flowers - we have some knowledgeable gardeners in our classes!

The children then went on to create their Monet-inspired piece of artwork they will bring home to show you next week - they looked fabulous.

The third of our Friday jobs was an ICT activity. The children learned all about 'barefoot coding' and creating an algorithm. They learned that an algorithm was a name for a set of instructions. The children were tasked with creating an algorithm to get the bunny to the carrots on their map, without standing on the poisonous flowers. I was amazed at how well the children picked up some of these new, tricky concepts and words. They were also fantastic at working in small teams, all taking on roles and taking turns.

Finally, we covered a PSHE activity from the NSPCC called 'PANTS'.

During these discussions, we taught the children the following important safety skills without giving explicit information or telling scary stories. We looked at the NSPCC’s Underwear Rule, using the ‘PANTS’ acrostic, which is like a green cross code.

PANTS stands for:

• Privates are private

• Always remember your body belongs to you

• No means no

• Talk about secrets that upset you

• Speak up, someone can help

The session introduced a range of ideas, all delivered in a fully age-appropriate way. If you would like to know more about the NSPCC’s campaign and see how you can help keep your children safe in partnership with school, more information can be found at nspcc.org.uk/underwearrule

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Team Reception.

Week Ending: Friday 7th March 2024
This week we have celebrated World Book Day and prepared for Mother's Day. 
On World Book Day the children came to school in book character costumes or in pyjamas, ready for a bedtime story.  They took part in activities linked with enjoying books.
This week we also made cards for Mother's Day.  We talked about Mother's Day, and how it is a day to celebrate the people that love you and take care of you.
Week Ending: Friday 1st March 2024
It has been wonderful to welcome everyone back after half-term. 
The children have shown enthusiasm towards Show and Tell and have talked about Swimming Badges, medals, parties and things that they have made.  They have enjoyed working on a range of activities during Choosing Time.
We thought the first day of meteorological Spring on Friday was the perfect day for some Spring themed activities.
We introduced 'Spring' using a fabulous book 'That's my flower!' The children also then went for a walk around the school grounds looking for signs of Spring. They found buds on trees, daffodils, birds and snowdrops.
The children also took part in two planting activities; both activities helped the children's understanding of what plants need to grow.
Outside, the children helped to plant snow peas in the large planters.
Inside, the children were able to start their own tomato plant, using seeds that they first had to find in cherry tomatoes. The children will be bringing their tomato plants home, so please keep us updated with any successful yields!
Finally, the children's snack on Friday was a great fruit tasting session as we talked about the health benefits of 'eating a rainbow'.
Week Ending Friday 16th February 2024
This week in Reception we have learned all about Lunar New Year.
Our activities included listening to the story of The Great Race and then re-enacting our own animal races outside. We used the language of first, second, third, etc...to talk about who won each race.
We also made some fabulous lucky red lanterns, tricky but great practice for those cutting and sticking fine motor skills.
Our taste buds were challenged with some Chinese food tasting at snack time and then the grand finale was taking our Chinese dragon on a parade around the school.
The children had spent time earlier in the week, learning about and watching dragon parades. Some children told us about their experiences of watching the Chinese New Year celebrations in Newcastle. The children then went on to make an amazing dragon, with many of the children helping to build, paint, and decorate.  
What a fabulous team effort - I think the rest of the school was wowed by our dragon!
Week Ending Friday 9th February 2024
This week in our Understanding of the World sessions, the children have enjoyed learning about the traditions of Shrove Tuesday; including why pancakes were made to use up ingredients before the start of Lent and the tradition of a pancake race. We then conducted our own pancake designing and tasting session and had pancake races outside!
We also read the story Mr Wolf's Pancakes and the children worked together to sequence the main events from the story.
Finally, we have also played a range of Theraplay games this week. 
The purpose of Theraplay activities are organised around 4 dimensions that are considered necessary for child development and for lifelong resilience:
structure, engagement, nurture, and challenge.
In each session, we use different activities that help develop some or all of these skills.
In this session, the children enjoyed the structure and engagement that was involved in group games with the stretchy lycra...it was also great fun! The children then enjoyed a challenging game whereby they had to work out who in the circle had the tambourine whilst they had their eyes closed. We finished with some calming, nurturing activities - 'face painting' with a partner and a breathing exercise. 
Week Ending Friday 2nd February 2024
Wolves, dragons, swords, a tortoise, and a lot of giggles!
Today we had the pleasure of a special visitor in Reception - the fantastic author and storyteller, Adam Bushnell.
In the first of two sessions, Adam told the traditional tale of Stone Soup. The children then had to create their scary masks to scare away the wolf in the story.
In the second session, the story was all about dragons and Kings. The children did a draw - along with Adam to design their dragon.
As ever, Adam brought in a whole host of props to excite and engage the children, including his pet tortoise!
The children were enthralled and found Adam and his exciting storytelling hilarious!
Adam commented on what an enthusiastic, lovely (and very giggly) class they were - well done Newcastle!
Week Ending Friday 26th January 2024
This weekend the RSPB carry out their annual Big Garden Birdwatch.
We therefore took the opportunity to learn all about garden birds, what they look like, what they are called, what they eat, why we might need to feed them, and what to feed them. 
All of the children participated in a busy morning, taking part in 'bird themed' activities; making bird feeders, taking part in our own big garden birdwatch, listening to bird-themed story books, and making some very decorative bird models. 
Week Ending Friday 19th January 2024
Miss Kenyon and Mrs Hunter had the pleasure of taking some of our Reception children to a Multisports Festival at Gateshead Leisure Centre on Thursday.
The event was farm yard themed and all of the children tried the activities with 100% effort and enthusiasm. 
Go Team Emmaville! 
Week Ending Friday 12th January 2024
Welcome back Newcastle class! It sounds like everyone had a lovely Christmas break. 
The children have come back to school refreshed and ready to learn.
In PE this week, we had our first session of yoga - the session followed the story of The Three Little Pigs, which is one that the class knows well as we are also studying it in English at the moment.
Fabulous yoga poses, effort, and listening everyone.