Emmaville Primary School

Africa Year 4

Welcome to the Africa Year 4 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 10th May
We have had a great week this week. The children were all incredible on our Vindolanda trip and the work they have done since then both reflecting on the trip and thinking about their photography has been brilliant. We will be sharing this at a later date but wanted to share some of the photography work we have done up to now with you.
We had the opportunity to look at some of Mr Saddingtons photography work and to discuss his process with him. He inspired us to think carefully about framing and the use of light in our photography work.
We set out into the school grounds to practice different framing and lighting effects. The task the children were set was to take a photograph of the same subject matter in three different ways. I think you'll agree that their work is fantastic.
Happy Weekend!
Friday 3rd May
This week the children have achieved a lot! We have had fun with fractions, learnt how to frame and set up photographs in art...watch this space and really focused on our handwriting as we completed our descriptive writing. I'm sure you'll agree, we have a lot of beautiful writers in Africa Class :)
The children really worked hard on our Mars bar fractions challenge  solving problems in groups and working together as a class to make sure that we all ended up with an equal amount of Mars bar each! Very important, I'm sure you'll agree! 
Happy Weekend everyone!
Miss Lamb :)
Friday 26th April
This week in Science we were developing our understanding of food chains and how energy is transferred along the food chain. The children learnt lots of new vocabulary to describe plants and animals at each stage of the food chain. They then had to use all their knowledge to create food chains using a variety of criteria. The children have done this brilliantly and were able to carefully create and explain their food chains. Well done everyone!
Happy weekend!
Friday 19th April
We have had a lovely first week back :)
The children have particularly enjoyed our music workshop this week. The theme was Samba and we really got to grips with those special Samba rhythms and got into the groove with the beat. 
Happy weekend!